UDJP Meeting in Boston Successfully Completed

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Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam and Ato Asrat Tassie’s Speech at UDJP Meeting in Boston – Click Here for Video and Pictures from the Event. (more…)

Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam and Ato Asrat Tassie’s Speech at UDJP Meeting in Boston – Click Here for Video and Pictures from the Event.

Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam’s Speech At UDJP Meeting in Boston

Ato Asrat Tassie’s Speech At UDJP Meeting in Boston

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  1. Kerim
    | #1

    Good job the heroes keep it up!

  2. Robele Ababya
    | #2

    Well done heroes! Thank you fellow Ethiopians in Boston!

  3. dani
    | #3

    Good job udjp u are true ethiopan freedom fighter. u will be remmenber ethiopan histry becous you are stand up for true we love you pleas don’t give up
    thank you for abugida last week i ask u about who distroy kinjit dr brhanu or engeener hilu shawel it was historical quation thank u i have got the answer 10x engeener hilu shawel one of dictater man in the planat. thank u abugida GOD BLESS MY COUNTRY AND ALL ETHIOPAN PEOPL ONE DAY WE WILL GET OUR FREEDOM TO GET OUR FREEDOM ALL ETHIOPAN PEOPL LET STAND UP TOGATHER TO MAKE FREE OUR PEOPL GOD BLESS ETHIOPA

  4. | #4

    goood job udjp andnet democrasi are true ethiopian freedom fighter ,abugida tahank andinet go go no stop ,,,ethiopian peopl we nid …ethiopia tikdem andinet uedefit …birtukan ,,brefesor mesfin ,asrat ,dr.yacob.ect….goood jobethiopian parti

  5. kito
    | #5

    5 people only cannot consider as a party.

  6. | #6

    I am really proud of UDJP freedom fighters. They inspire so much hope.It looks that the people’s struggle is in safe hands. One feels secure when one thinks the fair qualities of these leaders:

    A.They know their opponent really well.
    B.They have good self-knowledge.
    C.They are resilient.
    D.They realistically read the times.They are armed with well-thought mode of struggle.They have a clear vision for their nation.
    E.They have a great guidance and helper whose name they prayerfully invoke before they embark upon a task.

    May He grant them His victory!!!

  7. Cobra
    | #7

    I live in Boston and i was in the meeting when i left the meeting i was full of confidence.

    God Job UDJ.

  8. | #8

    ER’s editor Elias Kifle under the title’UDJ leaders take a rereat in Sodere’has once again mounted his destructive attack on the party.
    With his earlier and sustained orchestrated character assasination attempts against Prof Mesfin et al,the Editor has saddened and angered many of us.
    Like the Eritrean dictator he seems to be in symphaty with,he does not tolerate dissent and tries to MANIPULATE commentaries to suit his own dubious ends.And so much about his democratic credentials!

    It is therefore about time that we now take this seriously and do something about it by way of preventing the damage this irresponsible individual is causing.

    If Ato Elias does not mend his ways,I think that one of the many things we need to contemplate is BOYCOTTING his site.Yes BOYCOTT his site.I am suggesting this after I have taught hard and long about this irritant issue.At the same time time,I like also to suggest that other sites like ETHIOMEDIA,ADDIS VOICE,ABUGIDA etc etc should be better organised to offer more varied and attractive services to their users than his ETHIOPIAN REVIEW does at the moment.
    We can not simply stand by idle while this silly and stupid thing is going on.
    The guy need to,through our decisive actions,be cut to size.

  9. Bekele
    | #9


    Stop whining about Elias Kiflie.

    He said the truth. Period. UDJ is another fake party design to destroy the aspiration of the people. Thank God – it has no touch or any kind of connection with the people.

  10. Bekele-The Lost Kid
    | #10


    You are a looser, just like Elias Kifle. You and Elias should worry about your master Isayas Afeworki. Elias is a shabia agent.

    Boycott “Ethiopian”Review (Eritrean Review) Website.

  11. Dil Le Ethiopia
    | #11


    Stop being stupid. Elias is a well know shabia and arrogant like his master, Essayas Afeworki. I wish he would use his big pumpkin head for better use.


  12. kito
    | #12

    Both parties are fake
    Ginbot 7 is already start vanishing.
    Andenet will be more than two or three in the near future.
    Just watch!!

  13. | #13

    Hello!Ato Bekele,

    You write:’ He said the truth‘. Whose truth anyway?

