Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of November 17th

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November 17th 2006

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. mohamed
    | #1

    Thank you abugida staffs for your dedication to help Ethiopians free themselves from dictatorship and remembering our friend in need Ana Gomez.

    Keep up the good job.

    Mahomed Hassen.

  2. Solomon
    | #2

    Unbelievable job by this energetic and dedicated team of abugida!!! God Bless you and our beloved country ETHIOPIA!!! Who can do such kind of job than you?

    Thanks for your dedication and ALL the information you provide to us.

  3. Serabezu
    | #3

    Dear brothers,
    You are spending your time and resources for nothing. Ethiopia is pressing forward despite all your cry. The International community has understood your postions clearly thus they won’t be bothered anymore. For democracy sake post this message.


  4. tazebe
    | #4


    What’s up with you ? This sounds like it came directly from Woyanae Embassy in the UK. Nothing can silence the power of the people. It is just a matter of time.

    Down with Woyanae !!


  5. Meron
    | #5


    I just finished watching abugida TV I thought you learned some thing from this youth unfortunatly you are like your slave master Killer Meles and TPLFs. Just wait what will happen in Ethiopia we know you escaped to UK but the rest of your friends will end up in jail.

    Good bless Ethiopia.

    Abugida Bertu.

  6. gabriele
    | #6

    hallow toabugida i am verry happy toget your website many piople told me that it is verry nice site but anfortunatedly it is hard tohear your television programm for a blind person like me because you use a mycromedia player please try todosomething andlet us be a part of your program god bless you and god bless all ethiopians

  7. Dawit
    | #7

    This web site is one of the best web site i have ever seen in the city of Boston. It has a lot of important and information about our country ETHIOPIA.I am very proud to see people are making big differnce in our community. To all of you,who are doing fantastic work by creating this web site to our community, i would like to say Thank you. Keep up the good job!!


  8. lukas
    | #8

    dawit if you are in boston why dont you join thise group be a part of it ABUGIDA YE ADERA IDA OK I WISH if i were in boston i will join thise group and will do my parttttt

  9. | #9

    Serabezu allush . I couldn’t imagine an evil form of human like you. You are the right copy of your people. for God sec how can you stand off any humans harm like what Your people dose and you can get over it. After all can stay away and be where you belong. you are even not counted by your people im sure about to begin with. ” banda Ibbellabaye Kurssam ” How long?

  10. gobeze
    | #10

    hello Ethiopians and our friends,
    i write from Ethiopia and need to inform you that our government is still breathing ,we have to block his air.
    but when he is breathing he have so many lies, let me give you certification for his lie
    at this the soldier of Ethiopia is in Somali and Zenawi is reported that they declare holy war,
    as we have read the somali Islamist are told that the Ethiopian soldier have to go out from Somali.

    the first gov who lies the whole world.
    how lon he lies. i don’t know.

  11. | #11

    i dont know what i am saing keep up and making updating the systema

  12. Alemu
    | #12

    Hello Abugida i aprischet Your work
    i am very glad to get your web site TV
    one can i tell you Abugida it was not enogh
    one times a weak we need you moor than one
    It is very niec with Abugida


  13. elias
    | #13

    tanx for lot in Abugida producer!
    at the first time iwas seen this tv program in abugida so very happy!this abugidaprogram is per week one time is not enogh b/c in our country by this time we have so many problem by dictator by mels so every pop live in EU&USA must to show daily activity in ETHIOPIA may be per week 2time is better .
    i will admier the program of abugida!

  14. tig
    | #14

    hello abugida,
    i am subscribing this as usuall to tell you the wonderful job you are doing to your community, hopefully i would join you in Boston in a short period of time. i would also like to tell our felmale news reader how much i am driven by her great work. i tell you you motivate me so much to do more for my country, Ethiopia. I myself being as young as you would like to participate in helping grow my comunity’s development. i would like to end my writing for this week by thanking everyone who are involved in making this great progrqam and the whole abugida web page.

    i hope one day there will be a time young people would realize that there is nothing like a mother land and would want to help her in anyway they can.
    God bless Ethiopian’s people and the her land

  15. tesfaye
    | #15

    I think your website is the best.Your TV is interesting and helpful.Please be the Voice of the your people.You did a great job. Thank you!!!

  16. | #16

    I don’t like polatics,b/c ………..

  17. desra
    | #17

    I have a great appreciation for your programs. try to keep it up. Good jobs guys. I have one question on the interview with ato mitiku teshome. I can’t find part one. I have tried the november 17, and 25 programe but it is not there. would you please tell me how to find it. thank you. God bless Ethiopia.

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