More on Meles’ message to CUD leaders

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Dec 4 EZ:.Details of Meles Zenawi’s message to the jailed CUD leaders has emerged this weekend. Professor Ephrem Isaac met Hailu Sawel, Birhanu Nega, Birtukan Mideksa, Yacob Hailemariam and Gizachew Shiferaw three times in a week.According to prison sources, in the first two meetings, Professor Ephrem informed the prisoners Meles’s demand that they quit politics to be released from prison. After a firm rejection from them, the prime minister sent a fresh message containing a demand from them to denounce the AFD and dissociate themselves from those who raised arms against his government including the OLF and ONLF. The prisoners told the professor that Kinijit’s policy was to solve Ethiopia’s problems by dialogue and engagement, not by denouncation of the country’s political groups.

According to sources, the prisoners seemed to take this round of shuttle diplomacy with cautious optimism. The mediator Ephrem Issac was said to be truly non-partisan unlike the American charge d’affaires Vicki Huddlestone who tried to act as a mediator previously. This was the first time the prisoners met a mediator together.

  1. Helina
    | #1

    There is no doubt about it .he should realise them if he is smart ! Life by it’s self is poletics .The tayrant regiem gets deeper problem diging by him self day to day .These makes or bring about his fall gone be great .Which is never seen in the world .
    If he don’t realise them ,he’s gone bury him self alive .These is the bigging and the last is the vast Ethiopian people will win .

    God bless Ethiopia ! ! !

  2. kinkin
    | #2

    meleesee be smart relise those heroes be smart again other wise you know what you gonna get sooonnnnnn les do the ANC (APARTAYID)THING les leave all thise problm behind usss we are brothers ikoo

  3. kolew
    | #3

    please kill thise neftegas mellese be smart long live for EPRDF DOWN WITH AMHARASS

  4. shiferaw
    | #4

    It is better for all Ethiopians and Meles (yebelaw yimeles) to die.The time is coming for the Ethiopians to be fee from the tyranny. and meles will in any way will have no chance to get assylem in any part of the world. He may think about Mengistu but time is different now. And i think he knows this verry well and he is trying to extend his regime at the cost of life of Ethiopians. NO WAY MELES NO WAY. BETTER TO LEAVE SOON OTHER WISE YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR LIFE BY YOUR SELF.

  5. memo
    | #5

    I have never seen such a dedication !!! I will always prise you the heros and the heroines at Kality prison. Long live CUD ( ETHIOPIA)

  6. tazebe
    | #6

    Kolew( Haile Kiros)

    First of all learn how to break up your sentence. Your writing is too messed up. I don’t know if you are calling meles also neftegna or asking him to kill them. Woyanaes are bound to be burried ……

  7. mandefrot
    | #7

    get a life they will rote in jali. what ever CUD thought it will happen it not going to happen they will never see that day. if you realy ethiopian if you don’t like what is going on in ethiopia get of that lazy ASS STOPE PAYING SOMEONE ELSE GO DOWN IN THE FRONT LINE FIRHT IF YOU HAVE THE BALL I DOUT IT THAT YOU HAVE IT. LIKE MELES SAY PUUUUUSY CATS GO ALL YOU BACK COOK SOME YOUR “ALECHA WETE” WHIT YOUR SISTER

  8. | #8

    Melese, being a jerk and an ass as usual, is trying to get some consenting from some of them or create division among them by testing their willpower. At the same time he is making fun of these mocking these dedicated, selfless maitres. It is an insult to, these meticulously calculative seasoned politicians who care so much to their believes even to even to the point of an obsession. It is an insult to their inelegance, and an insult as well to the majority of the Ethiopian people who elected them to even to think asking these rubbish questions. These prisoners of consciousness are genuinely admired, adorned and loved by 77 million Ethiopians from different ethnic political background and different walks of life. Melese is obviously envious of the attention they are getting and may be, wanted to be loved and admired like them. Melese and all the parasitic Tigriyan leadership could not comprehend and understand how much the Ethiopian people are holding their breath to stop the bloodshed. The Ethiopian people are telling the Parasitic Tigriyan blood suckers, “Fool me once shame on you, and fool me twice shame on me.”

  9. ogaden
    | #9

    legase(meles), he came by force and only can be removed by force not by vote.

  10. | #10

    Even if he releases Ethiopian leaders , Meles’s down fall is imminent.

  11. | #11


    Please, My Dear Beloved Ethiopian Sisters and Brothers Try To Maintain Our Ethiopian Ethics By Not Responding To Such Felty (Kolew)Or “DURYEU” Worrds, Normaly As The Time Comes To Their Deth Sooner Or Latter and Also Target Only Woyanes Carefully.

    Long Live Ethiopia!!!!!

  12. Ibrahim Nure
    | #12

    Hi all ethiopian join hands to overthrow brutuall regime and collection of gangsters soon becuase they are driving our country to war besides killing our fellow citizen and jailing our leaders. Thank you

  13. Ayikerim
    | #13

    We always love our true leaders.They are candle of light for the Ethiopian People except to those Woyane’s(Yeschaka
    People are always winner not weapons.

