Meles was humiliated by Ethiopians in Europe.

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November 17th 2006

Watch Meles being humiliated by Ethiopians in Europe.

  1. semeneh
    | #1

    your job is good regarding to get info about my country political situwathion

  2. | #2

    Very good job. Now the world is beginning to get the message. They are very slow to understand, but they will get it. Never allow this killer to get any chance what so ever. NEVER STOP, NEVER GIVEUP, NEVER SLOW DOWN until that day. At the end those who invited him to their palace will take hem to jail. Long live the Ethiopian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy. We shall overcome.

  3. tig
    | #3

    i was able to watch the Videos the first time i used it, since then i was not able to track the videos. Is there anyone who knows,and can help me access it?


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