Kinijit’s Sprit is back in Washington DC

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Abugida Reporter | November 18, 2006

Qalkidan Kinijit DC-Metro, Kinijit International and Kinijit North America Support Groups Committee held a meeting today at the Unification church in Washington DC.

The meeting was well attended by more than 1000 DC area supporters and five special guests. The special guests were Mr. Aklog Limeneh, Dr. Moges G/Mariam, Mr. Berhane Mewa, Mr. Andargachew Tsigie and Dr. Abraham Bekele. Firehiwot Samuel and Mitiku Teshome gave a very emotional testimony. This meeting was very successful. The general feeling amongst the attendees was very positive and enthusiastic .

  1. free country
    | #1

    please use VOA and German radio atleastst to reach Ethiopian people they join the fight struggle of the declared war by meles zenawi…. I think all priviuos leader of kinijjit all 12 who said asighened by prisond leaders are doing litle,,, now we have to elect anti woyane known leaders to replase all 12 leaders including Birhane and andargachew…… I think they are in meleses pocket.

    What ever we have to give vote for yhe highest leaders to replase temporarilly the prisond leaders.

    All from top to lower in all leading posts must be elected….

  2. Basha
    | #2

    KIL leadership without Andargachew and Birhane will be catastrophy. These two people have been imprisoned by Woyane at different occasions. They definately know the tricks of Woyane and they know how to organize people.

    Thank you

  3. | #3

    Bravo…Bravo! Go—go—-! do not stop the struggle until the barbaric regime gets down.

    Thank you Abugidainfo!!

  4. derege
    | #4

    bravo!!! i hope you will work towards strengethening the party at grass root level, ex chapters.

  5. sami B
    | #5

    well done cud supporters all over north america you don’t have
    to waste one minute with argument do what eaver our popele need’s
    be open and well come to every body who blives in democracy.

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