Breaking news: Meles suspends air force chief

November 16th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Nov 16 EZ Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi has suspended Major General Almeshet Degfe, the top man in the Ethiopian Air force and two other high-ranking military leaders, Brigadier Generals Kumera Assefa and Asamenew Tsgie. Army sources told this blogger that the protest in the army was intensifying and Meles was taking very desperate measures including detaining military officers.

  1. chora
    | #1

    they should go before he came to them.
    now they are like sheep going to a slughter house

  2. Girmay
    | #2

    Alemeshet degefe looks Amhara name and kumera Oromo we shudnt trust this guys

    Go Meles.

  3. DINKA
    | #3

    Chora you are right on with your opinion but the fellow after you sounds like he is a relative of Melles.Melles (who is Eritrean wearing the glory of Ethiopian).Alemeshet degefe is half Tigray and half Oromo above all he is an Ethiopian.People like Girmay narrow, brainless, boneheads, sellouts narrow tribalist are the only problem in that continent,by the way I am an Oromo.

  4. | #4

    it is usual for people in girmay group to think such.

  5. Lemma
    | #5

    Girmay doesn’t sound Ethiopian. No need to waste a time in responding for his seek comment.

  6. gamecho
    | #6

    meles is at the end of the road. now that the knows his empir is falling a part he will do anyhting to stay in power but what this idiot do not now is that empir rise and fall there is no empir on this earth that could say forever. i wonder where meles will go when his time is up?. there are ethiopians in every part of the world

  7. | #7

    Yes,Gamecho you are right.Everything has end.For Meles
    too.”mognu bere’hoi sarun ayehena gedelun sataye
    eleme kalewu gedel gebetehe kerehe woye.

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