Tinbite Kinijit

June 30th, 2008 Print Print Email Email

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  1. jemal
    | #1

    What you talking about?

  2. kulak
    | #2

    What you talking about?
    Meles forever.

  3. muleta
    | #3

    Waza mis Qumneger malet yihe newu! I liked it so much!!

  4. Yashiqu
    | #4

    I like political Satire in this way. This should be the way that we should be told how ugly our politics is. Fantastic!

  5. | #5

    A not so successful attempt at political allegory, in my view.

    In terms of language, I think it is rather hackneyed, ponderous and dull. It strikes one as a poor imitation of the poetic language of the Bible which is richly varied, subtle and moving.

    In terms of its content, other than melodramatically rehearsing the earlier differences among the KINJIT leadership, it does not tell us anything much else.

    More pointedly, the piece lacks any kind analysis and fails to show the way forward.

    I am afraid I did not enjoy reading it.

  6. kurt wesane
    | #6

    ginbot 7 nekenake atlaltachehu lebachehu welqual, weyanewech kenachehu eyetekotere new , dill le ETHIOPIA!!

  7. atakilti tadesse
    | #7

    I never read such reading.realy i do apriciate it.please write more. God bless you.

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