Yes, UDJ’s birth is significant! – Kuchiye

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In a country where abuse of power and gross incompetence surpass hitherto unseen proportions, it is crucially important Ethiopians get leadership of a resident political party that they can trust. The June 17, 2008 General Assembly of Andnet (UDJ) gave them exactly that.

Technically speaking, June 17 did not herald the birth of a brand new party – the whole world including EPRDF knows that. What it did is proclaim the re-birth of Kinijit, the renaissance of a popular movement that was cut short by the unwise and still paranoid tendencies of a government that is at odds even with its own interests.

Popular movements have this thing that unsettle tyrants, even more so when they are organized under the banner of peaceful struggle. Look, for example, at EPRDF who used the silliest pretext to disrupt the UDJ GA meeting of June 14. If its leaders had a semblance of wisdom or a shred of commitment for the advancement of democracy in Ethiopia, they would have stepped in and let the GA proceed scoring some points for the benefit of their international backers who they care very much about. EPRDF’s silly action gave us a couple of clues on its fears . One, it is afraid UDJ will fall into the popular embrace of Ethiopians once again. Two, it is uncomfortable with a viable opposition from inside which could turn into a pain in the neck. Three, there will be a revival of pressure on EPRDF from international donors as UDJ escalates its peaceful ways. Four, with the worsening economic and political situation in Ethiopia, the opposition will have compelling reason to work under a minimum platform and increase the pressure on the government.

EPRDF’s attempt at disrupting the GA also ended up further energizing the spirit of the assembly participants, unsettling the diplomatic community, angering the general population and exposing the vulnerability of a government that tries so hard to portray images of a macho man.

There is a certain truth that any action by EPRDF or the dictates of the international community will never change. Ethiopians are determined to see their fight for democracy and good governance succeed no matter what the cost is and no matter how long the journey takes.

UDJ will stay the course of peaceful struggle and conduct its program in a much more organized manner. It will work for lasting victory guided by well-considered short and long term goals. It will leave no stone unturned to bring about national consensus and national reconciliation. It will stay vigilant and fight threats that work against the unity and territorial integrity of the country.

UDJ will be by the side of the drought victim, by the displaced citizen, by the side of the young and the old that suffer from a justice system that fails to serve the interest of all Ethiopians. It will be by the side of Ethiopians anywhere and everywhere. It will organize the people under the hallowed banner of democracy, justice and national unity confident that the general population, its members and leaders are behind it.

Yes, UDJ’s rebirth is significant!

  1. mm
    | #1

    Ginbot 7 has credibility problem with the public. Here are some ways it can tackle this problem:
    1. It has to state and restate a practicable and clear vision; there are others who are bent on distracting it.
    2. It has to distance itself from Eritrea and instead make contacts with forces within Ethiopia. Eritrea is simply biding its time to take advantage of a chaotic situation to install a group that does its bidding. Hence Ginbot 7’s flirtation with EPPF and other armed groups is going to end up where we started.
    3. It should not allow Ethiopian Review to dictate or appear to dictate its agenda;
    4. It should recruit capable individuals (not just those with a lot of wenne) or else hire pr agency to promote its public image
    5. Write and post economic and political policy papers in major media outlets (with focus on the US and Britain.)
    6. Do not waste your time trying to bring together every group opposed to Meles; it is not possible and it is a recipe for organizational disaster
    7. The next battle is won or lost by the party that is effective in convincing donor governments
    8. Those currently in power will not survive without the support of the US and Britain. That is why I am not wholly convinced by the idea of an armed struggle. Armed struggle only extends our unending predicament.
    9. Those competent in political economy (like Dr. Seid) should challenge activities of the World Bank (in fact shame it in supporting a government that does not adhere to democratic values.)
    10. The fact that Tigrayan intellectuals (excepting Prof Tecola and now Seye) are silent should concern us all; effort should be made to bring them on board, etc

    I am sorry if I sounded like giving you instructions but I feel very strongly about the state of our nation.

  2. Tazabi
    | #2

    Ginbot 7 = Dr Berhanu.

