A monster under the guise of human flesh is coming to Brussels

November 8th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Meles Ugly This monster, Most wanted for butchering so many lives is comming to Brussels to make a speech on challenges of Governance. The speech will take place on Friday November 17 from 9.30 to 12.00. It is very sad the European Union would invite this daemon to make a speech. This is not human but a blood thirsty monster. Expose this monster!!

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  1. Gebru
    | #1

    God Bless Meles!

  2. kkk
    | #2

    This sounds like Haile Kiros – The only “buchla” praises His Master -

  3. Dula
    | #3

    Haaaaa look at Meles…he’s like “oh my God!! Kinijit is here” It’s about time you feel the people’s power. And all you buchla bandas – do not waste your time working for such an evil regime, because when the time comes, it will be your turn to get excuted by Meles himself.

  4. solomon debebe
    | #4

    I just want to say some thing we are not lucky to get some one who devote him self for his country. i don’t understand why this happen . most of african presidant are selfish and greedy and bastard .see you

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