Meles Begun Attacking Somali Towns

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News 24 – Mogadishu, 28/11/2006 – A top Islamic leader accused Ethiopia on Tuesday of attacking a town in central Somalia.

“As I’m speaking to you, Ethiopians have shelled 12 missiles at Bandiradley,” Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, head of the executive council of Islamic Courts, told a rally in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, that drew tens of thousands of people to protest against Ethiopian troops’ presence in the country and US policy toward Somalia.

The claim could not be immediately verified.

“We will give the details later on,” Ahmed told the crowd. “I have just received the news.”

The claim is likely to further stoke tensions between the Islamic movement and the Ethiopian-backed transitional government. Analysts fear a war is imminent.

Bandiradley is about 500km north of Mogadishu, which the Islamic movement seized from warlords in June. The Islamic group now control much of southern Somalia.

  1. | #1

    He is really playing with fire. Zenawi’s Agazi force will face not the unarmed stone throwing people unlike the uprising of Ethiopians amid the election predicaments. There in Somalia the blood suckers will face well armed militias who will crash the stu**pid agazi once and for all.

  2. danel
    | #2

    we Ethiopians should make it clear for somali brothers this war is not the interest of the Ethiopian people. We don’t have to let this Tigres tarnish the image of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. We don’t have a histroy of invasion. This war is Meles’s and Tigrea’s war.

  3. | #3

    meles he making whrong war it,s very cler who make armed those somali islamist/olf/onlf/or another racist and terrorist guroops? shabya
    shabya leader esayas afeworki sapostu be die or surend ethio-eritrea war meles purepesly he give him a chance
    that whay all this things hapen and hapening now

    the other side ethiopian peopel an likely sefering becous of oposition leders
    oposition leders very weak and an co.operative they are waiting some miracle with out any stragule i think
    they thinking meles call them and give them hes chair with out any secrifecation
    they weasting ther time making meting avery wear avery week.

  4. solomon debebe
    | #4

    We are now very big problem we all know we have two enemy from out side .somali and ertrian . but this war is gone bring lot of problem for us i am so sorry about this poor people dying with out nothing . Meles has plan to leave the country . we don’t have power to do any thing . we need some one who love his country

  5. Koy bicha
    | #5

    This is the time when all oppositions put their differences aside and stand together ….. how many time should woyane fool you guys ? wakeup !!!! and wakeup !!!! show the world that you can find solution to your problems by yourself … show that the recently published controvesial lowest IQ for ethiopians is not true … we are actually better thinking society with a solid historical background , we have very good diplomats who can talk with islamists and somalian people that we are not waging war against them … we actually want to live in peace with all our neibours ….. let the islamists understand this and do not harm any ethiopian army who want to defect and let islamists create a situation by which our defecting peacefully join the oppositions ….
    melkam ken

  6. | #6

    All of you haters, better use your time to improve your writing skills,This’s a time where we all support the Ethiopian armed forces, no matter what…. Long Live ETHIOPIA…

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