KINIJIT Boston renews its commitment

November 6th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Abugida Reporter | November 5, 2006

The commemoration of the first anniversary of mass killing and mass detention started with a brief prayer for all who lost their lives and for the leaders who are languishing in the woyanae prison. A video was shown related to the occasion which was well received by the audience, then one of the youths from Boston Kinijit read a very captivating poem. Names of all incarcerated leaders and fallen heroes of the November 2005 massacre with corresponding ages were read afterwards. People were shocked to hear that some of the victims were as young as fourteen year old. Mr. Aklog Limeneh, Chairman of the chapter made a speech honoring the leaders in prison and victims of the November 2005 massacre.

The lobbying committee did a remarkable job of inviting four Democratic Party Representatives. They made brief speeches on why we should vote democratic. Then there was time for Questions and Answers. The questions raised by the audience were in regard to Health care Insurance, Small Business Tax and HR 5680 respectively. However the most important issue that took lengthy discussion was HR 5680. The invited guests were very keen to help our struggle to bring peace, justice and stability to Ethiopia. They extended their invitation for the audience to come to one of their meetings and educate them on HR 5680 as well as the Ethiopian people struggle in general.

At the closing questions were asked to the audience on how to rekindle the struggle. They identified recruiting more members as the number one strength of our struggle. They elected six volunteers to do a research on this specific issue and come up with proposals. The audience vowed to intensify their struggle more than ever and end the life of a dying Zenawi Regime.

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