Meles Zenawi sent more troops to Puntland, Somalia

November 26th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

GALKAYO, Somalia Nov 27, 2006

An Ethiopian military convoy of more than 70 vehicles arrived in Galkayo on Sunday, residents reported. The troops were received into town by Puntland militia officials and stationed in the southern outskirts of Galkayo upon their arrival. Galkayo is the southernmost city in self-governing Puntland autonomy, a region that has thusfar resisted Islamist expansion.

Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian leader, disclosed last week that the Ethiopian military was “prepared”? to launch a war against the Islamists, whom he accuses of terrorism.

Ethiopia is the main supporter of the Baidoa-based interim Somali government, which is led by the former president of Puntland, Col. Abdullahi Yusuf.

Since rising in June, the Islamic Courts have taken control of most regions in central and southern Somalia, including the nation’s traditional capital Mogadishu.

The Islamists are seen as a direct challenge to the authority of the UN-backed interim government.

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