Meles, Isayas get deadline

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aw123 News24 | November 30, 2006
The Hague – An international arbitration panel ordered Ethiopia and Eritrea on Wednesday to settle their long-running border dispute within a year or accept a boundary drawn up using modern mapping techniques and aerial photos.

The independent panel – the Eritrea-Ethiopia boundary commission – issued a binding ruling on the border in 2002, but Ethiopia has refused to implement it.
Since then, both sides have blocked moves to fix border pillars on the ground, and have come close to reviving their armed conflict.
Earlier this month, the border commission said it was drawing up maps to clearly show the border.
“It is only possible to demarcate a boundary by the fixing of boundary pillars with the full co-operation of both the states concerned,” the panel of five experts said on Wednesday in a written statement.
“As the commission evidently cannot remain in existence indefinitely, it proposes that the parties should, over the next 12 months … consider their positions and seek to reach agreement on the emplacement of (border marking) pillars,” the commission said.
If the countries fail to agree on the border, “the commission hereby determines that the boundary will automatically stand as demarcated by the boundary points” it has drawn up.
The commission said that since neither country was willing to allow construction of pillars marking out the border proposed in 2002, it had resorted to using aerial photos and modern techniques to establish a new boundary, though it stressed the new line “does not differ significantly” from the 2002 proposal.
Relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia have been strained since Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993 following a 30-year guerrilla war.

  1. solomon debebe
    | #1

    they both are facist and rude for there people

  2. abbabulgu
    | #2

    You have to give back their land to our brothers!!!
    They claim their rights,You should had to give before annihilated all what we have there. You made no excuse mistake,first you gave an elephant then you claim rabbit. In both sides our brothers dead in vain.
    No one will fight other than your ruthless and brutal Agazi if they can.
    You are at the grave you should give back their land!!!!!!!!!!

  3. solomon debebe
    | #3

    TWo gurella Meles and Shabi are twin . they fought from 1998-2000 over afrontier area of dusty village .70.000 people killed .and 2000 agreement ended the confilict meles rejected the commission border i don’t understand this person what did he want he should give to them because he is fucken bastared

  4. solomon debebe
    | #4

    Why this two people survived i wish mengestu killed them

  5. shotolay
    | #5


    meles he promiss for esayas to divided ethiopia and the same time stile any thing he can but one thing he refeused for his master
    he start to stiling he give hes wife make diposit all around the world this thing make him mad his master
    now his master is get in mad and making war with avery one his neghboore even cross red sea becous esayas also promiss for his people his gonna feed them get any thing from meles all the evil promiss is gone
    all of them get in mad and confeuesed.

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