UDJP to hold its conference on Wednesday at 8:00am Addis Ababa Time.

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UDJP General Assembly elects Executive Members.

1 Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa – Chairwoman
2 Eng. Gizachew Shifferaw – Vice Chairman and Organizational Affairs Click here for more
3 Dr. Hailu Arraya – Vice Chairman – Public Relations
4 Prof. Yacob Hailemariam – Vice Chairman , Head of Foreign Relations
5 Ato Temsgen Zewdie – Vice Chairman, Head of Finance and Administration
6 Ato Asrat Tassie Secretary
7 At Kifle Tigeneh
8 Ato Aklu Girgirie
9 Ato Tamrat Tarakegne
10 Ato Mesfine Getachew
11 Ato Amare Dagne
12 Ato Fetene Teshome
13 Wzro Shewaye Kiros
14 Ato Aschalew Ketema
15 Ato Endalkachew Mola
16 Wzro. Lakech Degefa
17 Ato Yeneneh Mulat
18 Ato Biru Bermeja

Andnet Party Song. The conference is going on right now and can be listened to by calling 218 486 7200 BRIDGE NUMBER 612622
07:00 pm Addis Ababa TimeThe General Assembly elected 60 council members and 15 more reserves.Now they are electing members for the audit committee

11:00 am Addis Ababa Time – The Election committee is now out for lunch. The election for the leadership of UDJP will be next.

10:00 am Addis Ababa Time – The UDJ Party Logo and the bylaw has been approved by the general assembly. Soon, they will choose an election committee to conduct the election for the leadership of UDJP

9:00 am Addis Ababa Time – They are now listening to comments form the meeting participants

8:45 am Addis Ababa Time – Meeting started. The new Andente song was sung. It was a very emotional moment. Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw opened the meeting with a short speech click here Birtukan Midekesa is now giving an introduction speech click here

8:30 am Addis Ababa Time – Registration has finished. 300 plus are registered and the Meeting has started

8:00 am Addis Ababa Time – Meeting participants are gathering at the head quarters of UDJ, registration has started and meeting will start in one hour. We will post interviews with participants as they become available.

June 18 2008 – UDJ UPDATE From Ethiopia

UDJP to hold its conference on Wednesday at 8:00am Addis Ababa Time.Click here for more info.

After a major disruption of a planed UDJ conference by armed Woyanne forces on June 14, 2008, it is now reported that UDJ officials secured permit from Addis Ababa city administration today (Tuesday June 16, 2008) at around 4:00 pm Addis Ababa time.

North America Support Organization confirmed the approval of the meeting from UDJ executives. Knijit (Andenet) North America plan to cover most of the meeting live through pal talk rooms and plan to have a conference line open for all media to participate in distributing the event via their perspective means. THE CONFERENCE NUMBER IS 218 486 7200 BRIDGE NUMBER 612622. Conference line will open at 9:00pm Pacific Time and transmit live interviews, live events, recorded interviews and comments. www.kinijitethiopia.org and www.kinijitnorthamerica.org will post regular updates and audios from the event.

Interview Shakespear Feyissa on the formation of UDJ and current issues.

Detailed report to follow.

Public relation team of KNASSO and Canadian council

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