    The only thing that Ginbot 7 has is the personality of Dr Berhanu. As the elected mayor of Addis Ababa, as one of the prominent leader of Kinijit, as someone who is known by Ana gomez and other foreign dignitaries …Ginbot 7 got some initial support. However, as time goes one and as Dr Berhanu continues discrediting himself, Ginbot 7 is also diving into the ditch; for Dr Berhanu’s prestige is the only thing they have. (by the way Dr Berhanu’s prestige is decaying day by day …The man should stop talking for what he is saying does not make sense at all. He better zip his mouth and keep whatever respect he has among the populice.

  3. Ted
    | #3

    You mentioned, 2. It has to distance itself from Eritrea and instead make contacts with forces within Ethiopia. Eritrea is simply biding its time to take advantage of a chaotic situation to install a group that does its bidding. Hence Ginbot 7’s flirtation with EPPF and other armed groups is going to end up where we started.
    How in the world are you going to collabrate with armed group in Ethiopia. Either you have to pick Kinijit who are doing nonsense trophy opposition or Ginbot 7. Ginbot 7 as a party has to take advantage of Eritrea, his priority has to be taking down TPLF, after that we can review our relations with Eritrea. What are we worried about? People who has no confidence in the thinking ablity of Ethiopians do give such comments. They want to help we will take it with no string attached. Ginbot dont have the authority to represent us and sigh deals like TPLF did. First thing is first. Distroy TPLF.

  4. jemal
    | #4

    UDJ is a fake political Party!!

  5. almaz
    | #5

    Congratulations Bertukan!God Bless you! How can anybody with the right mind expect Isayas to help Ethiopia?Isayas,Mengistu and Meless are equally responsible for millions people’s death.They should bring to justice and get their punishment.Ethiopians should solve their problems by Ethiopians in Ethiopia.Some Ereitreans are still waitng for an opportunity to destroy Ethiopia.Don’t be fool.The already fooled us many times.Long live Ethiopia!

  6. Theophilos
    | #6

    And…..the Winner is ……Hailu Shawel!!!!
    The proactive leader failed to ignore the bandas and Adirbayoch even when he was in hospital bed.He discharge his responsibility by suspending the key players, not Ginbot 7 & UDJ leaders, and warning the others.You blind supporters of this group.Please repent and back the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia…Because…..
    AND NOW…..
    Majority of parliametrians, Univerity students,25 offices through out ethiopia,majority of laylay mikbet members and almost all General assemly participants are with the true KINIJIT of Hailu and will hold their meeting tommorow……And Birtuakn and Gizachew will try feed themselves and dream 2005 election in their small Kirkos office and General Birhanu and Betinachew will tirelessly work to get their EURO………
    YEEThiopia Amlak Yiseral….YEEthiopia Ewnetegna Lidgoch Yashenifalu!!!!

  7. Robele Ababya
    | #7

    Birtukan is our Lady of Liberty, paragon of justice, charismatic icon of the youth struggling for their future to live in peace and harmony in a united, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia where the the rule of law reign supreme and universal human rights are respected.

    I congratulate her colleagues for their patience, courage and wisdom in creating the UDJ party.

  8. ewnetu #1
    | #8

    ethiopian review has nothing to do with ethiopiwinet .it is a silent distracter of the peaceful strugle .elias is neither a politian neither news man .he is manifesting eritrean review in defiance of shabia superiority .there should be no office in asmara as he advocates as it would destroy the struggle of any opposition party .ethiopian review is eritrean review .

  9. jemal
    | #9

    I think ENG.Hail Shawel is a winner.

  10. Ted
    | #10

    When she was told not to held meeting first at emperial hotel. Guess who she called? One of her own, Capital, another TPLF media and they print it as if they were democratic press. And when it is finally formed, AIGA forum is the first to give its approval, the Hard core Tigray website.It is strange to think that TPLF all the sudden became an Angel when the situation in Somalia,Ogaden and Starvation is worse than ever and people of Ethiopia hated their guts. Birtukan is the means to calm peoples anger and frustrations and buy more time until they loot more.It is a set up trophy party. We are not kids!!!!!I think some of us are!!!!!!

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