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  1. Medhanie
    | #1

    Dearest Ethiopians,
    First of all I wish you all the best and best of luck!We Eritreans fought for more than 30 years against different Ethiopian regimes and we paid enormous price for freedem.please,try to imagine the feelings you feel when someone totally controls you and you do not have freedem.The same thing like what Meles does now.It was exactly what is happening up to Ethiopians by Meles now and in the past happened to us!We are humans and we live for short peoriod of time and we must try to live in peace and respect each other.What is the use of war?Try to imagine how many lives costed the war between us?how many people are disabled and how back we are?Even we are not only back but below the groud level!So what I would like to say is let us come of it and live in peace and respeckt each other!Thanks alot for give me this chance.bye

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