Civilians gunned down by Woyannes in Somalia – BBC

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At least 12 civilians have been shot dead by EthiopianWoyanne troops in an apparent revenge attack in the town of Baidoa, say eyewitnesses.

Reports say the EthiopianWoyannes opened fire indiscriminately in a crowded street. Several other people were wounded.

It followed the deaths of two soldiers who were killed by a roadside bomb.

The EthiopianWoyannes intervened in 2006 to help government forces oust Islamists who had taken control of much of southern Somalia.

It is the second lethal bomb attack this week on EthiopianWoyanne soldiers in Baidoa, which is the seat of Somalia’s interim parliament.

A EthiopianWoyanne officer speaking from the capital, Mogadishu, on condition of anonymity, denied his troops had opened fire, saying the blast had been responsible for the deaths.

But eyewitnesses said the troops began firing after the blast.

“It was a horrific scene blood has been spilt all over and I saw about 10 bodies lying in the middle of the road” Jamal Haji, a resident in Baidoa told the BBC.

Another witness, Abdurahman Takow, told AFP news agency: “At least 12 people were killed and nine others wounded by fire from EthiopianWoyanne soldiers.”

Meanwhile, in central Somalia, a regional commander of the transitional government’s army was killed in an insurgent attack on his house in the town of Beled Weyne.

The attacks come as diplomats intensified efforts to get the interim government officials and the opposition alliance, which includes the Islamists, to hold talks.

Representatives of the International Contact Group for Somalia led by the US and Norway are meeting in Oslo, where Prime Minister Hassan Nur Hussein and representatives of the Asmara-based alliance are expected.

Somalia has not had a functioning government since 1991 and the UN has warned of a serious humanitarian crisis in the country following a rise in insecurity.

  1. yikerbelen
    | #1

    THE POLITICAL IGNORANTS [TPLF] ASKED USA to save them from emlting in somalia. TPLF must get good lesson at least from somalians. they are running wildly everywhere .

  2. GamoGofa
    | #2

    Ethiopia used to have the moral highground in all her wars since the biblical times. May be God was with Ethiopia for that reason and she still exists, barely now that she doesn’t have her best children leading her people. Ethiopia was so brave against all odds she continued to be independent and became great inspiration for hundres of millions of people around the globe.

    Nelson Mandela received his military training in Addis Ababa before he went to harsh prison for 27 years.

    Ethiopia’s style was to help get rid of colonialists and establish police and military in former european colonies in Africa and leave. In return the whole Africa and the west indies respected Ethiopia for her selfless efforts and adopted the old Ethiopian flag in their new flags.

    Ethiopia used to have her own mind

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