Meles Regime blamed for Somali unrest

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The Mercury | Dec 04, 2006 NAIROBI: Ethiopia had a military force of 15 000 men in Somalia and would be to blame for any war in the chaotic Horn of Africa state, the Speaker of parliament in Somalia’s interim government said yesterday.

Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan rejected a United States draft resolution before the United Nations that would relax an arms embargo in order to let regional peacekeeping forces enter Somalia, saying it could jeopardise talks between his government and rival Islamists.

Adan, one of the top leaders of the weak Western-backed Somali administration, has been making efforts to reconcile it with the newly powerful Somalia Islamic Courts Council.

He was scathing about Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who he said was destabilising the country by sending in a “massive military force” of men and equipment.

“If war takes place now, it will be the responsibility of Ethiopia and its prime minister,” he said.

Addis Ababa is the main backer of Adan’s fragile government, which has been confined to the provincial town of Baidoa by the rapid territorial gains of the Mogadishu-based Islamic courts.

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    goog news indeed.

  2. semlove
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    As far as I know, the Speaker of parliament in Somalia’s interim government has no future, last time he went to Mogadishu with out the consent of his peers. And he becomes one of the most detested med in the camp of EPRDF in the weak interim government of Somalia. Even if what he said is true he doesn’t have any power to change his worry in to action. You will see what the future holds for him. I think he may be killed. Mark my word.semlove from Addis Ababa.

  3. Soomali
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    That is the esue of somaali and it is not neither you nor your lederships esue. It is the Habasha who menniblaiting in Africa politcy epecialy in Horn of Africa. You always seeking help from Cristian countes to accopay other nations and you have been succseed so far. Now we as somalis, it`s enough and you either stay where you belong to you, or we will put fire in whole reigon.

    Patryotic Somali

  4. tazebe
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    You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Please hold on your name calling …….habasha…blah ….blah…

    It is the “Woyanae Regime” lead by Meles Zenawi who declared war on Somalia and not the people of Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia never had a problem with Somalis. It is only the ruling parties. Then it was Mengistu and Said Barre. Now it is Zenwai and the ruling party in Somalia.

  5. tazebe
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    You are a very stupid “Woyanae” Sympathizer. You will be dragged to the Woyanae grave soon. Your boy Meles is a mad dog now. Interfering in Somalia’s internal affair is not on Ethiopia’s best interest. He is doing it just to get money from the US in the name of War on Terror.

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    let make clear this one, i think we somalis should not consider our ethiopian brothers as trouble makers,but people who cause hatred are always those on power, and we side with them all the time. so it’s time we understand this. let unite against any war in this fragile region. the people of Ethiopia are suffering from Aids to man made disaster, while somalis are suffering from all types of anarchy.
    so now it’s clear that our warlords and the so called tplf regime are common in one and thats they persuing personal gains. but as history tells somalis never lost a war with historical enemy.

  7. Mohamed Abdulkader
    | #7

    The era where it paid off for a country to attack its neighbour to divert attention or manipulate its citizens has long gone. Proof Mingistu and Siad Barre have all tried and failed. Times have changed and people are nowadays aware and much more involved thanks to the innovation of sophisticated technology such as internet where truth will be told how difficult the situation may be.

    Now the truth is that the Somali people and the Ethiopian people have never had animosities amongst them except those ones created and instigated by the so-called leaders.

    I urge the present leaders to show the spirit of true leadership and allow the prosperity of brotherhood between our nations to flourish.

    I also think that if the Somali people were given the space to work out their internal differences and unify it would allow the government of Ethiopia to devote resources and improve the lives of the embattled ordinary citizens who deserve their lives to be bettered.

    Mohamed Abdulkader Qoorwa,
    Caabudwaaq, Somalia

  8. Kalkaliye
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    Well, I think we the people from Eastern Africa need to understand that our interests and goals are the same-to improve the lives of our people and live in peace. I live in the US where I am a graduate student and every time I meet students from Ethiopia, we all chat, befriend and feel that we are closer than any other people from Africa. So why is it that the regimes in Ethiopia and Somali don’t get along all the time??? Well, Meles is a classic dictator who is trying to divert attention from his brutal regime which the Ethiopian people rejected at ballot box. So he is trying to extend his stay on power on the backs of the Somali people by declaring that there enemies in Somalia. One evidence of Meles’ malice is that any one who looks his pictures in the news would be immediately rebelled by the evil look on his face. He has “a devilish Look all over his face”?. I have no doubt that Meles has killed innocent people as face says it all. But the question is what is Meles trying to achieve by declaring war on Somalis?? I think the problem is that, just like most of the Africa leaders, they don’t believe there is life after they leave power. Secondly, Meles is “Pigs boy”, has limited formal education and does not the interest his people at heart. Thirdly, Meles and the Ugandan president, Museveni, have been used by the West to stabilize their neighbours and are basically dogs-who ever hand “some red meat” to them can easily use them. Look Meles’ interference in Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan and Museveni’s role in destabilizing Rwanda, Burundi, Dr Congo and Sudan.
    So as long as some of these dreadful dictators are in power, I don’t think East Africa would progress or prosper that much. My advice to them is that they should read Ngugi wa Thiong’o's book called Decolonizing the mind because they are functioning with a polluted mind.


  9. Guleed
    | #9

    Hi everyone,

    I’m glad to see that there are people who are still able to see the bigger picture which is; we have actually more in common than differences as normal people.
    I agree with Kalkaliye when he says that these dictators are bloodthirsty dogs who will do anything for whoever that hands them a piece of red meat. But the worst thing has to be these ignorant idiots who let them selves get carried away and start name calling waging wars like it is holy one.
    Mohamed is right when he says Meles should concentrate on building hospitals and wage campaigns to promote AIDS awareness. He should build roads, fight poverty and improve lives that have been devastated by already existing wars. Did you knew that it has costed Ethiopia 4 million US Dollar a DAY to fight Eriteria over a small piece of land. Meles said Eritrea started it. So what! It doesn’t matter who started. Who cares about some worthless piece of small village? A whole nation is dying of hunger and of other factors associated with poverty.

    Meles needs to be of assistance to his nation and not pick a fight with Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan or Egypt.

  10. | #10

    I Beleive We as an East African had suffer Enough through out the years and we spend our economy paying white mans gun, in order to kill each other, instead of investing our Economy in our countries.
    every year there is starvetion in East Africa, and the number of HIV Carriers are rapidly growing in the horn Of Africa.

    and I Have no
    dout that we are brothers and sisiters, so lets be one and lets educad our children to the feature.

    Every year there is a larg number of Somalis and Ethopians are Seeking Asylum in the Western World while we have every thing in our back yard.

    shame on us brother and sisiters. our leader are selfsh …………..

    peace and Love

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