Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of November 3rd

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November 3rd 2006

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. lakew
    | #1

    wowww abugida alwayisss is geting better better bertuuuuu we love yaaaa

  2. Black_Lion
    | #2

    wow abugida -God bless you all- and yemiserach your hair style which shows V is for our beloved kinijit-God bless you our sister-i hope all our sister will follow your good example.a good model and poet are you-

  3. Melat
    | #3

    Selam Abugidawoch,


    I live In Boston even If I watch abugida through Cable TV still I have to watch It online I am adicted I always feel I am home I also appreciate the committment of abugida team attitude towards building stong and democratic culture here and back home.

    God bless you all.


  4. Dimetros Birku
    | #4

    I watched your program, online, for the second time. It is really good. The important task in the diaspora is to keep the Ethiopian heritage alive or intact, and your are doing that. keep it up.The memorial poem was good.


  5. eshetuuu
    | #5

    tv mehonu newwwww kkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. meshesha
    | #6

    Dear Abugida

    Wow! I see my country through this progam. You Guys are magnificient.

    Yemisirach is a very talented and matured young lady. Your poet dedicated to the matrys is historical; keep it up. You represent our beautiful county, Ethiopia. I wish each one of our sisters follow your footsteps. Edegi Temendegi.

    God bless the staff members of Abugida


  7. Tessema
    | #7

    Dear Abugida,

    Please put a plan discussion on the topic why EPRDF rejected the 6 points request of CUD to enter parliament. It is my core believe that those points are acceptable to anyone who consider themselves as human’s. It will be an eye opener to find out the real reasons behind the resistance of the current regime to the transfer of power to the peoples choice. Try to have both sides of the stands covered so we your funs can have an independent formation on this case.
    Fairfax, VA

  8. Black_Lion
    | #8

    eshetu mashela sikatel yesekal–bedenb sak–you cant discourage abugida -tesfa bis weyane

  9. kkk
    | #9

    Eshetu …..
    dem sak …..kinat new ? nidet new ? Endezih yemiaregih …..

    Don’t listen to Woyanae have to say …’cause the are just dumb, stupid and low life rats.

  10. | #10

    Dear Abugida team, thank you for your update again. I’m one of the many fans of yours who follow your programme as usual. Keep up the good job. This is really a good TV.

    PS: If it is possible can you guys link Tegbar website on your webpage ??

    Victory for Ethiopia people.

  11. Barro
    | #11

    Dear Abugida,
    Again i watched the whole program online and it was execellent.Starting from the news to the Neway Debebe interview it was all awesome.Thank you so much.God bless you all!keep up!!!!!!
    Yemisrach’s V hair style is beautiful.

    Barro Itafa
    Prince George,B.C

  12. Daniel
    | #12

    Dear Abugida,
    I appreciate all your programs.though i am not good in listning music,i raly admire Neway Debebe.I watched most of his interviews in different media including yours.He is an example for the youths as to how artists should act for their society.I like his respect to his relegion,family,relatives and so on.You can see real ethiopians through him.I wish happy,healthy,wealthy and long live for him.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Yours truly,

  13. Yacob Lemma
    | #13

    Good job!!!!!!!!
    Thank GOD to see the new generations so involved to keep up its own culture and tradiation despite they live far away from home.
    Yacob Lemma
    From Malden

  14. eshetuuu
    | #14

    ya all looser kinjit thise is amhara tv station you guys hate my lovely people tigray that is why i hate ya .please be wise and think about one ethiopia dont even try to bring the amhara regim to ethiopia give up loosers .especialy the one who read the news with yellow suit i can tell he is real derggg please learn how to read first dommaaaaa long live for tigray people and melleseee

  15. Meles Zenawi
    | #15


    Listen first of all what do you want In this website this group push for democracy what we hate to see so you we will have TV station in Dedebit berha and you will be an anchor and you serve flesh and blood of Ethiopians any way leave alone Tigray people they peaceful but those who have blood on hand including your selfe we better run away.

    Any we dont be mad our time already up.

    Sincierly Meles Zenawi.

  16. | #16

    Wow ! I think abugida is the best website and every body should visit it ,then they will like it .
    I also love the interview that you had with Neway Debebe ,he passed a big message for all Ethiopian people.He has a positive thought to his country and people .

    Finally ,I would like to say to you all are doing great job and keep on it .

  17. getu
    | #17


  18. | #18

    Eshetu and Melese- The thing you wont get is – you like it or not we are the leader its in our blood & generation. a told and a living reality ”period”Its like an erasable. Are you denying the fact all your life from your old generation it self? Instead do something better than trying to be some one. It not happening in ages couse its never been you are just system copy sated for some period of time.got that?

  19. MIke
    | #19

    Wawwi, you stupid ignorant, I know who u are. You are just a waste of biological material. What in the world are you trying to say? So dumb and incoherant banda.

  20. | #20

    Mike, If you think you know me face me? Bustard ! dig and survive for the time. dont kill your family by talking nonsense. go get them food your words tell who you are. survivor !!

  21. | #21

    Abugidas thank you for all your effort and i want to say keep up your great job. You are also teaching those woyanies what dimocacy is before they are going to grave.
    Some how i would like to say to woyanies “let God forgive you for you do not know what you are doing.

  22. | #22

    hi nice to hear you it is good for ethioian people

    god bless ethiopia

  23. | #23

    hi mike what are yuo saying please think malte bdenb aseb


  24. tazebe
    | #24

    Bill, Eshetu and wawwi are all same person,

    Both are just dumb. I guess I need to drill through your scull to get to your brain.

    You are all tired !!

  25. Helen
    | #25

    Wow!!!This is great keep up the great job!!!!

  26. yeGetu abat
    | #26

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  28. deftera
    | #28

    wooooooooooooow that was good i just see it today i love it good job my ppl love you all

  29. | #29

    hey dis is da best thing
    go guys keep it up add more information

  30. Liben
    | #30

    I did like Newyas interview. He seems a good Ethiopian

    However, I am a bit dissapointed that Neway didnt try to care for the woman he has hit by his car in Mercato. He rather seems to enjoy the unfair treatement he received from the corrupted Police man.

    Neway in case you forgot to mention what yoiu have done to care for the lady he harmed, please try to say something about this issue.

    Thank you

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