Meles asks jailed CUD leaders to quit politics

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Nov 29 (EZ): Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi would release CUD leaders who had been held at Kaliti prison for the last thirteen months if they agreed to quit politics. According to prison sources, Meles sent the message to the prisoners through Professor Ephrem Isaac. The professor met the prisoners at least twice this week and heard a firm rejection from some of the top leaders.On Monday, the Chief prosecutor in the treason trial, Shimeles Kemal, dropped 289 witnesses whom he previously said would testify against the leaders of Ethiopia’s biggest political party and asked the court to let him bring up fifteen new ones. Trial observers said that with the current speed, the prosecutor would wrap up the case in a few weeks.

With an all out war with Somalia looming in the horizon and opposition against his leadership from the inside and outside intensifying, there are speculations that Meles will release the leaders in Kaliti although the conditions he set in his message to Kaliti which he sent through Professor Ephrem Isaac are unacceptable to the prisoners.

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    Our brave leaders are suffering in a very harsh conditions. Our Almighty God will reward them not only here but in also in heaven. We will stand with them together until the end of the tplf repressive regime.

  2. Mekonnen
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    I think this is very bad news for Shaleka and his gangs If Meles release the leaders of Ethiopia the lovely Kinitwiwian all those forgery of Ato Hailu letters will be exposed to Ethiopians and Shaleka and his friends go to Kaliti Instead.

    God be our leaders.

    Victory for Ethiopia.

  3. sami
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    This will be a good listen for Diaspora Kinijit leaders who is fighting for $ ½ million USD instead of fighting for freedom and democracy actually now no one will trust Ato Branu Mewa or Sahleka b/c both of them stand for money not fro democracy . However we will fight until our true leader free anyway that will be that long. But Diaspora Kinijit leader are funny they don’t even solve thire inside problem but try to solve Ethiopian problem that is funny. Tell them get a life Diaspora Kinijit leader but we will do anything for our true leaders .

  4. terbu
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    meles,please think towice,every move has it’s own price.remember ‘besferut kuna mesfer aykereme’pleasa release our intelectual leader!!!

  5. Tamerat
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    Bad news for Diaspora KInijit leaders .No matter what our leader will release soon not because Melse say so it b/c they stand for Ethiopia people with ethiopia people but shame on diaspora leader who fight each other for money .

  6. dequla
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    yecheneqew erguz yagebal melese gena yeqeznal

  7. mahadi
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    Sami and Tamrat is the same TPLF/EPRP servant his eye bleed when diaspora Kinijit is getting stronger What ever you say we will prevai.

    Kinijit for ever.

  8. babi
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  9. tibeb
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    you know what ?
    thigs won’t be the way they are now … we will change the total picture if we are to stand together. I ALWAYS PRAY … ” GOD TO VISIT ” OUR HEROS … THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART … dont’t give up … we need to be together till we get better

  10. Amanu
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    Prof. Issac may be complmented for his effort to solve the poletical crisis in Ethiopia. We all know that unless the Kinjit leaders relased ther is not going to peace in Ethipia. however, we should not forget that the professor also a victim of Melesses propaganda about interamwe. During the election the prfoessor said”…if there is going to be an attack on Tigrean we will call up on the govenment to protect them”. How in the world prof. Araya will order killing tigrean.

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    I don’t trust proffesor Epraim Isac. He is just like Levine. Maybe worest than Levine.

  12. choka
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    defently he have to realese them,unless he can’t get any power to fight and to find fighters.
    also he have to give a power to the people.
    In the mean time he will go to replace them our brilliant leaders in jail.
    our leaders are strong and genuine according to their reply
    bertu,bertu,yiketilal tiglu

  13. Muhdin
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    Breaking news: Casualities of war coming…
    there has been war casualities on the ethiopian soldiers on tuesday in somalia.helicopters were seen in transporting the wounded in Addis air at around 3pm.Anybody in addis can confirm that.Also medical sources told me that civilian hospitals are ordered to stay open for the wounded despite normal working hours ended in the afternoon.Anybody can check this too.

  14. mustefa
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    this tactic of Melese to negotiate with Kaliti prisioner is becuase people are rejecting his move in Somali. He might plead to ask the prisoner to support him in his move and may ask them to preach the same to the people.

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    the main issue to all of us who struggle for freedom must know that without strong organisation the very survival the country is questionable,TPLF dream from the beginning shows destructive and narrow,let’s get support Ethiopian real popular party kinjit. God bless Ethiopia!

  16. saron
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    Ebakachu bezu anawera Meles endhone shiton new ymihedew therfore, egna bendlay honen endelemadachen entebaber alebeleziya agerachen ymayehon yehonal

  17. JJJ
    | #17

    We Ethiopian are now aware of Meles’s stupid game.No one can cheat us.I think this is an action of diverting the attention of the Ethiopian people to another direction.This is a trick to defuse the Somali case.
    Melese you beieve it or not our true leaders will be released .
    Melese fuck your ass.

  18. | #18

    It means all Ethiopians quit poletics. They know what to do. It is better for everybody in the weyane club if the prisoners come out of jail sooner.

  19. megersa
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    This is just one of meles’ tricks to divert and distrct our attention at this critical time. I bet you a thousand bucks he will not release them.

  20. semlove
    | #20

    I know that it seems ridiculous but we have to accept this. You know why… I have seen the reaction of many Ethiopians and I have come to a conclusion that the cud leaders have to be released in any condition .because they have been betrayed by the people of Ethiopia and their colleagues. You know how and when! At least I have my own assessment to post- and pre -election of the may 7, 2005. So I agree to the prime Minster ideas. We have to find other ways to continue the struggle. With out the suffering of our beloved leaders .they had done their part. And they didn’t achieve anything .so we have to let them free and we wait until we all agree to continue our struggle hand in hand.SEMLOVE from Addis Ababa.

