Ethiopians Living in Boston have again reaffirmed that they will stand with the struggle of Ethiopian people against tyrany

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Abugida Reporter| Dec 3, 2006

boston “It’s time that each and every Ethiopian to work side by side to stop the brutal Meles Regime” said Obang Metho, director of international advocacy for the Anuak Justice Council (AJC). The town hall meeting in Boston that featured Betrayal of Democracy has concluded in a perfect atmosphere.

Ethiopians Living in Boston area have again reaffirmed that they will stand beside the Ethiopian people in their struggle for Democracy in Ethiopia. The meeting was well attended by Ethiopians living in Boston Area and Connecticut as well as by invited city, state and federal government officials. The Guest Speakers for the event were Mr. Obang Metho, international advocacy director of Anuak justice Council, Mr. Berhane Mewa, Secretary General of Kinijit International and Mr. Aklog Limeneh Chairman of Kinijit North America Support group and Kinijit Boston Chapter. The meeting started with a brief introduction by Mr. Obang Metho about the documentary film (Betrayal of Democracy in Ethiopia). The film gives a shocking insider’s view of politics in a third world country, where a system of tyranny, corruption and oppression is being held in place by a complex assortment of players, ranging from Ethiopians themselves to those in the international community, and all who have influence on the internal affairs of the second most populous country in Africa. The Audience and the invited government officials were shocked to see the oppression and systematic massacres orchestrated by Meles’ government. Bryan Murphy, Cambridge city councilor, has affirmed the audience that he will work with Ethiopians to stop the abuse of human rights in Ethiopian. After the film, Mr. Berhane Mewa from Kinijit International Leadership gave an enthusiastic speech and informed the public about the future plans and action of kinijit International. Mr. Berhane has also praised Boston Chapter for their leadership in the struggle. The audience were electrified when Mr. Berhane stated that Kinijit International is moving forward in leading the struggle that has started by Kinijit’s jailed leaders despite the problems that have occured within the support chapters of North America.

He stressed that the first priority of Kinijit International and Ethiopians in diaspora is to work toward the release of their leaders. During the open dicussion, Mr. Behane Mewa has answered questions regarding AFD, EPRDF”s declaration of war on Somalia, OLF and ONLF as well as the recent confussion among the North America Support Groups.

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