Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter Conducts an Interactive Meeting.

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Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter Conducts an Interactive Meeting. (more…)

Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter Conducts an Interactive Meeting.


April 15, 2007

Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter held members’ and supp0rters’ meeting on April 14, 2008 at the Marriott Hotel.

As this was the first general assembly of members since the second round of election in DC, Ato Tefera Mekonnen, Chairman of the Chapter, introduced the new board members and made an elaborate explanation on the annual plan that was discussed and approved by the board. Valuable inputs were provided by the participants that will help to enrich the strategic goals of the chapter.

Present at the meeting also was Ato Debebe Eshetu, Executive Committee member of Kinijit. Ato Debebe delivered a heartwarming speech on the prospect of democracy in Ethiopia. He emphasized the fact that the commitment for democracy by Ethiopians and Kinijit is ever stronger, despite the unfortunate hardships the country suffered the past few years. He underscored the importance of pursuing peaceful struggle to its fullest extent, which was not accomplished in 2005 and hence, due mainly to the overwhelming nature of development at the time.

In response to several email and phone requests made by Kinijit DC supporters seeking information on the activities of Kinijit in Ethiopia, the board made teleconference arrangement for Kinijit leadership to address the gathering. Ato Asrat Tase, Executive Council member of Kinijit, gave a highly articulated account of Kinijit’s activities and on what lies ahead. Given the extremely difficult environment the leadership is working in, the members were highly moved by the accomplishments so far and the plan ahead. Ato Asrat Tase disclosed that over 6,000 signatures were collected in a very short time to meet the 1,500 signature requirement to have Andnet registered with the Election Board. The signature collection exercise, he added, proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Kinijit and its ideals are still close to the hearts of Ethiopians despite the traumatic experiences of the past. W/t Birtukan, who was scheduled to address the gathering, was not able to do so due to phone connection problem.

Following the presentations, members took turns to voice their opinion and to share ideas on how best the DC Metro community could revamp its effort to help Kinijit become a potent political force that champions the cause of democracy under the peaceful struggle umbrella.

Pictures from the Meeting – Courtesy of Tewodros Mekebeb



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