  21. Mesfin
    | #21

    Oww jesus one person can order all that? What about the others leader? Meles is their master but b/c they don’t know nothing but taking order from him? Weyew weyew this small minds killers እንዴት áŠ?á‹? ያያችá‹? ስትገርሙ. የናንተን ሃሳብ ንá‰?ዋችá‹? ይሄá‹? ብቻá‹?ን ሲወስንá?¢ you see the beloved leaders of ethiopian do you see what they answer? how come this kinds of quastion raised “leave poletics!” emm does he know what it means forget your ppl and country that is what it means can it be? no no way. wake up Meles follower look how he sees u, he doesn’t even wants your suggation or opinion ከሰá‹?áˆ? አáˆ?ቆጠራችáˆ?áˆ?á?¢ እá‹?áŠ?ተኛ ኢትዮጵያአ ከሆናችá‹? ይሄን የሳቢያ ቅጥረኛ መለስ ከáŠ?ቤተሰቡ አባሩ እና ከህá‹?ብ ተቀላቀሉ ከህá‹?ብ ታረá‰? እá‹?áŠ?ተኛ ለኢትዮጵያ ሃሳቢና ጥሩ እድáŒ?ገት አáˆ?ጪ á??ቱá?¢

  22. tadesse
    | #22

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t release them!!! they are killers!!! murderers!!!! if they loved their country they would have anounced the loss of election. they didn’t depend of Carter center observer or americans or europeans, they depended on one woman, ana gomez!!! they are the traitors of our country!! all other elections in africa, the loser accepts the loss but the chauvanist AEUP never accepts anything!! they belong in jail!!!! KEEP THE RACISTS IN JAIL!!!!!

  23. davit
    | #23

    ለ አ�ሃራ�ብቻ�የቖሙ� ስይታኖች� ከ�እስር�ቤት� መዉታት� የለባቸዉ�!!!!

  24. kebede ahmed areru gemechu
    | #24

    The time to pay the last 15 years of criminal act of meles and his casa nostra (s.mafia) reading gang has come I still demand for those history writers not to search for a scapegoat when he loose his head which is most likely to be the always victimized Amharas now a days may include Oromos.

  25. tazebe
    | #25

    Professor Ephrem Isaac ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….isn’t this the guy who refused to condemn the november 2005 massacre ? It is stupid of him to go to Qaliti Prison and asking them to quit politics….shame on him.

    Tadesse and Davit,

    You need to shut the hell up. You are “Irgo Ras”. If you don’t know the meaning…”Irgo Ras” is one whose mind is frozen and does not function. You seem to be retarded.

  26. abbabulgu
    | #26

    Professor Ephrem One of those I admired before in their contribution to this country. But now he become under my shoe. ‘Yezeren bitew….’ Yweyane telalaki honena arefew. Yesew tiliq yelewm leka’
    Please Proff don’t be a servant of the criminals woyane and not to stand with brigand Agazi.

  27. solomon debebe
    | #27

    I just have some comment to Ato branu Mewa and Shaleka from Diaspora Kinijit it is shame for you i wonder those two people they know there identity they are so selfish and they don’t even think like human our leader is in prison our be loved respected and educated . God Love Ethiopia

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  29. adie
    | #29

    Meles must remember that there is a promise b/n Ethiopians and their lovely Leaders.He can do what ever he like but he can not cheat or divert things in his favour. now things are going to the worst. “Ywugah blo ymarh ” ! forget it. He must finish what he started-destroy our Country or He must come infront of the Law. That is his turn to chose like our leaders chosed Preasonlastyear.
    Nothing is constant.
    Long live our Ethiopia
    God bless our real Leaders who are BEZA Ethiopia

  30. yoni
    | #30

    Abugida, when you guys post information , you have to be very cautious. Don’t forget wayane can propagate wrong information, through the media for his propagnad ,and don’t pick that and use it .

  31. Helina
    | #31

    Well ,you know what honest Ethiopian ,if he don’t release them right now, he at a loss in difrent directions .For instance he don’t succeed the war with Somalia if he does.The soldiers betrayal him .Even some joining the Islamic fandamentalist.They don’t have choise.So the ”USA” ,she don’t like these.The countrey is messed up and the people contumacious in case of the outrages work and so many .
    If he is ”SMART”…he has to do it! ! !
    if not …he gone get it ! ! !

  32. | #32

    eplf.eprdf.olf.onlf and other racist groups or partys
    history is gonna come up againe and again

    we will see the great ethiopia
    that our grand father they die for this we will die for this.

  33. CUD
    | #33

    hey,lets not jump up and down with out having any concrete thing…..this guy is bloody wise!!!
    We need to think twice….he cheated us more than three times after the election….whatever he says….we have to be very vilgilant and watchful…..
    The time is not far,….when everything will be going according to the Ethioian ppl wish
    Victory to Ethioia and true Ethiopians

  34. | #34

    Yes; It’s a milestone the governing power has travelled;however,it may sound a little awkward but an incouraging move to meles and his collgues to solve such conflicts regardeles of what.I always believe the cud leaders should deserve full previllages of being vocal and the belief they stand for, according to the constitiution.Hence; what have they done after all? standing for the coutry they belong? or what? I don’t get it but, If the government really candid; it is about time to these heroic born ethiopian vanguards to be released without any precondition.Anything other than that isn’t secondary best……!

  35. | #35

    mekonnen yor are son of B ” if you know SHALEKA you wouldnt open your stuip mouth

  36. kuku
    | #36

    i can see a light at the end of the tunnel. viva the diaspora

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