Islamists report blowing up an Ethiopian battlewagon in Southern Somalia

November 4th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Mogadishu 04, Nov.06 ( Sh.M.Network) Union of Islamic Courts has claimed its fighters in Bur Hakaba have blown up an Ethiopian battlewagon in somewhere between Manas training camp, on the edge of Baidoa and Baidoa, the government’s temporary base.

Sheik Muktar Robow known as Abu Mansur, the acting chairman of Islamic Courts national security department, said their fighters have blown up an Ethiopian battlewagon, indicating that Ethiopians lost soldiers in that little fight.

“Our fighters have hit an Ethiopian battlewagon with bazooka, blowing it up. We will clear the country from the Ethiopian soldiers wherever they are in Somalia”?, said Abu Mansur, warning the federal government to force Ethiopia to pull its troops out of Somalia or that it will face great losses.

The news comes hours after Islamic Courts pointed out they have deployed ex-Somali national military forces that were recently unified with Islamists in Bur Hakaba to combat with Ethiopian forces reportedly in Deynunay military camp, 40 km south of Bur Hakaba, which is Islamic Courts stronghold.

The government in Baidoa could not be available for comments over the Islamic Courts claims.

Somalia’s Islamists seized most of southern Somalia including the capital Mogadishu four and half months ago.

There has great fear of war after the Khartoum peace talks, which were being mediated by Arab League, and the controversial regional organization of IGAD, ended in failure.

Somalia has been in lawlessness for the past sixteen years.

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