Amnesty in action for Ethiopian journalist, Serkalem Fasil

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SerkalemFasil AI | Dec 3, 2006 The Haarlem’s (The Netherlands) working group of Amnesty international celebrates this year it’s 40 years of existence! On 10 December, the day of human rights, Amnesty Haarlem organises the annual torch excursion day on the city’s large market. This year stands the excursion dominated by the international campaign against discrimination in Europe “Make Some Noise”.

Amnesty urges all to sign a petition also. (Sign Petition)
Moreover the Haarlem Amnesty group continues its action of 28 November, for the Ethiopian journalist Serkalem Fasil, who recently gave birth to her son in a police hospital.
Special guest of the day will be Mr. Mesfin Aman, friend of Serkalem Fasil. Mesfin is able to resettle in Haarlem recently after several times of prison in Ethiopia.
The journalist Serkalem Fasil is accused of treason charge, insult from the constitution and conspiracy with armed force. If she is found guilty, Fasil can face death sentence.
Serkalem Fasil, co-owner and editor of several newspapers, was arrested with thirteen other journalists who wrote critical articles concerning the government at the time of the elections in May 2005. Serkalem is a prisoner conscience and is held because of expressing her opinion and exercising her professional activities as a journalist and editor.
Call on Sunday 10 December, 2006 in Haarlem for a walk with torch light!
There will be a gathering on 17.00 on the large market in Haarlem. The excursion of the torch starts approximately at 17.30 and will continue for an hour.
After the excursion, Mesfin Aman will present his story in café De Lift. There will also ba an occasion of signing a petition to the authorities of Ethiopia.
The petition aims at fair process to Serkalem Fasil and her baby get adequate medical care and life treatment.
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