UDJP held a successful Meeting in Washington DC on July 06, 2008.

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UDJP held a successful Meeting in Washington DC on July 06, 2008.Click Here for Pictures – photo by Tewodros Mekebeb

Pictures from Andenet Meeting with Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam and Ato Asrat Tasse.
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Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam and Ato Asrat Tasse arrival at Dulles Airport.
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  1. kemal
    | #1

    Professor is the man of our area.

    Thank you prof mesfin.

  2. Negerew
    | #2

    Welcome home!! Healthy looking guys on the picture!

    I donot agree to see our belove country flag dragging on the ground!!
    How come the so called patriatics Ethiopians donot know any country flag should not touch the ground? Were any one of you have served in the army, navy, police, or airforce? Of course, you should not be anyone of the above position to know this.

    The picture has a wrong message!!
    Please do not disrespect the flag!!

  3. kulak
    | #3

    It is a wrong pictures.
    No message on the Picture.
    It is simply talk,the ethiopian people are living in Ethiopia,not in US.
    I dont know why these people form the political Party at home and fled abroad.

  4. Lema
    | #4

    The good Prof. is stepping on a poltical dynamite! I don’t think he is the same prof. I know before he went to prison. May be the Woyannies injected him some kind of hormone to get him confused.

  5. | #5

    Dear Ethiopians,

    If we have a problem to give due respect to the people who are not only highly qualified and experienced but also well-devoted for the prevalence of democracy and rule of law, we must be in a very confused/sick state of mind that needs serious attention, or we must be part of the ruling party which is highly frustrated by its own evil deeds.
    Yes, small minds discuss people, but big minds discuss big thoughts. Any way, let’s get ready to learn big ideas from big-minded people such as professor Mesifin and other UDJP leaders!!!

    Wish you great success in accomplishing your mission !!!!!

  6. kemal
    | #6


    Probably you are injected some venum that stings sane people. I do not think any one has any moral authority to comment on sanity of the sage, Mesfin woldemariam. What is wrong with you man?

  7. Gambella
    | #7

    “Amara does not mean Ethiopia.”

  8. Medeksaa
    | #8


    We Oromos are Ethiopias undisputed majority, but we oromos are still the most oppressed Ethiopians, we oromos still forced to learn and speak Amaras minority language(aMHARIC) within our own territory and regions, why ?

    “Ethiopias National language should be democratized and be changed from Amara minority language (Amharic) to ethiopias Majority (ASfaan oromoffiaa).”

  9. Ethiopiawi
    | #9

    Medeksaa don’t hate. Let’s talk about bigger things like development and getting our country out off the hands of Woyanes. Language is just an instrument for communication. People are already comfortable using Amharigna as a language. Why changing now? Whatever language we use, if we use it for the good of our country, that is all what we need. Let’s have our brain function a little more.

    God Bless Ethiopia

  10. Beratu
    | #10

    Mr. madeksa, may have a point,

    The Amaras psyches is the most funniest,most self defeating and most ignorant one, the amaras consider themselves as number one ethiopian, fact is- It is the Amaras who destroyed Ethiopia and destroyed the social balance for years.
    The amaras should apologize to Oromos,Eritreans and Tigrians for mass genociding them.
    Afterall it is the Amaras tribalist shameful lazy kings who degraded oromos to secondclass citizenary (slavery).

  11. mola
    | #11

    Give GINBOT 7 and ANDNET another two monthes.
    They will vanish.
    They are formed by individuals.
    Not by Ethiopian people.
    Just give time!

  12. senzero
    | #12

    ER is acusing Prof. Mesfin for saying Weyane is an opponent not an enemy……amazing

    Where was he when when Andargachew said the same thing repeatdly on his interview on ETN with Tamagne …………..where were you when Shewakena said the same thing on Andinet raido of DC…………..

    (this same message has been posted on ER and it is expected it might delet it like they did before on things that opposed its stand )


  13. Lema
    | #13


    By now you know why the West was not standing with the people of Ethiopia as it did with Kenya & Zimbavewe. Because we do not have any opposition leader who can stand up to the Woyannies and to principle. May be Eng. Hailu Shawel but the rest are useless opportunists.

    How can you say Woyannie is not an enemy? Our country is landlocked, people are starved, our land is sold to the Sudan & etc. what else Mesfin and co. wants? Even Italy has never landlocked Ethiopia!