    The person you defend has his own prism with which he views the current Ethiopian political scene and its actors.It is fine.It is his entitlement and I have no problems with that. I have my own prism,too.I, along with many other people,think that UDJP is the real thing.To use a more colorful language,many of us enthuse saying UDJP ‘is not a broken cistern; it is a full reservoir with so much refreshment; With UDJP,we sincerely believe that our cups are not empty but overflowing; We have faith that our UDJP leaders have songs in their hearts; We know that they are melody makers! Remember the MAY 2005 song?’

    So what is wrong if we nurture that hope and faith? You don’t share it? That is perfectly O.K.But,why do you want to impose your’truth’ on us by making an objective oracle out of Elias Kifle thus declaring ‘He said the truth’. May I once again politely ask,whose truth anyway?

    You see Ato Bekele,that absolutist statement,’ He said the truth‘, like the behavior of Ato Elias Kifle,does not know ‘the dignity of difference‘.It does not give any space for the other view. It is an expression of the intolerance of contrary notions and ideas. Your intolerance. Like you proclaim, Ato Elias Kifle may believe that he is always telling the truth.He may think that he never gets wrong and that truth is always on his side. That may probably be why Ato Elias Kifle rails against you;hurls insults at you;denounces you;even character assassinates you if and when you happen to hold opinions that are different from his. Simply put, you are anathema to him.
    Now,I am doing nothing but protesting against that.I am protesting against that as a matter of strongly held principle in the plurality of views and I don’t think that is equivalent to whining.

    What I am trying to underscore here is that no one can and should dictate their ideas to you, least of all Ato Elias Kifle.
    When and if we differ in our opinions,we should naturally be able to thrash out those differences with out resorting to ad hominem or indulging in mutual mud-slinging. Respect should be there. YETHIOPIAWINET CHWANET must reign.
    Therefore, I am only calling upon Ato Elias Kifle to do exactly that while he is discharging his journalistic duties which ,among other things, requires recognition of and respect for diverse views.
    Is this too much to ask?

    Edward De Bono teaches us that ideas should not to be categorized into the EITHER/OR camps alone. He introduces the third category which he calls PO. This is a the domain of pending or a wait and see for ideas whose fate have not been decided. Where we are not certain we should pose or hold our judgment and see what unfolds.
    The UDJP is unfolding. In the views of many, Ato Elias kifle needs to say at least PO instead of a knee jerk NO. He should not come up with an automatic and vehement No simply because what he sees in UDJP at the moment does not match his script!

  14. Gara Beru
    | #14

    People why are you so short sighted? UDJP = Kestedemena. Kestedemena’s origin is dubious and did not have grassroots foundation. So,for a while it has to exist symbiotically with the popular KINIJIT taking advantage of its forum to familiarize itself to the people. Once this short term objective is realized, it has to implement its hidden agenda, that is stealing the leadership of KINJIT. But usurpation is the way of the tyranny. A tree without roots doesn’t last long. KINIJIT has the roots that people depend on.

  15. Bekele
    | #15


    Thanks for your polite and objective comment you just posted above.

    Yes Elias is erratic at times and use some deragatory/abusive words against some notable figures of the opposition in Ethiopia.

    But having said the above – Elias brought some good points and questions to the UDJP envoy Prof. Mesfin w/m to answer. Among the questions highlighted by him are: Where are the 8 points? Why abondon Kinijit because the tyrannt said so? Why not fight the TPLF peacully about the stolen election/party name etc than preparing to legitmize it by participating in an election? Why all of a sudden trust the NEB who was the instrument for stealing the 2005 election by asking it to register a new party? etc so many important questions – but Mesfin couldn’t answer it because he doesn’t have the answer instead he went to attack others who choose to fight the TPLF (the enemy) in another mode of struggle. My friend, it doesn’t matter who said it but that is the truth. And Mesfin has a lot of questions to answer about his role being a non Kinijit council memeber who resigned after writing a beautyful letter of power mongering but then now he is on the driver sit of a splinter faction. We will not let it go!

    It is completly fishy! The UDJP has a deal with the US Embassy and the TPLF to topple Eng. HS, to destroy Kinijit, kill the struggle all together and legitmize the TPLF. Now it came to light one by one – slowly but surely.

  16. tango
    | #16

    Hellow! u better leave Elias alone. afterall the discusion is not about him, it is about which way works good for Eth. dont even rry to oppose others, just their idea.that way we may be on the wright lane.

