Ex-official of TPLF, Aregash Adane, lambasts Meles Zenawi

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November 4, 2006

A former member of the Central committee of TPLF lambasted her former boss Meles Zenawi and the TPLF. Aregash Adane accused the TPLF of depriving the rights of the people of Tigray to join other political parties in the country by pursuing “an isolationist policy” masterminded by Meles Zenawi and his handpicked loyalists who continue to exclude other organizations from operating in the region.

Aregash, who was also Secretary of the Tigray regional government, quoted Tewodros Hagos , a serving TPLF CC member as saying that there was no need for the Tigray people to participate in politics other than under the TPLF as this is the only organization that understands and responds to their needs. Tewodros was said to have made the comment during a TDA conference in the region.

She said the party has effectively been reduced into an organisation whose day to day activities are subject to the personal dictates of Meles Zenawi. She said Meles Zenawi has molded the Front into one that merely advances his personal interests and views.

Aregash also gave an unprecedented verdict on her former party’s declared socio-economic and political achievements referring to Meles’ recent speech at the 8th Congress of the TPLF as completely delusional and self-congratulatory.

She questioned Meles Zenawi’s claims of economic achievements by arguing that unemployment in the region is worse than it has ever been and the cost of living at an all time high.

She rubbished the party’s claims of success in expanding vital infrastructure development such as roads, schools and health posts in the region saying the impact so far has been next to nothing as many of these establishments suffer from the severe shortage of trained human and material resources.

The former top TPLF official sounded baffled by her former boss’ comment that farmer’s in Tigray are raising the volume of their crop harvest as a result of adopting a capitalist orientated attitude towards production. Observers far beyond the TPLF have also described the comment from the former pro-Albanian communist as an extension of his attempt to reinvent himself as a market oriented politician.

She warned that there was no permanent end in sight to the simmering Ethio-Eritrean border conflict while legitimate Ethiopian territories are being handed over to Eritrea with the full blessing of Prime Minster Meles Zenawi. “˜ The composition and nature of the governments in both Ethiopia and Eritrea do not allow in a peaceful and binding legal settlement being arrived at to resolve the conflict, ‘ she added.

Up until her dismissal in 2001 , Aregash served in various party and government posts including one as the Head of Social Affairs in the House of Federation in Ethiopia’s two-chamber parliament widely criticized for being a rubber stamp of the ruling elite

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