Meles Zenawi ridiculed in Belgium

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Ethioguardian | November 17, 2006

Zenawi Brussels, Belgium:-
Ethiopians living in Europe, who went to Belgium to protest against the invitation of Meles zenawi by European commission to participate on “Good governance conference”?, have ridiculed him.

AudioClick here to listen to Audio Coverage of German Radio.
When Meles started to speak, Ethiopians who got the chance to enter into the conference room started screaming and shouting, asking for the release of political prisoners and the resignation of Meles. The protestors inside the conference room yelled slogans in front of the other African leaders and the EU commissioner saying, “Meles is a Killer!!”?, “”?Meles is a dictator”?, “Meles should come to international court”?, “Free political prisoners “?. His speech was interrupted many times and he used only 5 minutes out of the 25 minutes that was allocated for all the guest speakers. All the other African leaders’ speech was warmly welcomed and did not face any challenge from anyone, which was also followed by a good applause from the audience. However, Meles faced a very strong opposition from his own citizens. Thousands of Ethiopians were also demonstrating outside the conference building against the dictatorial regime his invitation”¦. Photos and videos coming soon “¦.

  1. | #1

    Thank you, Abugida. you are doing a nice job. The number one murderer will face criminal charge soon.

  2. kflom
    | #2

    It is very nice. a very good method to show the poletical crises in ethiopia. Keep it up

  3. Tame
    | #3

    Berhanu I am with you

  4. solomon debebe
    | #4

    This is shame for meles and other his friends they are down by the people of ethiopia thank you abugida

  5. | #5

    Hi abugidas thank you for telling us this information. The tyrant and his followers should know that they will go to court soon.
    God will not live us as we are now, he will give us his peace and protect us from woyanie and some westerns.
    God bless ETHIOPIA AMEN…………..

  6. adie
    | #6

    Abogida is our future and example for modern, free and united Ethiopia. This generation must do some thing for the next.I think the blind followers of Meles learn something from this heroic history.
    Long live Ethiopia! God bless Ethiopia and its heroic Children.

  7. | #7

    eLiTe wOyIn

    This is a new blog created to flush out EPRDF cadres in and around our communities!

    eLiTe wOyIn ( NOT-EPRDF)

  8. Mesfin
    | #9

    Meles what are waiting for? Not only the people of Ethiopia, but the world HATES you. What kind of feeling do you have now? Do you feel like humanbeing? Millions of people crying on you. It should better to return back to your forest with your group. You are a wild animal. Even your face is changing to ugly wild animal. We hate you. It is enough.

  9. HileGebreal
    | #10

    O God I think the time is coming
    The Killers will get their
    Charges and Ethiopia will be free
    Also (God bay woyane and meles )

  10. Ethiopia3000
    | #11

    whatever it takes, the truth is imminent!!
    Thank you men and women there – the ‘silent’ lion is also waiting for somthing here in local lands — No doubt about the coming of the new day – the freedom – what did our leader say ” the sun will not set again!!!” who gonna do it? ….and ‘ what is human being without freedom? who gonna answer it?
    thx all

  11. | #12


    Time is up and get lost. We don’t want you killers. Ofcourse,
    you are going to be brought to justice. You are not going to escape from that.

    Thx abugida and ethiopians in brussels

  12. solomon debebe
    | #13

    I don’t understand why EU call this man and gave him order to kill his own people thisis stupid and we know all african about EU they don’t care about the people they care about dictator .i strongly urge for the people of africa don’t expect any thing good from EU

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