General Assembly Meeting of UDJP is Still On – Abugida

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UDJ UPDATE From Ethiopia

More update will be on “Special coverage of Andenet Party Formation” Paltalk after 12 pm (EST).

1:30 pm (Eth Time) – Press Release – UDJP meets in its Office

12:30 pm( Eth Time) – UDJP General Assembly meeting is off at this time for lunch break and will convene at 1:15pm (Ethiopian Time)

10:00 am (Eth Time) It is now clear that the General Assembly will not be held at Imperial Hotel . Organizers
are going to plan B listen Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw again click here (more…)

UDJ UPDATE From Ethiopia

More update will be on “Special coverage of Andenet Party Formation” Paltalk after 12 pm (EST).

1:30 pm (Eth Time) – Press Release – UDJP meets in its Office

12:30 pm( Eth Time) – UDJP General Assembly meeting is off at this time for lunch break and will convene at 1:15pm (Ethiopian Time)

10:00 am (Eth Time) It is now clear that the General Assembly will not be held at Imperial Hotel . Organizers
are going to plan B listen Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw again click here

9:00 am (Eth Time) In front of Imperial Hotel there are about 350 to 400 UDJ General Assembly Participates waiting to attend the meeting . The hotel still refuses to let them in , listen Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw and other General Assembly Participates from all over Ethiopia click here

Source close to UDJP has just informed Abugida that the woyanne regime tried to hinder the general assembly meeting of UDJP which is to be held tomorrow, June 14, 2008 at the Imperial Hotel. However, the meeting will be held and broadcast as scheduled based on the back up plan.

According to Kinijit North America and Canada Public Relation Committee, the preparations to cover and broadcast the June 14 2008 General Assembly of UDJP is complete. Preparations include a new Pal talk room dedicated solely for the coverage of this event. The room will be named “Special coverage of Andenet Party Formation”. Media outlets like Pal Talk rooms and radio stations are invited to participate and cover the transmission. The telephone number that can be used to follow the General Assembly is: 218-486-7200 Bridge: 612622 Assembly will start 9 am Ethiopian Time. Interviews and programs will be posted at and web sites. Please feel free to listen, download and rebroadcast the information’s from the websites as well as from the conference line.

Listen to an earlier interview with Eng. Gizachew Shifferaw

Please find also KNAASO Press Release concerning this matter.

Together, we can, we will!

Kinijit North America and Canada

  1. Cobra
    | #1

    Eritreareview is in full force to destroy UDJP. It is time to stand up against him.

  2. yetabate
    | #2

    Great Job

    Fight the Smear!

    Eritrean Review of Elias Kifle is serving woyane and shabia. He fooled us once, but he can’t fool us anymore.

    Victory to UDJP!

  3. yichalal
    | #3

    Go kinijit/Andinet Go!!

    We are 100% with you. Excellent move. This is the kind of leadership Ethiopia deserves. We salute you!!

    If tplf mafia interferes again diplomats and donors will have a chance to be a first hand witness. They can’t be blind anymore and be a life supoort for a dying criminal tplf gangs.

  4. London
    | #4

    If you really love your country and your people then think about how we going to eat with out European and USA. Stop wasting your time. I have been in UK 10 years and my uncle always goes a meeting about Ethiopian politics but he never gets any result but he always contribute some money if I were him I will buy a cow for my country farmer or I will pay to a student who cannot afford hi/her school meal in Addis Ababa So there result will be gold found from your garden which make you /her /him/their happy after all.

  5. Dil DIl
    | #5

    Hey London,

    From your statement, I could tell your brain is the size of a chicken head. Your uncle sees the bigger picture so he contributes money for a greater cause but you see the little picture so you think in terms of chicken and goat. You see, there is a cancer in Ethiopia i.e woyanne so you need to think how to get rid of it. If you buy a cow for a farmer then zenawi will take it away from him anyway.

    If I were your uncle I would have slapped you bad.

    Sorry for the insult.
    You need to grow up.

    Dil Le Ethiopia.

  6. UDJ
    | #6

    UDJ Update from Ethiopia


    At about 4 o’clock pm today, the police told Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ)—former CUDP—that it cannot hold its Founding Congress which was scheduled to be held at the Imperial Hotel, tomorrow, Saturday, June 14, 2008. Their excuse is that we do not have prior permission for holding a public gathering. Peaceful assembly is guaranteed by the Ethiopian Constitution. There is no law that requires obtaining prior permission for indoor gathering. The hotel reservation was made over two weeks ago. The Hotel Management had informed the relevant authorities on the details of the gathering – a usual practice – over a week ago and were told that it could go ahead as scheduled. Then, suddenly, there came this ban on a Friday, at the end of the day’s working hours, followed by a weekend. We believe that this was a deliberate measure calculated to prevent the Congress from taking place. It is an illegal measure that violated our constitutional right. Over 400 delegates were to attend the Congress at the Imperial Hotel. Two-thirds of these delegates have come from the Regions. The rest are from Addis. UDJ had spent over four months painstakingly preparing for this Congress. The preparation started with the gathering of founding-members signatures from throughout the country, the preparation of documents such as the Programme and Bylaw and the selection of delegates. We started our preparations with the full knowledge of the National Electoral Board. We have invested about 300,000 birr on this Congress and on various preparations leading to it. We are examining several options on what to do next. One of the options is to hold the Congress in-house: on the premises of our office. The space available is very limited, weather condition is not favorable. We may have to make drastic adjustments in our programme such as limiting activities, without affecting vital ones, and extending the meeting by a half day. We see the present obstacle before us as a challenge. The Congress will be held, if not tomorrow, then soon.

