The General Assembly of Kinijit North America has elected professionals, young and energetic Ethiopians. – Abugida Reporter

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The General Assemble of Kinijit North America has been successfully ended. According to sources, the Atlanta Kinijit North America meeting is one of most successful and fruitful meeting ever.

The entire Kinijit North America leadership have willingly resigned and encouraged the assembly to elect professionals, young and energetic Ethiopians who could lead Kinijit North America supporters. The General Assembly which is composed of 55 attendees from 18 States representatives of Kinijit North America Chapters have elected the following person to lead Kinijit North America Chapters.

1. Ato Aklog Limeneh Chairman from Boston
2. W/o Ayalnesh Chanyalew Vice Chairman from Oakland
3. Ato Yilma Adamu Secretary from Washington Dc Metro
4. Ato Alemayehu Abebe Cashier from Washington DC
5. Ato Samson Mullugeta Member from Los Angles
6. Ato Daniel Fikre Member from Atlanta
7. Ato Dr Solomon Member from Minnesota

At last the general Assembly has also elected Abraham Bekele from Washington DC as Inspector General. Stay Tune for The new elected members of the Executive Council of Kinijit North America were sworn in front the General Assembly of Kinijit North America. Stay tune from more news.

  1. DAGNE!
    | #1

    We just needed a strong leadership, And if that’s what it takes to get our kinijit back on its feet,let’s it be. We should stand behind our new leaders. God Bless you all,

  2. Yibqan Worku
    | #2

    U,leaders of Kinjit,the Ethiopian people have counted it on you to get its elected leaders back.It is my firm belief that you will foster the Ethiopian People’s movement to get its leaders back, at any cost, at any cost that it all demands!

  3. Le_Ethiopia
    | #3

    It is great time for Kinijit I’m very happy the new elected N.A young leaders we will stand with you


  4. Gizew
    | #4

    It Great

    I hope Kinijit N. America will move forward with the spirit of KINIJT and with its New leaders

    May God be with all of you

  5. Ethiopiawit
    | #5

    This is what we were looking please we should let the young energetic, educated professional to lead us. Let’s us also stand behind them toward a great success.
    long live Ethiopia

  6. shiferaw
    | #6

    It is not clear to me weather Berehane Mewa is still in the leadership? if not why this happens? As we all know those KINIJIT international leadership members was elected and assigned by our TRUE LEADERS OF ETHIOPIA WHO ARE IN PRISON .If replacement is needed they have to know and aproved. Don’t you think so? if there is any thing we should know please try inform us.

  7. | #7

    Great move for KNA. Thank you Abugida team for your effort to bring the news right on time.

    Hey, Abugida team have you seen the new Addis Firinje in town ??
    Check her blog out. The other side – A ferenji resident shares views on Ethiopian political and social issues.

    Victory for Ethiopian people!

  8. | #8

    It is really a great job. I am very happy to hear such interesting news. I hope the new leadership will bring back Kinijit to its previous strength.

    God bless You, Abugids.

  9. lukas
    | #9

    shiferaw thise is for north america brother not KIL OK AYER WISED no more shaleqa for north america we all know the new leaders especially akilog limenih from boston we saw what he did for the last few years so he deserve it go akilog we are behind you okkk

  10. samson
    | #10

    thank you abugida for the update.i’m very gald to know young,professionals&enregtic people are elected.i hope they will do their best &govenrned by democratic,hateless,libreal principle of kinijit///

  11. Meleak
    | #11


    I think you have failed the general readers of this site by not investigating what is happening in KNA. It seems that you have joined Ethiopian Review and Ethioforum by making yourself the third mouth piece of Andargachew and Berhane’s takeover attempt.

    As a primer in ethical journalism, I suggest that you ask who these people are and from where they come. Some of these individuals have been in the US for awhile without getting involved in anything, be that AAPO, AEUP, EDP, Medhin(which had approximately 50 support committee members all over the US), OLF, ONLF, Tegbar..or whatever. Now, they see how successful Kinijit has become, they are here to do what with Kinijit? Help us or are they Trojan horses sent to destroy us?

    I understand it is hard to do good investigative reporting with the resources that Abugida might have, but for goodness sake, stop from prostituting yourself with whomever.

    I write this because I have knowledge of the actors in this pitiful drama that is being played on us.


  12. mohaaz
    | #12

    My friend Selam;
    If you have knowledge about the actors, you should have gone to meetings in DC and Atlanta and confront the individuals with your knowledge. Easier still, instead of patronizing Abugida on how to do investigative work, you could have spelled out what ever knowledge you have about this actors here in your email. I have been listening to you and others like you for some time now about the so-called bad actors: I have heard nothing of substantive value except assertions repeated with no evidence. My friend, it looks like to me you are in politics with no stomatch to adapt and engage others who are different from you. Your main but implicit argument against the people you mentioned seems to be that you were in orgnized politics for a long time and they were new comers. I am not sure if this is true. However, it is true that the Denverst were in AAPO, AEUP, Medhin, etc before Kinijit. And now they are in Kinijit. Le t us for argument sake say the Atlantists are all new comers to poitics. You have to admit that the politics of Ethiopia has grown by leaps after these new comers joined you. So, here is a winning formula for all of us: Let us grow together, by combining the streghts of the old and the new and by minimiziang the effects of bad old habits.
    Look at this glaring differences between you and your types and what is done in Atlanta: The Denverites, just renamed the well know inept team to re-orginze Kinijit again while the Atlantist produced a procedure to change and accountability. let us for argument sake again say, both teams made a mistake this time, you know what the Atlantists have a procedure to account for their error and correct them. The Denverites, unless they get it right at a stroke and for all times, they have no where to go. Considering their past record, I am not encouraged. To condlude, let us suppor the Atlantists for creating a democratic procedure and for the results of this process: currentl elected leaders. We will see if the individuals elected will live up to our expectation. If they don’t, at least the Atlantists have given us a way to hold them accountable and replace them with better leadership.
    The net effect of this is, even if you think we are moroons who can’t get it, you still don’t have to go away from the new process: just wait for your moment and when we find how stupid we are in electing this guys, you will get vendicated and a chance to lead us. With the Denverites, the door is closed at the start to make sure only those who are from the “old shell” are admitted. No room for change by open and known procedure except by some luck or fiat. I am willing to give my Kinjit supporters to learn on job, but what is the point of Kinijit if I have to rely on luck or fiat to bring change with in an organization.

  13. Mamu Gella
    | #13

    Its really a great accomplishment with a few doubts! I belive the new NA kinjit will make us proud.. more power to Aklog AKA ” The young fire “.

  14. lukas
    | #14

    mamu gella you seems very young so you have to work with kinjit now on bro not only akilogggggg

  15. | #15

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! qghckdmwmyavg

  16. | #16

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title The General Assembly of Kinijit North America has elected professionals, young and energetic Ethiopians.. Thanks for informative article

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