  17. kito
    | #17

    As I told you folks, the baseless ANDNET start disintegrating in the leadership as they went to sodere.
    Stay tuned as more detail coming soon

  18. Ye kumanda tabyaw lij
    | #18

    Dear All,

    This is the right time to stop Ethiopian Riview, the majority of its postings are distractive for the development and progrss of Democracy in Ethiopia. You all guys now should know Ethiopian Review (ER) is working for Isayas Afework; it is not for the Eritrean People. Is there any one who can mention any single article that suggetes Isayas Afeworki’s arrogance, dictatorship, and any article about his wrong doings posted on ER? As one of the commentators said above, could all other gueniun websites like Ethiomedia, EMF, and all others work together to atleast avoid the ER link from their web sites? For me both Meles and Isayas never have had any tiny good intension for Ethiopia. For me there is no less evil, they both are causes of the deaths of both Eritreans and Ethiopians.

    It is time for all media outlets to bring ER on the right track, BOYCOTT, otherwise.

    I still want to ask who suggest that ER is doing good job mention to me of any article that critisizes the Eritrean arrogant.

    Thank you,

  19. Kemagne
    | #19

    Ye kumanda tabyaw lij,

    I agree with you. All Ethiopian Media remove their links to ER. Elias Kifle is a die-hard Shabia as well as his two reporters who were at the UDJP meeting in Washington DC.


  20. Lemesa
    | #20

    Here is the copy of the Ethiopian review poll on the man of the year 2007. My friend, YEKUMANDATBYA LIG (You have got long name, man!) are you looking for any piece of writing in Ethiopian review about Isayas? Here we go….Isayas working for the betterment of Ethiopia!!! Haaaaaaa …Haaaaaaaaaa.

    Sewyew (Elias kiflu) abdual libel?

    “The 2007 Person of the Year”

    It has been a tradition of Ethiopian Review to select ‘Person of the Year’ at the end of every year. In preparation for the selection this year, we have posted 14 nominees and close to 500 readers made their choice known. After consulting with ER advisers, and on the suggestion of many readers, this year we have decided that instead of we making the selection ourselves, we will let the readers vote from among the final 6 out of the 14 nominees. This year, we have also added ‘Who harmed the people of Ethiopia the most in 2007?’ There are 5 nominees in that category. We will leave the decision to readers. The voting will be closed on Dec. 30, 2007. Make your voice heard. The poll allows only one vote per individual.


    Readers’ Choice for ‘Person of the Year’ – Who made the most significant contributions for the betterment of Ethiopia in the past 12 months

    Alemayehu Gebremariam (35%, 1,327 Votes)
    Berhanu Nega (22%, 828 Votes)
    Bertukan Mideksa (29%, 1,087 Votes)
    Obang Metho (10%, 363 Votes)
    Daud Ibsa (7%, 280 Votes)
    Issayas Afeworki (19%, 712 Votes)

  21. lulu
    | #21

    This is really amazing!! Isayas working for the Ethiopian BETTERMENT???

    I didnt know that Elias has gone this crazy!!!

    Gud New. Yemecheresha GUD!!! Esayas Afework Le Ethiopia Edget sisera Gud Gud Gud Gud gud ……..

  22. Kemagne
    | #22


    Who the hell is Daud Ibsa? Forgive my ignorance.


  23. ethio secularist
    | #23

    I watched professor Mesfin’s speech. I can’t find the reason why the Ethiopian Riview guy tried to convince readers that the speech is pro Meles and group. I would always ask what really is behind the Mr Elias’ mind and what his motive would be.

    Though I admire the Professor’s moral and strength, his hard work to end Ethiopians misery; I want to say that the Misery is not because of we didnt pray to god; the more we look up wards to pray to god, the more crooked, cruel, looters, sensless became the Meles regime. Please don’t tell us to pray. Our problem is just Meles and his group.

    Let’s stop linking our problems and its solutions to god; the problem is within ourselves, and our leaders. I agree Ethiopia is in the verge of disintegrating. Lets cooperate and “..come hands in hands and eliminate the crooked and his group before they eliminate Ethiopia…”

  24. HAGOSS
    | #24


  25. kendie
    | #25

    1- Remember guys how Elias used to fight to save his body, the phony Lidetu, these two individuals are the same as the two faces of one coin. Blindly selfish and opportunist, that’s what they are.

