Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of December 1st

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December 1st 2006

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. mohamed
    | #1

    To All my Ethiopian brothers and sisters
    you should watch the Interview of Ato Mitiku Teshome how Meles and his gangs butcherd our people this is a live testimony of the massacre. This people should be hanged in Mesquel Square for their crime they comitted.

    Ethiopia will prevail.

  2. Baheilu
    | #2

    I watched your shows and enjoyed very much.
    Thank you, very much you guys are doing an excellent job.

    Keep it up, LOVE YOU.

    Baheilu from MPLS.

  3. | #3

    MOHAMED. DON’T BLIVE EVERY THING U HEAR OR READ. YE AYET MESKER DENBIT. ALE YAGERY SEW. when is the last time u hear a good and posetiv thing about ethio from DISPORA? i relly don’t think u remember that. so my brother open u eays and analyze and u could be witness after that. my advise for u dispora leders like PM. said quit the politics and colect u retirment. so u can able to eat u FAVOR meal ROLL MEAT.kkkkkkkkkkkkk.ONE ETHIO AND ONE MELLES FOR EVER..EVER..EVER.

  4. Ethiopia
    | #4

    Thanks Abugida! I really love your program, but I want say something which is what happened the BELL? I hope it will be back to awake us.

    MAMO, you said “ONE ETHIO”, “one Meless forever”. it shame to you. what is happening to you guys? what is your problem?, money, Blood… Oh my God, I don’t know what kind of people you are. Why don’t open your eyes to the truth from the people who are suffered and beated by your Evil brothers. Please! take 1 second and think about how long you and me will stay on this world? I am sure I you don’t say forever, so why you are admiring the killer and how long you denial the truth? Come on! Those people who killed are not your enemy, if you have a mind they are you brothers and sisters. They are humans, so instead of joking on those people who are suffering, it is better to shut up and enjoy what is Meles doing on Ethiopian.
    Let’s stand together and fight the killer.
    God bless EThiopia and Ethiopian!

  5. G
    | #5

    what a man you are Mamo!I really do not undrstand till when your blindeness?people are killed,did not see the witness what is Ethiopia ?Ethipoia is the people not the land only if you love Ethiopia love the people.But for you and woyane Ethiopia is TPLF that how your brain is trained.The 97 election was the best time to learn for you ….come on you need brain wash try to be human.God gave us great thing our conscious!! After all do not forget we all are created by the same God,I hope time will come soon for you to realize that….till then please bear not to be stupid writing such stupid comments
    G is my name
    God bless Ethiopia and free our Nation!!

  6. ab
    | #6

    This is from Seattle !!!!!!!!!!
    This is just to let you know that your programe is widespread all over US and I am so grateful to have you, BERTU, BERTU, EGZIYABEHER BIDIRACHUN EKIFEL. TEBAREKU. I am proud of you.

  7. | #7

    You ??mamo?? let me tel you some thing. you are nothing but dirt after all how can Ethiopia create biological west like you it must be a mistake you and your arrogant brothers are nothing but evil. all you gays live and satisfy with pure and innocent Ethiopians blood. how long evils can exist in the society like Ethiopians I know for sure you don’t know the answer but you will very soon go down hell. May you got satisfied from the bottom of the hell. ”Hoddam, Bastard(who neverKnow or pay for his mum and dad) and his country. that’s what you are may you have a good night sleep with all the devilish work you and your brothers work for.

  8. Korratu
    | #8

    Abugida thank you is not enough for what you are doing. Ethiopia needs groups like you more than any time in this very difficult and dark time.
    I always watched you programs. I watched your interview with Mr. Mitiku Teshome with interest. May I convey my thanks to Mr. Teshome for his honest and heart breaking information. I am really touched by the unforeseen changes happening in his life. Obviously this person was not a politician. He has been called, from no where, by Meles to do this investigation, which adversely affected his and his family life, Mr. Teshome time heals please be strong, do not forget history will not forget the role you guys played. I pry for him; at least he is alive and able to tell the story.
    Thank you again Abugida
    From UK

  9. Assefa
    | #9

    Please leave out the too frequent interruptions of your programme. Whoever told you it is thechnically advanced must be pulling your leg.

    Kindly let it go without interruption.

