Protest against Injustice infront of Woyanne Embassy

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  1. bmk
    | #1

    I hope our herro(teddy )wll be free! We are always with your side.
    God biess you.

  2. bmk
    | #2

    I hope our herro(teddy )wll be free! We are always with your side.
    God bless you.

  3. | #3

    Woyane is aresting million of Ethiopians, not only Tedy Afero. If we voicing only each incident hapen we never be ride of dictator woyane. Time is to unit and organized to fight throW dictoter woyene once for all. Other wice, woyane never scar of our voice from DC. or all over the world without stroung unity of

  4. taye fekadu
    | #4

    i am very sorry about weyane victim our young hero teddy,absulitly false statement,he is innocent please free tedy soon

  5. | #5

    Let’s unite my country fellows
    Teddy sings the pain we feel at heart, teddy sings,to tells us that we have to unite and be together, when teddy sings he sings about freedom,love and reconciliation and most of allabout Ethiopianity,shares of love among diversity no matter what, but not for woyane he is the sand core in eye’s for them he has to avoid by any means of false aligation. now it is our turn to stand for him and be avoice for him. unite he need us call us.

    God bless Ethiopia

  6. | #6

    Teddy is now in the Dark Room as ethiopiazare web news. I never heard a hit and run suspect prisoned in the Dark room.
    This is a Crime.
    you can read the story in Amharic.

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