Dr. Berhanu’s Speech on National Security during 2005 Election

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  1. mohamed
    | #1

    OHHHHHH Abugida I dont have words to express my apreciation to Ethiopians diaspora we are here we don’t have news paper radio any thing except ‘ALAH and Ethiopians abroad’ the dying regiem of TPLF is trying to explode the last bonb we need the help of Ethiopians In America and Europe and all over the world to expose the Woyanes.

    Thank you Abugida Inshalah we will prevaile.

    Kinijit will be our government very soon .

  2. Isaiah T
    | #2

    Abugida yadera eda.
    really yadera eda.
    Here I want to present my appreciation to Abugida to the very deepest part of my mind.
    I don’t know what to say but I respect Abugida.
    every body don’t worry Kinijit will be our leader.God will help us.
    and if there is another video with other topic please let us see.
    thanks a lot Abugida

  3. Dr. Berhanu’s Adenaki
    | #3

    We, Ethiopian, are really luckey to have Dr. Berhanu as our fellow. I am hurt to the bone to see him in jail than providing his exoertise to help us develop.

  4. | #4

    We are very happy with the diaspora movement every thing u do is for ur countery pls continue.

    God bless Ethiopia

  5. adie
    | #5

    i see the breit future seeing Abogida.Abogida represent the future Ethiopia with greate vision and aspiration.The new generation want such profesional and patriotical people.
    i wish you succes and love.
    God bless you and our Ethiopia.

  6. Tefera
    | #6

    Thank you for bringing to viewer attention the CUDP’s National Security view against the Woyane (BANDAS WONBEDE GROUP) policy toward Ethiopia. All the Woyane supporters used to tell us how Melese was cleaver and knows about every thing for the last 14 days. Yep! Until they see the CUDP repersentative. Any way, to all woyane supporters I say one thing you ant seen yet. CUDP will be on our peoples mind and soul for ever and ever!!!!

    Our people will keep on strugling till we win our country back from the GROUP of BANDAS!!
    Ethiopia for Ethiopians!!

  7. Dany
    | #7

    Dr. Berhanu gave a very articulate and crisp analysis regarding what Ethiopia’s short term and long term policy towards our neighbors and other countries should be. Only when you have a defined and clear foreign policy that you can solve some complex problems we have, such as the one we have in East Africa now. Meles is using the current situation (Somalia’s current situation is mostly aggravated due to Mele’s involvement in the Somali problem) to distract people’s attention and show how “important” he is in the eye of the Bigger powers to be. Well, there is a saying “beseferut Kuna mesefer aykerim”. Apparently Meles didn’t seem to learn from Mengistu’s mistake- (prolonging suffering of people to distract their attention away from the regime) and he is in a denial mode. I hope people will have the eye to see what is more important for Ethiopia right now and keep their eye on the bigger picture ( removing the root cause of our problem, which is absence of Democracy, freedom of press, true human rights, and true good governance). If we can bring these very fundamental pillars of democracy, other problems can be solved using these platforms, under the rule of law, equal for everyone. The most efficient way to bring about these changes is to work to FREE our LEADERS who are languishing in Jail right now. Please work in unison to secure our leaders freedom, and the rest is a simple extension of what they do best and excel at. We have witnessed in May 2005 that, 30 years of Diaspora “struggle” was eclipsed by what Kinjit Leaders have done in few months or years. And we have witnessed also the power of peaceful struggle. I will repeat what I said before, please help in any way you can for the release of Our leaders.

    Some specific actions: Those in Diaspora-USA, talk to your representatives in Congress and house to Co-sponsor and help pass HR5680. Those in Ethiopia, try to implement the civil disobedience message that Kinijit KIL passed down, without exposing yourself for the regime. Those in Other parts of the world but your heart is in Ethiopia, help the struggle inside Ethiopia and voice your concern where ever you are. “Dir biabir Anbesa yasir, yibal yele”

  8. Meressa
    | #8

    First of all, i would like to thank Abugida Tv for their good work in helping us exchange our ideas concerning our country`s current situation.
    Having said so,i would like to say something about our beloved Ethiopia.Ethiopia is one of(if not the oldest)the oldest countries in the world.It has a very unique&proud culture.It is a country where coffee originated,the Arc of the Covenant exists,civilization started in,man kind originated,islam grew up,etc.Nevertheless of the above surprising facts&history,the awkward Meles government is the FIRST ever Ethiopian government commiting crimes against Ethiopia`s PROUD HISTORY&GREAT PEOPLE.So,let`s get rid of this BANDA government and continue making a HISTORICAL Ethiopia where in its GREAT people live in peace&democracy.I would also like to put my opinion regarding Eritrea.In my opinion,there is no difference what so ever between Ethiopians&Eritreans.So,i call on both Ethiopians&Eritreans to get rid of their respective
    BANDA governments and unite their GREAT people as ever.
    So,let`s keep in touch,talk,converse,discuss,each other for good.
    Above all there is nothing good from division!
    Long live the people of Ethiopia&Eritrea!
    Thank you!

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