    Thank you,

  10. | #10


  11. lemma
    | #11

    Outstanding work. Edegu Temendegu! All of you are performing excellent.

  12. | #12

    Mamo- If you think this is what Ethiopian people wont’s you are nothing but hoddam. We are not talking about leader-ship but peace. If that so you think you and your God-amen evils will win Ethiopian people. The fact the matter is don’t even a second believe that you and family did win . but yes for the time cause we let you to. after all whom I’m talking to? you a waste.

    you never will get it cause you are you.

    Many thanks for Mr.Mitiku Teshome that’s how nation like.

  13. | #13

    hi the so colled mamo ur veny funy u know what relly makes
    woyaneyanes from ethiopians is the formeres are beleveres of melese and his bloody ledership(be democrasy yetkeba yewshet , ayenyaweta ,zermanzeru leba, yemayafer ,derke,)ersentun lebeleh,lenegeru mamo awkeh geze atatfa begaze nesha geb alezia gedel geba ante zere leba.

    this is from awasa, ETHIOPIA

  14. Ze_woffi
    | #14

    Dear Abuyewoch:

    Thank you for your program. Last time I requested you to post some of the traditional musics which are difficult to get in DVD. You can have one page for cultural musics.

    Long live Abugida

    From Washington DC

  15. Ze_woffi
    | #15

    Dear Abuyewoch:

    Thank you for your program. Last time I requested you to post some of the traditional musics which are difficult to get in DVD. You can have one page for cultural (For example theose I saw in your TV Programs…Ye Gojam cultural songs) musics.

    Long live Abugida

    From Washington DC

  16. Zega
    | #16

    Dear Abugidas,

    I would like to tank you again and again for your great programs. please go ahead and keep it cool as it is. I will try not to miss your programms.

    Viva Abugida !
    Zega, from Vienna, Austria

  17. rikik
    | #17

    how can i c the vido?

  18. Ethiopia
    | #18


  19. | #19

    Hi rikik! let me help the video of what?

  20. dilnesaw
    | #20

    Bravo Abugida!!

  21. | #21

    as everybody knows ethiopian army are doing criminal actions in ogaden and also some other parts of ethiopia including addis ababa. so the ethiopian people should ansar the matters and they must not site and watch…

  22. jo piassa
    | #22

    we realy enjoy your program god bless your work thank you yours brothers from germany frankfurt

  23. Halengai
    | #23

    Abugida, I enjoyed the interview. Ato Mitiku seems to be an ernest and god-fearing man. He displayed a vivid sicerity through out the interview and he seems to represent a new breed of leadership who can bring some fresh air into post-Meles free, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia. I would however, like to remind Abugida that the radical ideology that you have taken can inadvertantly tarnishing our country’s rich historical image. Is it really necessary to waste time talking about Lions at this moment while there are many pressing issues which are of great priority? True, words can not describe the Ethio-fobic destriction and horror that are caused by the Woyanie/Eprdf thugs but it is always good to feed a fair and balanced information to your readers/listeners. I also suggest that the name ABUGIDA needs to be replaced by some thing that can describe and demonstrate your hard work. The reason why I said this is that I have seen this Link before in some websites that I frequently visit but I never thought that ABUGIDA was some thing more than a joke. I didn’t realize that it is such a massive information medium capable of lounching both telecast and news-letter at a nearly professional level until a few days ago when I clicked on the link and I was surprised. Over-all, you are doing a great job and keep it up and I will keep coming here.
    Ethiopia shall prevail!!

  24. Liban
    | #24

    I think that history will not be kind to those who blindly support Meles because without a doubt he is the worst son that Ethiopia has ever produced.

  25. | #25

    Guy’s I am came back vacation from ethiopia.So I proud of my country.I bless Abugida.

  26. Koni
    | #26

    I really like the program but there are some issues within interviewed. Here are the issues and recommended: – when you guys interviewed you are not quite comfortable or not having enough information about it! Just because of that you reiterate the question or stoke with one question for a while.
    1. Here are the recommend, before you interview get comfortable with your equipment. Record yourself and find a friend and do a mock interview. A few things to remember with out seeing a paper or your notes
    2. Take notes. Write down any questions or stories you might want to return to later in your interview.
    Other than these issues you guys program are perfect!

  27. | #27


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