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Homegrown opposition parties and Independents formed a discussion forum – namely, Forum for Democratic Discussions in Ethiopia(more)

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Homegrown opposition parties and Independents formed a discussion forum – namely, Forum for Democratic Discussions in Ethiopia(more)

Click here for Amharic Version

The main purpose of this forum would be to exchange ideas and break the barriers that has kept them apart for long.

Here are list of Participant Organizations and Independents:

Oromo federalist movement.
Coalition of Somali democratic forces
Arena Tigrai
Ato Seye Abrah (Independent)
Dr. Negasso Gidada (Independent)
UDJP is represented by Prof. Yacob Hailemariam as an observer

  1. silte
    | #1

    this is the first step forward.

  2. Cobra
    | #2

    This is bad news for the Eritrean agent Elias Kifle.

  3. | #3

    I think this is a good sign. It is always good to engage in a dialogue and I call for more cross talk among the various groups and influential individuals in the country with the goal of shortening the days of bad governance, waste and suffering. I hope this MIKIKIR will point out the way to a durable and home-grown solutions to the many political and economic problems plaguing our nation.

    For too long, solutions to our country’s political problems have been brokered by outside powers(global and regional ones)using this or that political elite group while making our needs subservient to theirs.

    Ethiopians in the diaspora must closely follow these developments. We should also humbly and positively contribute to such an engagement.

    It is sobering to reflect that we, diaspora Ethiopians, are subordinate to the struggle at home and not its actual leaders as a few individuals seem to behave.

  4. Belya Zeleke
    | #4

    This is the first major progress for all Ethiopians

  5. Fayyis
    | #5

    This is a very good step forward. “Legal” oppositions at home should come together and deliberate on the way forward. At the same time “Illegal” fronts and movements in diaspora should do the same. G7M is taking a good step if it continues its move of speaking with OLF, ONLF, EPPF, TPDM….etc. Then coordinating the domestic movement with diaspora movement is mandatory to get rid of the CANCER of the Horn!! AEUP at home and EPRP in diaspora should come to the camp!!!

  6. Cobra
    | #6


    Forget Ginbot 7 it is almost 2 month since they formed they are flip floping one time they say they will raise arms and the same time they say peacefully, nothing tangible rather than justifying Birhanu “Ferach” to return back to Ethiopia.

  7. mimi
    | #7

    Cobra you are correct
    This is a bad news for the Eritrean agent Elias Kifle. who is confusing everyone

    Elias Keflom

  8. Tenkir
    | #8

    Fayyis, I was going to comment here but you said it all!

  9. AFDist
    | #9

    A coalition at home should include: AEUP, ATSD, OFDM, OPC, UDJP and UEDF

    A coalition in diaspora should include: EPPF, EPRP, G7M, OLF, ONLF and TPDM

    Then coalition at home + coalition in diaspora will make ALL-including opposition against the Sewu-bella Weyane regime!!!!

  10. Okach O. Kwot
    | #10

    I always wonder that any Ethiopian use to mention complex problems but can not mention those complex problems. Would any one out there mention the most serious problems that Ethiopia would face in the next administration if there would be one and only one?

  11. wereb
    | #11

    Were is Ato Hilu in here?

  12. Setitu
    | #12

    Yesssss! Bravo!

    | #13

    This is great news for ethiopa peopl Hilu shwel fukdup he don’t know the ming of engeenar. pleas don’t includ hilu shawel he will dstroy the party agan he better stop politics. pleas includ Dr BRHANU NEGA THE HISTRY MAN ETHIOPAN MANDELA. GOD PLESS ETHIOPA AND ALL ETHIOPAN GREAT LEDAR AND ME

  14. Desta
    | #14


    Your comment:
    “A coalition at home should include: AEUP, ATSD, OFDM, OPC, UDJP and UEDF”

    The AEUP is part of the CUD and it will not create a coalition with Arena Tigrai and the UDJ. Above all the CUD will not allow ethnic based parties to join it.

    You can fool us once-but not twice!

  15. muleta
    | #15

    This is a possible way for consolidating power and resource to save the de-formation of Ethiopia by the wolves of TPLF.

    May God bless your hearts and minds for fruitful dialogue!!

  16. Tigist
    | #16

    This is the first time I felt really happy about the politics of Ethiopia. Bravo, this is the way we should go. You at home who do the struggle in the face of all of the odds are true brave men and women of Ethiopia. God bless you and enlighten you with the selfishness of the great leaders.

  17. | #17

    hi guys every thing is good am happy because you guys work with OLF that means you guys start find the truth future fo Ethiopia if some one het OLF is not gonna work because if you stand for Democracy you have to respect other people like Oromo people after than Ethiopia is free country

  18. AFDist
    | #18

    At last the spirit of AFD is engulfing people at home and in diaspora. The “medrek” at home and the “niqinaqe” in diaspora are the offsprings of AFD-spirit! Any way Weyane’s death is nearing: Ethiopoians cooperating against Weyane and international community condemning Weyane!! Weyane is almost at the bottom deplomatically and poletically, but still survive because of miöliotary!!!

  19. Melelo
    | #19

    The only thing bothers me every time is Birhanu Nega is going to take arm or not so far he was justifying that how peaceful struggle is not working and asking us not to support Andenet party i thing this guys with Elias Kifle they want us to surrender our country for Shabia.

    Shame on Gime mot 7

  20. ewnetu #1
    | #20

    this is the best news we can get since the break up of kinijit .this is the only way forward and must be encouraged .we need to mature and learn from past mistakes .ethiopia is one and for all.we need to open our selves for good dialogue .they need to be encouraged as this is a second chance for the survival of ethipian democracy to bring melese to a negotiating table .this a very good opportunity and let us make use of it .ethiopiawinet prevails

  21. Desta
    | #21

    Diaspora morons!

    The chair of the new alliance is Beyene Petros. And his deputy is Gebru Asrat.


  22. mammo
    | #22

    Each of us participation against Weyane and its cancerous policy is crucial. We need Hailu Shual, Birhanu, Seye Abraha, Merra Gudina etc to deal with peacefully the complex problem our country face. I have no doubt; we all have the same goal but Weyane, especially Melese/Bereket group. Our difference how to get there shouldn’t be an important issue that tears us apart.

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