    And then how can you say “election board is neutral” after just stolen a huge election result in 2005?

    ER is right the UDJ is fake! The people in UDJ are worst than Leditu.

  14. Kerim
    | #14

    The loser Hailu showel & EPRP sympethizers are now crazy of G-& & UDJ. coz. these 2 parties succeeded in their formations while Hailu still trying to serve woyane & dividing the opposition camp.

    GO G-7!!!
    GO -UDJ!!!!!!

  15. Gerba Guracha
    | #15

    Betam asazagn huneta!

    What is the mission of Prof. Mesfin in the States? Did he come to tell us how Andenet will carry out the peaceful struggle or is he here to lambast other opposition groups who have taken alternative ways to struggle?

    He is a typical ‘ashmuregna shimagile’ who is pointing fingers at others and sending poisonous message to supporters of other groups. Endet yaltadeln sewotch nen ebakachiu?

    So, far, I haven’t heard the other groups talking ill of the Andenet party other than telling us that everybody could struggle in the way and manner it so wishes so long as the end result is institutionalizing democracy in our country.

    We wasted our precious time just to listen to alubalta and ashmur from a supposedly learned geography tutor.

    July 7th, 2008

  16. senzero
    | #16


    I was not saying Woyanne is not an enemy,but I was wondering where Elias of ER was when Andargachew on ETN said woyane is not enemy around six month ago………..we heard the same thing echoed by Shewakena repeatedly on one of DC radios…

    Except that,I agree 100% with you.


  17. senzero
    | #17


    Although I agree that Woyane is an enemy,I don’t trust the G7 leadership that has a person like (Dr. Berhanu) who wrote a disclaimer on public disobediance move back in 2005. Also, I don’t trust Andargachew who publicly declared Woyane is not an enemy six month ago on his enterview on ETN with Tamagne.

    Imagin ,Woyane killed more than 197 people before Andargachew said it was not an enemy. CUD leadership was in and out of prison before Andargachew declared Woyane was not an enemy….. So how can I trust these Genbot 7 people who believe they can lead the struggle from outside. A case in point their recent news ” Muluneh Eyoel Tegelun tekelakelu”


  18. Lema
    | #18


    I think we are in a very difficult situation.

    In a peacful struggle you have to call a thief a thief. Hiding the truth is not a peacful struggle. Mandela and other peacful crusaders tells the truth as it is and payed the price. But then they traded liberty with hardship and imprisoment.

    I will repeat the Woyannie is a formidable enemy than even fasisct Italy. The Prof. is hiding this truth because he doesn’t want to pay the price. This is not peacful struggle.

    Dr. Yacob said Election Board is neutral when it is not just for the sake of getting registered & sitting in parlamient. This is not a peaful struggle – instead it is giving yourself and the people you claim to represent in service of a tyrannt.

    G7 is another story. Armed struggle is OK but it should never be waged over the internet and accross major cities of the West. G7 has to be serious and shift its headquarter some where in Ethiopia or closer to Ethiopia. I have a tremendous doubt on Dr. Nega & Tsigie.

    We have to go back to 2005 and assemble a formidable opposition group under a tested leadership of Eng. Hailu Shawel. May be we should encourage them to regroup as pre 2005. But this time we have to weed out the opportunists including the Prof.

  19. | #19

    Some of the comments are self-deating as they are full of mere character assasination and and insultation. It is very sad to see some people wasting their time dewelling on things that can damage their own power of reason more than any body else. It is extremely shmefull to see them packing web sites with all kinds of non-sense things. Please try to get out of these very serious state of confusion and crises of self-confidence.

  20. mammo
    | #20

    It is my sincere apology to Prof Mesfin. I viciously attacked him for alleged comparison of Weyane with Obama and Clinton by Tultula Elias.

    Later on, I heard his speech and never Professor made such a comparison. What he said was: “you enjoy a free competition between Obama and Clinton but there is no such thing with Agazi…”

    Elias must be brought to justice for character assassination and disseminated wrong information intentionally to the public.

    My comment attacking Prof was moderated and posted on ER website. I have turn to Abugida to post my apology to the Prof. From my pervious experience, Elias posts only those comments that support his view.

