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  1. Cobra
    | #1

    Go UDJ

    I WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT I want Pro Mesfine to explain to me what happened with in Kinijit especially Hailu verses Birhanu power struggle.

  2. falk
    | #2

    Everyone Knows that woyane’s do not accept peoples vote forever on a peacefull struggle; That means we had seen about 17(seventeen years passed). still now they are using guns against the people, so that every opposing parties must struggle in all way except ethnical organization group system. Long live one people one country ETHIOPIA.

  3. Melelo
    | #3

    Where is those people like Birhanu who said they will start armed struggle just meeting and kkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. falk
    | #4

    Mrs or Mr Melelo you could see them on the right time. when you loughing on the people of ethiopian who suffering in woyane prisons, famine,starvation…. The real Ethiopian will struggling for freedom until the woyanes accept the people vote; you can’t do hopeles the people’s struggle. continue loughing and in future you will crying or impressed. you will have to think more; if you are the member of woyane party tell this message for all.

  5. koster
    | #5

    Prof engineeren beschoke talwachew. Because they did not want the success of kinjit lead by Engineer Hailu, they sabbotaged the struggle and prolonged the suffering of the Ethiopian people. Whether Birtukan and co or Dr Berhanu are clever to destroy but will not succeed to overthrow Meles because they are unknown by the Ethiopian people.

  6. falk
    | #6

    Helo Mr Koster! All of them are Enginer Hailu,Prof-Mesfin W/M,D/R BIrhanu Nega,W/rit Birtukan Midekssa “struggling” against woyane dictatoral regime-ethnical politics & Neo stalinism leadership. All of them are aiming,struggling in diffrent way for the people of One People one country ETHIOPIA.

  7. | #7


    It is a surprising time!! kinijit party political leder ware struggel for power between each other KESTE DEMENA and EDHAPA MEDHIN and MEEAD. Dr Berhanu and Hilu shawel kiked out the strongest man Ato Ledetu Ayalew out of the game by discredited him by false accusation!! Now we can see those leader that are doing!If they ware a real leader why they split between each others?

    In addition now Professor Mesfin W/Mariam must explain everything what was happen on the past time between Dr BERHANU and HILU and LEDETU AYALEW? we Ethiopian need to know everything from professor Mesfin W/Mariam?


  8. mohammad
    | #8

    professor mesfin he is not professor he is against muslim

  9. falk
    | #9

    Kinijit party is struggling for the Freedom of Ethiopian people who suffering in woyane regime, but the woyane spy like Lidetu Ayalew trying to divide them. 99% of the Ethiopian people supporting to Kinijit party has shown on the demonstration in (1997 Eth calendar).
    The main thing is Professor Mesfin W/M,Enginer Hailu Shawel,D/R Birhanu Nega and W/rit Birtukan Midekssa will struggling in diffrent way against the woyanes Dictatoral regime.There is no split each other; their aim is the same.It is known that some woyane supporters in this link trying to divide and converting the people’s mind, As we know Professor Mesfin W/M Loves all every religious Ethiopian people and he was the leader of Ethiopian humanright. Please do not make big mistake.Thank you

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