  14. solomon debebe
    | #14

    we will soon god bless ethiopia

  15. adie
    | #15

    there is no other alternate the only one is to release our Leaders with out any precondtions.In this manner can ask vorgivness from Ethiopian people.It is his choise to go on his own way or on the way that ethiopians are going.
    God bless Ethiopia

  16. EthioEthnics
    | #16

    Ethiopia is a home of many nationalities with diverse cultures, languages and religions. Our diversity is our strength and unity of our people based on equality who share the same values and dignity of our country.

    A weak opposition and disorganized like derg is not good for Democracy and very danger like the derg.
    Most of the CUD are Ex-Derg members who were defeated in the hands of the leadership of EPRDF. Ethiopia, it is a huge leap towards democratization even though there have been problems with the opposition parties particularly CUD due to immature political knowledge and experiences. Beginner political parties like CUD should first and foremost respect the constitution of the country and they should not be behind violence and racist propaganda.

    CUD leadership’s violent pursuit for political power and to plead to the international community for economic sanction and deny the poor the desperately needed aid. The rallies are about replacing the current ruling party with a political group of hardliners, hate mongers and ex-Derg cadres with the worst record of political tolerance. A defeated party must always be ready to rectify its mistakes. The CUD has been told several times to refrain from inciting violence. It was told time and time again that the government’s patience has its own limits.

    CUD has to pay the price for the loss of lives and destruction of property and above all, for inciting violence to overthrow an elected government. We hope the rest of the CUD leadership and the rank and file will not follow the same suicidal path. The supporters of CUD who are poisoned must go to their holy places of worship and ask for forgiveness. They should know that CUD’s attack on one ethnic group is an attack on Ethiopia. Ethiopia belongs to the eighty or so beautiful ethnic groups who deserve equal respect by all Ethiopians.

    Treason and “genocide” charges death penality for all Ex Dergue killers.

    Official Election 2005 Results: out of 492 constituencies

    EPRDF / 296 EPRDF allies/ 20 CUD/ 109 UEDF/52 Others/15
    “Others” include the likes of the Oromo Federalist Party while “allies” include the Afar, Benshagul … democratic organizations


  17. kabato
    | #17

    We will see thos CUD leders if they are realy oppostion to solve polotical problem in that country or only for power hunger.If they except the demand of Meles that came to them through professer Esak it will be terible misteke to them in stade of challengeing this worst person until he pay back for the mistek he has done on this past 15 years agenist all Ethiopia people.

    He cam through this line becouse of all Ethiopia people hat his regim. so cud must rethink befor making any kind of dealog with this dead regim.

  18. askenie Metaferia
    | #18

    It is a universal fact that one can not bury the truth to the end. It has its own latent force to come out to day light and expose the evil doers. It’s been said time and again that the TPLF regime had not any element of truth in its charge against the vibrant Leaders of the new Ethiopia. They have made it unambiguously clear to the world community that they have the legitimate mandate to lead the new Ethiopia. Ethiopia where democratic rights shall be respected and its nationalities shall live in absolute equality.

    Ethiopians shall win the strugle agains tyranny and inborn terrorism.

  19. haimanot
    | #19

    good news for all it is visible, that the melese regime has no altenative. i’m really satisfayed with the answers of the ethio-heros. they are not going to sell their mass-support for such kind of cheep solution. good bless ethiopia.
    hager from germany

  20. | #20

    meles time to live and give back power the real ethiopian leaders don,t be tray to extend your
    time is up oredy you robed closed to a billion dollars
    tell your wife she have to bring buck our money or you
    gonna be look like saddam husen.

  21. | #21

    meles give back power for real ethiopians
    don,t make a mestak to give another racist or ethink groups you breeng them you have to take them or kill them.

  22. hager wodad
    | #22

    When you comment just comment not based on your ethinic group, it is a fact that Meles Zenawi is a killer, killed a family of us relative of us, neighbour of us!

    Please think as a true human being! please merceful, dont base your ethinic , we saw on our eyes, that an innocent civilians , it is therefore an individual responsiblity for the eradication of ruthless, antidemocratic , ethicist leader in Ethiopoia!

    May God bless Ethiopia

  23. Sirgut
    | #23

    If Meles was smart as was said, he would have given the power for the elected leaders of CUD. He has missed the great chance in 2005. Sorry weyanes, you will not fool anyone any more. If you release CUD leaders, journalists and human right activists without any preconditions, at least your soul will get some relief though history will not forget it.

    esatun yelekosachihut enanitew, yaketatelachihutim enanitew nachihu. You will get what you deserve. You worked day and night to divide ethiopians but now they are uniting, nekitenal eshi. amhara, oromo yemitilew ahun ayiseram. The real oponet of the Oromo people is weyane who kills and arests innocent Oromo students without any evidence of wrong doings.

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