Ethiopians Living in Boston have again reaffirmed that they will stand with the struggle of Ethiopian people against tyrany

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Abugida Reporter| Dec 3, 2006

boston “It’s time that each and every Ethiopian to work side by side to stop the brutal Meles Regime” said Obang Metho, director of international advocacy for the Anuak Justice Council (AJC). The town hall meeting in Boston that featured Betrayal of Democracy has concluded in a perfect atmosphere.

Ethiopians Living in Boston area have again reaffirmed that they will stand beside the Ethiopian people in their struggle for Democracy in Ethiopia. The meeting was well attended by Ethiopians living in Boston Area and Connecticut as well as by invited city, state and federal government officials. The Guest Speakers for the event were Mr. Obang Metho, international advocacy director of Anuak justice Council, Mr. Berhane Mewa, Secretary General of Kinijit International and Mr. Aklog Limeneh Chairman of Kinijit North America Support group and Kinijit Boston Chapter. The meeting started with a brief introduction by Mr. Obang Metho about the documentary film (Betrayal of Democracy in Ethiopia). The film gives a shocking insider’s view of politics in a third world country, where a system of tyranny, corruption and oppression is being held in place by a complex assortment of players, ranging from Ethiopians themselves to those in the international community, and all who have influence on the internal affairs of the second most populous country in Africa. The Audience and the invited government officials were shocked to see the oppression and systematic massacres orchestrated by Meles’ government. Bryan Murphy, Cambridge city councilor, has affirmed the audience that he will work with Ethiopians to stop the abuse of human rights in Ethiopian. After the film, Mr. Berhane Mewa from Kinijit International Leadership gave an enthusiastic speech and informed the public about the future plans and action of kinijit International. Mr. Berhane has also praised Boston Chapter for their leadership in the struggle. The audience were electrified when Mr. Berhane stated that Kinijit International is moving forward in leading the struggle that has started by Kinijit’s jailed leaders despite the problems that have occured within the support chapters of North America.

He stressed that the first priority of Kinijit International and Ethiopians in diaspora is to work toward the release of their leaders. During the open dicussion, Mr. Behane Mewa has answered questions regarding AFD, EPRDF”s declaration of war on Somalia, OLF and ONLF as well as the recent confussion among the North America Support Groups.

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    Bravo you true Ethiopians! Please never give up the struggle; you are on the right direction, go on….go…!

  3. solomon debebe
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    I wonder how this people love each other we have experience from the past once they get chance to lead the people they start lotting and making money for there family . and killing all are the same .

  4. papy
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    Message for those who like to bit and cann’t move on! what is the problem with you guys you society is not built in a hatred and we have to appriciate diffirences atleast be petient with their idea and we don’t have to dwell on the people who had some struggle in the past and trying to improve every time. so lets move on with the new leadership and leave the old with thier differences.that is what individualism means and lets always give the chance for the one who trys to prove oneself. for christ sake lets see the the new leadership has got to offer to our struggle of democracy after all it is quality which is the essence of KIL. KIL show us what you have got and please be humble to accept mistakes and petient for the old leaders criticism after all that is what makes you diffirent.go KIL go KIL go KIL…

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    EthioEthnics Says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 1:39 pm
    Ethiopia is a home of many nationalities with diverse cultures, languages and religions. Our diversity is our strength and unity of our people based on equality who share the same values and dignity of our country.

    A weak opposition and disorganized like derg is not good for Democracy and very danger like the derg.
    Most of the CUD are Ex-Derg members who were defeated in the hands of the leadership of EPRDF. Ethiopia, it is a huge leap towards democratization even though there have been problems with the opposition parties particularly CUD due to immature political knowledge and experiences. Beginner political parties like CUD should first and foremost respect the constitution of the country and they should not be behind violence and racist propaganda.

    CUD leadership’s violent pursuit for political power and to plead to the international community for economic sanction and deny the poor the desperately needed aid. The rallies are about replacing the current ruling party with a political group of hardliners, hate mongers and ex-Derg cadres with the worst record of political tolerance. A defeated party must always be ready to rectify its mistakes. The CUD has been told several times to refrain from inciting violence. It was told time and time again that the government’s patience has its own limits.

    CUD has to pay the price for the loss of lives and destruction of property and above all, for inciting violence to overthrow an elected government. We hope the rest of the CUD leadership and the rank and file will not follow the same suicidal path. The supporters of CUD who are poisoned must go to their holy places of worship and ask for forgiveness. They should know that CUD’s attack on one ethnic group is an attack on Ethiopia. Ethiopia belongs to the eighty or so beautiful ethnic groups who deserve equal respect by all Ethiopians.

    Treason and “genocide”? charges death penality for all Ex Dergue killers.

    Official Election 2005 Results: out of 492 constituencies

    EPRDF / 296 EPRDF allies/ 20 CUD/ 109 UEDF/52 Others/15
    “Others”? include the likes of the Oromo Federalist Party while “allies”? include the Afar, Benshagul “¦ democratic organizations


  6. solomon debebe
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    please dude we are ethiopian .we are so different from the world please respect each other

  7. | #7

    after meles we need another tewdros or emeye menilik
    who make free his country from whait enveder and show the world
    who we are that good day,s and good generation gone
    another day come and bring sheme full peopel come look like meles and esayas number one people enmy
    they creat olf/onlf/slm/and so meney starve dog and piggs.

  8. Wolloye
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    We will continue to support CUD and other genuine political parties just because of their political objectives which leads the Ethiopian people to enjoy freedom and overthrow once and for all the EPRDF ethinocentric government dominated by Tigrians from the land of Ethiopia. For the EPRDF members any one concerned for Ethiopia and opposing/ exposing their evil is mostly labled as Dergist or ESEPA. But the reality acknowledged by the Ethio[pians is that theft, betrial, lying and ignorance are prominant features of Tigrains.


    They have been looted for the last 15 years the meager resources of the country and build Tigrai at the expense of the others,

    Disect and annex some fertile areas from adjacent provinces like Wollo (Raya kobo and Alemata) and Gonder (Wolkayete Tsegedey). But I would like to make you (EPRDF-TIGRE)sure that every wolley and Gondere will pay the necessary scarification to mentain the terirtory or INTEGRITY of the region where s/he is born and grown.

    They proclaimed war against the population due to their defeat on 2005 election ann as a result a number of people massacred and permantely damaged and laguishing in jail.

    Therefore, Tigre in particular and EPRDF in general has no place in Ethiopia amy longer, it is only a matter of days.

    So donot fool yourself (you Narrow minded Tigians) you are completely hated/regected by the people of Ethiopia and as you barked now and then it is not Dergist or ESEPA who are currently fighting with you rather it is the entire population of Ethiopia.

    Long live to CUD

    Down with TPLF

  9. lemma
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    We admire Boston Kinijit support committee effort. God bless you!

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