    2- The professor pin point accurately about our weakness, he is right that this generation can not accomplish any thing without first reeducate them self, how to work within a group only to advance a country’s priorities by fighting one’s self hidden agenda. Today the stake extremely high for the Ethiopians fight each other, its very sad. Our nemeses today handle us, like puppets with remote control and they planted Melesse Zenawi in Addis Abeba as their instrument to advance and realize their everlasting dream to destroy Ethiopia. Today we are so divided by ethnic group, that is the first phase, the second phase and the most dangerous and the final is RILIGEOUS conflict and it is already rampant in every corner of the country. They herding us while the so called intellectual philosophizing and running up and down, most of them for an opportunity of self aggrandizements on the expense of their own country, very sad.

    3- The professor was good on his teaching, respecting his longstanding struggle for the benefit of the mass population, I question though if he, him self practice what he just preaching to us. Go back and read his interview while he was in hospital.

  26. | #26

    I also watched the video (above) of Prof Mesfin’s speech with deep attention.

    While fully agreeing with the observations made by both my fellow commentators, Ethio secularist and Kende, here are also some of my own impressions.

    When Prof.Mesfin Woldemariam speaks, I think he is someone that you listen to. However,I don’t think that he does that by any oratorical skill. In fact, he is not some one that I would call a good speaker. Yet,he always seems to have significant messages. The delivery is highly idiosyncratic.His long pauses and the emphatic way he expresses himself and his unperturbed manner all lend solidity and thoughtfulness to his messages while commanding your attention.

    Prof Mesfin obviously is a CONTEMPLATIVE man. He wants the rest of us to be contemplative and soul searching,too.The inward odyssey,he appears to believe,is the path of redemption.

    It is not therefore without reason that he seems to love the Oriental introspective bent.

    In the words that great Chinese sage,Confucius(I suppose it must be him)he admonishes us thus;

    When you see a good man or a good woman(Bertukan)in the street,praise him/her!
    But,when you see a bad man or badwoman in the street,FIND HIM/HER IN YOU!

    Clearly,Prof Mesfin’s moral rectitude, courage,forthrightness,vitality and many other of his admirable personal qualities,it seems to me,originate his deligent engagement of his other self in the presence of a guiding spirit worthy of reverence.

    I love this man!

    May the Almighty grant him long life to continue to teach us what it means to be thinking and therefore liberated men and women who humbly serve a cause greater than us!

  27. Germew
    | #27

    Preaching the old song.
    I happen to attend a town hall meeting held by two special guests of Andent/Kinjet Atlanta support Association. Among the guests where, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Mr. Asrat Tasew. After length introduction of the two guests by the chairman of the Andent Party support Group Atlanta and some other sympathizer guests. Professor Mesfin begins addressing the audience and Mr. Asrat as well addresses the audience. After the conclusion of the two guest speech the floor were open for Q & A, and remark. During the Q & A professor Mesfin made a remark saying, I see uncertainty among the Audiences. The question you are asking is not what we except, I think either you are not having confidence on as or you don’t trust as or we have not address the issue properly. The professor also made remark we need to change within our selves the way we see things. Despite the respect I have for professor what he was preaching was same old song. What I men by this is, the professor has been baiting his lip for three decades because of the political system in Ethiopia. For example, the professor was highly instrumental the fall of the King Hialeslase regime, infact the professor always talk about the trip to TG by bus with only 5 Ethiopian Birr, anyhow, during the Derg Regime you all know what he had contributed to Ethiopian politics, toward the end of Derg era he was acting as a elder or shmagle, finally during the EPRDF era here you go again Professor Mesfin seeking a change. Dear fellow Ethiopian, Professor Mesfin telling as to redirect our remnants we have been carried like a luggage for a decade. He is preaching peace and harmony. Fine, why he fail to teach those student when he were professor at the university, rule of law, justice equality, by the way his student are the one giving a problem to Ethiopia, in my opinion the university he is belong was breeding,
    Self-Centered, power monger individual. Inconcultion of these comments, “wered
    enwered tebabaluna asdebedebew afafe laye qomena”. The EPRDF Prime Minster Made it clear, if you disagreed the way we govern the country, you can’t take over the government nor make any change through a remote control or internet or signing up a
    Petion to U.S. congress.
    So, ladies and gentle men what is the professor preaching the old song? Stay tune will continue

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