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Andenet (Kinijit) North America Association of Support Organizations is proud to invite you for a press conference with the Newly Elected Andenet Party officials on Saturday June 21, 2008 at 11: 00 AM Pacific 2:00 PM Eastern time. Click here for moreThe Press conference can be heard by dialing (712)432-3900 Access Code: 6361175# and/or (218)486-7200 bridge number 612622. Please respond with your interest to join on question and answer event, so we can provide you with guest access. Please join us at least 15 minutes early to prepare for the event.

Thank you for your support and service to Ethiopians

North America and Canada PR Committee

  1. Desta
    | #1

    Just stick to the name ANDINET – instead of confusing people by calling it KINJIT. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. | #2

    1. It is a great step forword. We the supporting commities here after are nomore called kinigit. We are UDJP-Unity for Democracy & Justice Party supporting commity .
    2. I support N/A Andenet supporting commity´s
    inniciative to organize a press conferance
    that up.grades the democratic on-going .

  3. mimi
    | #3

    Is your real name Elias Kefle you sound just like him a confused Asmarino messanger kkkkk

  4. Ted
    | #4

    People who were supporters of Meles are in full force behind Birtukan. Strange when people take you for a fool. Even the westen countries(US and UK) will have a relief because we have our opposition who stands for us. It is fun for them creating a trophy opposition party but we Ethiopians will be crying for long time with Birtukan.

  5. | #5

    Andinet or the new established fake and illegitimate Birtukan’s political organization is undercover Melese’s spy agent. Dr. Birahnue has already completed his espionage mission for the temporary success of EPDRF’s escape from the storm of the Ethiopian’s anger. However, Melese, and his bandits and gangsters including Birtukan will not escape from the next storm. It is funny that Birtukan is licensed by the Melese regime to fight the Melese’s tyranical government.

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