The General Assembly of Kinijit North America has elected professionals, young and energetic Ethiopians. – Abugida Reporter

November 12th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

The General Assemble of Kinijit North America has been successfully ended. According to sources, the Atlanta Kinijit North America meeting is one of most successful and fruitful meeting ever.

The entire Kinijit North America leadership have willingly resigned and encouraged the assembly to elect professionals, young and energetic Ethiopians who could lead Kinijit North America supporters. The General Assembly which is composed of 55 attendees from 18 States representatives of Kinijit North America Chapters have elected the following person to lead Kinijit North America Chapters.

1. Ato Aklog Limeneh Chairman from Boston
2. W/o Ayalnesh Chanyalew Vice Chairman from Oakland
3. Ato Yilma Adamu Secretary from Washington Dc Metro
4. Ato Alemayehu Abebe Cashier from Washington DC
5. Ato Samson Mullugeta Member from Los Angles
6. Ato Daniel Fikre Member from Atlanta
7. Ato Dr Solomon Member from Minnesota

At last the general Assembly has also elected Abraham Bekele from Washington DC as Inspector General. Stay Tune for The new elected members of the Executive Council of Kinijit North America were sworn in front the General Assembly of Kinijit North America. Stay tune from more news.

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