About fifty members of the EPRDF military stationed in the town of Babili surrender.

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Q Garowe Online |Nov 20, 2006 Garowe Online service desk confirm the surrender of about fifty members of the EPRDF military stationed in the town of Babili. The fifty soldiers are reported to have surrendered to the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) fighters who waged a surprise attack on the EPRDF military garrison in Babili.

In related news, specially trained ONLF commandos carried out an operation in the city of Awaare. It is confirmed that this operation netted ten men one of whom is the chairman of the city of Awaare.

Reports from elsewhere in Ogaden indicate an increase in the number of operations where ONLF forces attack the EPRDF military and its affiliated militias within their main garrisons. In one such incident in the town of Qoreyga, ONLF forces are reported to have attacked and killed fourteen members of the Ethiopian military. It is not known whether there were casualties on the ONLF side.

Recent ONLF operations have been felt throughout Ogaden. The speed, accuracy and the boldness of these operations, since they take place within the EPRDF military garrisons, is said to have demoralized many members of the EPRDF military.

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