Farewell, Mr. Hastert! Goodbye, Mr. Armey! So long, Mr. Zenawi!

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Alemayahu G. Mariam How the tables can turn… by Alemayehu G. Mariam
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  1. adie
    | #1

    it is only ehtiopian themself can emancipate from the brutal regime of meles.It may take time and need more vectims but it is not the will of american senators or congress men that decide the future of our Country.our future is in our hand we have to moblize ourself instead of waiting some thing beyond us.
    God bless ethiopia.

  2. tazebe
    | #2

    HI Adie,
    You’re right only Ethiopians themselves can emancipate from the brutal regime of meles. However no one denies that the US has a big impact on our struggle. The Meles Regime is on life support by the US government. Turning the US government against him is like unplugging his life support. The HR5680 is not the only struggle but part of the struggle.

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