Master Of Chaos

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  1. Allen 7
    | #1

    This criminal has done a lot of crimes in the name of Our mother land.
    death to zenawi and his ugly wife

  2. mesfine
    | #2

    Mote Lewyane.

  3. atekelte
    | #3

    yaa yaaa u r write my dear

  4. miklla
    | #4

    the devil of meles have been selling our beaurfull countery for neighbor hood countery.
    in the matter of fact that the devil of meles
    not from ethiopia, he is from BERMUDA OF TRINGLE, sothat, we must rescue our countery from the enemy of meles.another thing, what i would like to tell you is that we should fight and prostate the enemy of meles work that he had been forced to our army to kill 193 inocent people and tortuer 15000 people in prison. at the same time the devil of meles is one of the most worest and savege goverment in the world.

  5. Bekele
    | #5

    This blood addict tyrant and his cronies should be removed at any cost and receive the punishment they deserve.

  6. LILI
    | #6


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