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Press Release | November 28, 2005

In its statement of June 5, 2006, the Executive Committee of the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) registered its concern about worrisome developments in Somalia, particularly the attempt by the minority TPLF/EPRDF regime in Ethiopia to exploit the sad situation in Somalia to deflect attention from the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia itself, to salvage and recover its sagging popularity at home and to garner the support of the West, particularly that of the United States, by jumping on the bandwagon of the war on terror.

Today we have learned to our deep dismay that the US government is submitting a draft resolution to the UN Security Council asking for the repeal of the arms embargo on Somalia. We are afraid that this would bestow legal cover on Meles Zenawi’s ill-conceived adventures in Somalia. AFD full-heartedly concurs with ICG’s dire assessment that this action risks igniting a regional war.

At a highly volatile historical juncture when relations between the world’s major religions are increasingly getting sour throughout the world, at a time when there is a widespread sentiment and perception in the Muslim world that the Western World is becoming increasingly Islamophobic, Ethiopia’s tyrant is about to plunge the already volatile Horn of Africa region into total chaos by militarily interfering in Somalia and thereby aborting the Khartoum process of dialogue that has the best chance of restoring stability. The international community should not pour fuel on an already complicated situation in Somalia by giving the green light to the Ethiopian dictator to take a poor country into a costly war with its neighbor igniting a larger and devastating regional conflict.

When the situation in Iraq is getting complicated and thus requiring a rethinking of strategy, it is counterproductive for the United States to pursue the same policy in Somalia, a policy rejected by the US electorate in a recent election. The attempt by the US administration to provide legal cover for its proxy in the Horn to invade Somalia will certainly become a catalyst for starting a war that has all the hallmarks and ingredients to engulf the entire region and beyond.. We are also concerned to notice that a pattern of disinformation and deliberate misinformation by those with an ax to grind in a manner reminiscent of news coverage preceding the Iraqi war is now distorting the actual situation on the ground in our troubled region.

The Alliance calls on the United States to reconsider this resolution and rather concentrate efforts on encouraging the parties in Somalia to come to the negotiation table to resolve their differences without external interference. We also call on the international community to rather press the regime in Ethiopia to heed the call for an all-inclusive dialogue to resolve rising internal tensions rather than embarking on another costly adventure in a neighboring country.

While advising the parties in Somalia to seek mutual accommodation, exercise moderation and compromise rather than fanning irredentist rhetoric, we urge the EPRDF and its benefactors to desist from plunging the region into chaos and planting the venomous seeds of religious strife.

Alliance for Freedom and Democracy

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    We have to help all forces that are agianst meles,,,help the Islamic court to dismis meles#s military upto the Ethiopian border,, with agreement folow the struggle upto addi,,,, we have inteligently to destroy the money and weapon of woyane,,,it is only weapon and money having woyane in ethiopia,,,,

    please mobilize the 72 milion people to burn every were their weapon at night,,,,we have done it against Faschist Italia….we must do it now against the nazi and faschist woyane and their leader nazi boy meles,

    Be strong and lead the people for untouchable election board and party elections

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    Weldone AFD. The timing is perfect, but don’t expect too much from Ambasador Bolton or the Stae Department. It’s all calculated and pre-concieved by the neos.
    I know you have already alerted the Ethiopian people and the Army not to be distracted by this foolish attempt of Meles and his sponsers. Your call should be made again and again to all concerned, the international community including, AU, UN, the Arab League,US Congress, and above all the opressed masses of Ethiopia. It’s time to pay any price through a popular uprising, but this time our mission should include snatching the gun away from the Agazi army of Meles and direct it to the real enemy. Enough!! If the west continues to turn its blind eye to what is happening in Ethiopia, we can start a new chapter with AFD by managing our own poverty and handling our own affairs. Time and history will prove us right.
    Ethiopia has to call on all its sons and daughters to wake up again!! Unite and pay any price for a noble cause!!

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  4. Sebseb
    | #4

    Ere ebakachehu!

    I believe the knee jerk reaction is not warranted at this time. A well informed ananlysis that is devoid of emotions about Meles and TPLF should be conducted before people are ready to issue such statements. Comeon AFD, does Afewerki have anything to do with the way you analyzed the situation?

    Meleses will come and go, so let’s think about what is good and what is going to be good for Ethiopia.

    Freedom liberty…mefoker min tikim alew guade?..

  5. konrad
    | #5

    Ethiopians should first and foremost learn to die for their freedom. The chance for the transfer of power by peaceful means is dead. Meles is killing and the killing will not stop by 200 or 300. It should be stopped and the fate of Meles will be like the leaders of communist Romania or charles taylor.

  6. shotolay
    | #6


    hold on the green light caming from the (devil)
    what i see or i read meles he tray to trec in kinijit leaders do no,t agree with the devil
    he is confesed becous no bady lesen about his somali war he tray to get ethiopian people attantion
    this war it,s not our war our war is bademe and zal anbesa and the rest of eritrea border line meles whay
    he afred of ethiopian real historical enemy
    our hestorical enemy is esayas and his terrorist shabya
    whaen he go war with shabya ok that our front line becous esayas he have big dream to destroy ethiopia that whay he make aremed deferent teorerest and recist group.

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