  21. mammo
    | #21

    Elias out-right lies and personal assassination should be condemned by all Ethiopians who truly believe in collective stand against weyane. Ginot 7 leaders should explicitly denounce the smear campaign made on Prof. If that is not the case, they are the conspirator and agitator in this wrong accusation. Ethiopians expect them to give unambiguous stand.

  22. i can make a difference
    | #22

    ginbot7 its not a party and dont support armed struggle that is what ato andargachew said so whats hulegeb tigil means if they dont wage war ?thise people need to explain thise Q before they goin far a bunch of assyilum seeker duriyee .in elias case his mom from ertrea w/ro asbha what ever her name is who live in in los angles restorant owner ertreawi so please elias stay away from udj

  23. Maderiash
    | #23

    Both Andenet and Ginbot 7 are fake,rubbish,junk simply instrument to kill the people struggle.
    They even dont have public base in Ethiopia.

  24. Bekele
    | #24

    Ginbot 7 clearly supports an Armed struggle. Ato Andargachiew Tsigie, a high caliber individual said baby sitting the Woyannies has to stop immediately. And I like that. The issue here is it is G7 that needs our help more than anybody else. The armed struggle needs 5 million dollars up front. For Prof. Mesfin and his UDJ they have the US Embassy in Ethiopia & the TPLF for financial assistant. After all the UDJ is a fake party created to serve Zenawi. The Diaspora must demand the half a million dollar raised in Sept. 2007 for the Kinijit delegate to be transfered to G7 as soon as possible. And the armed struggle in collaboration with the OLF, ONLF must start now. We are running out of time to save our country. Enough is enough.

  25. senzero
    | #25


    Pls go and read Andargachew’s interview with Awramba newspaper on which he said “the leadership of G7 will be in Ethiopia and the duty of his ,Dr.Berhanu,and others on the leadership is to help the struggle from abroad by providing financial support,etc.”

    This clearly indicates that they (the Genbot 7 leadership) don’t have willingness to lead the struggle from within.

    Look the recent news of Muluneh “joining the struggle” in the U.S…..isn’t that a joke.

    Why he needs to go out of Ethiopia to struggle Weyane in the first place??


  26. Deresa
    | #26

    Dear Bekele,
    Who knows Muluneh is sent out side by Woyanne?

  27. mammo
    | #27

    Why we run after new created organization? Is it to satisfy our curiosity? Do we get fed up of with the old ones? Or are we easily gravitated by those new organizations, which refine themselves from previous “mistakes” and preach new miracles?

    If we don’t learn from the past and build new one from that experience, we are in big trouble. New political parties are not New restaurants and we just jump into them for sake of taste and fun. Political parties shape the destiny and fate of a nation and its people. If we are not caution in our action, we are gambling in the lives millions of born and unborn citizens.

    Ginbot 7 is my example. Andarkachew Tsige and his associates were hand and gloves with Weyane at one point. He made joke on millions of mothers and fathers who lost their precious daughters / sons defending Ethiopian sovereignty. Their tears didn’t get dry when they accepted him back naively when he denounced Weyane.

    Once again, he played significant role in dismantling the hope of Ethiopian people, Kinjit. It is the same guy who created Ginbot 7.

    Don’t believe on written statement. Ask yourself…

    -Was it necessary to break Kinijit up into pieces in order to create Ginbot 7?

    - As CUD “chief organizer”, how was he able to get out of weyane jail in couple of days while others rotten in jails?

    - Who sent/invited him as CUD representative in Africa leaders meeting while other CUD leaders were in jail?

    -The list continue…

    To me; Ginbot 7 is another version of Weyane. Andarkachew will simply replace Melese. I personally prefer home grown Siye, one time Weyane general, to sneaky foreign agent, Tsige.

  28. Beratu
    | #28

    Facts about tribally definable Amara dominated opposition parties.

    Why did the opposition failed and will contenue to fail to materialize ?
    The problem is all these tiny useless parties such as “GINBOT7″ and “Kinjit” what have you failed because they do not represent Ethiopias Majority (Non Amharic Sopeaking Ethiopians), these unqualified fake opposition only supported and lead by single tribe called AMARA, thus since amara population represents only tiny minority (14% of ethiopias population) they will not will regardless how many meetings and public propaganda they spread.

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