    Unity for Democracy and Justice June 13, 2008 Addis Ababa


  7. Desta
    | #7

    So Elias of ER is correct in announcing the ban.

    So why are you guys angry at Elias who by the way the best investigative journalist in the Diaspora? I think he is right when he said the money the UDJ is wasteing now should be diverted to Ginbot 7 for better use.

  8. yetabate
    | #8


    ER [Eritrean Review] is a tabloid website. He never does investigative journalism.

    In your dreams! UDJ/Kinijit’s money will not be “diverted” to Ginbot-7. Let others give money to Ginbot-7!

    Victory to UDJ!

  9. Dil DIl
    | #9


    Elias is so dumb that even the dumbest of dumbs, woyannes think he is stupid. Check out this report card on his own website…

    He is hired by the ginbot 7 group. Who the hell is he to tell UDJP to give money to Ginbot 7?

    Have you guys listened to Elias’ Interview?

    He told the host that he wanted to get into “Construction” after graduation. When asked what he studied then he replied “Politics”. What kind of dumb ass think from “politics” to “construction”.

    Elias thinks everybody has to listen to him. So wrong! UDJP is not collection of the “Shaleqas” but young and smart bloods. If he thinks he can manipulate the new struggle as he used to then he is surely mistaken.

    I have one message to Elias….”Awekish Awekish Siluat YeBaliwan Metshaf Atebech”.

    So, this stupid shabia needs to take off his hands of “UDJP”.

    Dil Le Ethiopia

  10. London
    | #10

    To Dil DIl

    Dear Dil DIl
    Thank you for you comment

    I always said respect all human being, I am women who run a business and finish my engineering degree I have 12 people responsibility and look after them my age is mid twenties, my way of thinking is different from you and that makes you say my brain size is the same as ……………………. . Don’t expect from me, I am not saying any bad word, because you are my brother or you are my sister plus I don’t know you. What I know is that current Ethiopian government are really bad. I love my country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , we all should pray to the people of Ethiopia to have true government who loves the people and the country more than any thing.
    Remember that God is always be first.

    Please respect others

  11. Tariku
    | #11

    Dear all concerned Ethiopians. please stop thinking about your stupid peacefull struggle. i know some of you who are insulting Elias kefle are shentamoche nachehu. you wont change anything it is too late to think about bertuyes peacefull struggle. support the armed struggle in Ethiopia. Die of hunger or die for your freedom! Period

  12. Geremew
    | #12


    How stupid can you be to figure this one out? The Ethiopian struggle can never be a remote controlled one like Berhanu, andargachew and Elias Doma wants it to be. A real hero must go to Ethiopia and fight woyanne there like Bertukan, Prof. Yacob and so on….

    Only whimps run around in the Diaspora.


  13. London
    | #13

    To Geremew

    I really don’t I understand when people says bad word such as ——–
    So Geremew if you really like your country and your people then you can proof with out insulting your brother.

  14. Tariku
    | #14

    again we will not stop thinking of fighting the parasite woyane.
    yes, i will personally do anything to support my brothers and sisters. Real Ethiopians, this is our momment to support armed struggle. Eneburteye gare mankelafate makome aleben.

    keahun behuala feri becha newu yeselam tegele eyale yemialezenben.


  15. mulat
    | #15

    Folks,There is no Ethiopian people elected party named UDJP in Ethiopia.
    Dont fool yourself.NO!
    There is one KINIJIT.And that is lead by Ato Hailu Shawel.
    KINIJIT+Ethipian people

  16. yetabate
    | #16


    Forget Hailu $haul. He is a dictator!

  17. yetabate
  18. yetabate
  19. Desta
    | #19

    Don’t be morons.
    For christ sake listen to Elias Kiflie and reality. The UDJ is as useless as Dr. Beyen & Ledtu’s party. As Elias (the true hero) said it has to be disbanded immediately. It is a waste of money and time.

    All resources including money must immediately be transefered to the account of Ginbot 7 for action. I am glad that G7, the OLF & ONLF are talking serious matters. They should use Eritreans to their own benefit and launch an offensive from there.

    Pls! divert all energy and money to Ginbot 7, the only hope for Ethiopia.

  20. mulat
    | #20

    Both Eritrean Review or Abugida is nothing to Ethiopian people.
    Waste your time on keyboard.

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