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Kinijit Support Group Representatives throughout Germany have gathered in Frankfurt to discuss the state of Ethiopia and CUD.

More than 15 Council members arrived from various towns and have focused on the main points below.

The members also agreed to call for a Public meeting in the very near future. Please standby for this announcement.

1-The Current Political and Economic situation in Ethiopia.
A-The representatives have discussed the ongoing human rights abuse and lack of democracy in ethiopia.
B-The Council members also exchanged views about the lands sold to Sudan and have condemned the EPRDF/TPLF
regime in strong terms.

2-The State of Kinijit
All Representatives discussed the state of Kinijit in general and especially about the so called Factions within Kinjit.
All Outstanding members expressed their views that Kinjit Germany Group still support the principles of Kinjit,
based on Kinijit Manifesto and as Millions of Ethiopians voted for Kinijit in 2005. Ethiopians voted for the principle,
not for the individuals. Any strong leader who is ready to sacrifice himself can emerge as the leader of Kinjit.
If the Ethiopian Government does not give back the party name to its original owner, Kinijit must continue as a clandestine
organisation in and outside Ethiopia.

3-Call for Demonstration and Candle VigiL Light in Frankfurt – June 5, 2008
A-All members agreed to wage a protest demonstration to oppose the sale of ethiopian lands to sudan.
B- A Candle Vigil Light to remember all those who have been massacred by the Agazi Militia during Pecaeful Demonstrations.
All ethiopians are urged to bring candles, ethiopian flags, pictures of murdered ethiopians, horns etc…

More detailed instructions will be posted in Amharic on this and other websites and in local ethiopian Restaurants very soon.

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