Ethiopian Soldiers Arrived in Eritrea Opposing TPLF Regime’s Invasion of Somalia

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All Africa | Dec 6, 06

8 Ethiopian soldiers arrived in Eritrea opposing the TPLF regime’s invasion of Somalia. One of the soldiers, Alelign Simeneh disclosed that troops from different divisions of the Ethiopian Army have entered Somalia territory in breach of its sovereignty. He added that the regime is imprisoning officers, soldiers and health professionals under the guise of evaluation after the defection of two Ethiopian generals who have joined the opposition.

Accordingly, Lt. Colonel Girma, ex-secretary of Maj. General Bacha Debele and several other senior officers and health professionals who were members of the Army and an unknown number of nurses have defected.

The 8 soldiers are Kamel Kemalo Sheik, Hassan Mohammed Ibrahim, Wegari Gidina Mokjera, Abyot Sheferaw Hunde, Teyib Haji Temam Suleiman, all 5 from the Oromo ethnic group, and Alelign Simeneh Gezu and Adane Mekuanint Ayichew, both from the Amhara ethnic group, as well as Abdi Saleh Mohammed, a Tigrayan.

  1. alamirew wube
    | #1


    Please grow up!

    Did you check the credibility of this news? Just because it is written on make it credible? Shabia/OLF may easily post a lie on that site. I am not saying the news is not true, but you had better check the credibilty of the news from other source.

    Another point,

    Initially I was excited to see you launching an amharic TV program on your website. It is good. But most of the time when you introduce some one in writing encluding the jornalists and the guests, you write their name or the message on the TV screen in English. Why you do that? Since you are having amharic program, why are you mixing it with latin. I read all names and messages read like “next week” in your TV program not written by geez alphabet. Try not to mix up.

    Again another point,

    My respect for you became low when you were trying to work for one group agains the other in the case of Kinijit diaspora. In creating cofusion, you joined ethiomedia forum and ethiopian review. So I doubt that you are working for the real cause of Ethiopia.

  2. Maru
    | #2

    Ato Alamerew,

    I think abugida is run by volunters around Boston.It is very easy to critsize but dificult to come up with some thing tangeble like Abugida TV.
    Would u please buy the Amharic software for them before jumping every were. you are one of the Woyane agent who would prefer to demoralize brave Ethiopians.I was watching Abugida the last three month and they are pro Ethiopian period.

    Abugida Bertuuuuu

    Maru Atlant Georgia

  3. daniel
    | #3

    I appreciate the work you are doing, you are doing what many of us couldn’t do for our country. however you have to be able to know these days woyane’s are trying to give comments as if they are real Ethiopians like the guy who posted his comments above. you have to know that Woyanes are trying to mislead us faking themselves as oppossiton supporters since supporitng their Mafia organization directly has become futile.
    you should keep up the good job you are doing

  4. | #4

    …..”Woyanes are trying to mislead us faking themselves as oppossiton supporters since supporitng their Mafia organization directly has become futile…..” Well said!

  5. adie
    | #5

    Ato Alamerew kemenagerwo befit tinsh maseb bichlu tiru new lemetechet enkua betnshu ke tenkara gonachewu binesu leraswot akerareb siltane yetemolabet yadrglwotal.
    Ato Alamerew wogenachihu, ameregna tsihuf altetekemachihum wozete eyalu sitechu lemekaren woyenm Negetive lemehon bicha ytenesu endehonu ytawokbwotal.
    Ebakwot Posetive negerochin lemayet ymokru.
    Abogidanina ye Abogidan azegajoch woinm balderebawoch adenkalehu menfesawi kinatim alebign.
    God Bless them and you ofcourse Alamerew.

  6. kuribachew
    | #6

    Alemirew has some point there. Calling names is just outright childish. Pointing out the weakness of this TV Program should not make one “Woyane”?. Please do reserve from name calling.
    I have been watching “Abugida”? for a while. Recently the way some of the news has been covered made me a bit uncomfortable. One is the coverage of the so-called Kinijit North America meeting in Atlanta. The coverage was very inflated and biased. The news posted here in regard to “Kinijit Diaspora Split”? sounds like it comes under the direct command of Berhane Mewa and Andargachew Tsigie.

    Abugida ““ You claim to be a voice for the Voiceless. Now you are the mouthpiece of Berhane Mewa and Andargachew Tsigie. Cleansing yourself should be in order!!
    By saying this I am not supporting the so-called Kinijit North America that held a meeting in Denver. I believe they are a bunch of morons too who have no clue what politics is and no respect for our leaders who are in prison and the ones who lost their lives. Shaleqa Yoseph is a criminal, or Berhane and Andargachew for that matter.

    Buy them Amharic Software? Hahahahahah “¦”¦.Gimme a break “¦”¦Who buys Amharic software these days? They are everywhere on the net.

    I support Abugida ““ They are doing a great job. However, they need to shield themselves from people who want to use them.


  7. Yigermal
    | #7

    If you dont trust All Africa, see “Ethiopian ‘defectors’ in Eritrea ” from BBC.Anyway Woyane is diying everyday my friend.You may die with him or save your self by dening woyane.The Ethiopian people will give you a chance to join us.

  8. Amanuel Abraham
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    | #9

    Weyanea clowens once again proved us .They can not accept the truth if it exposed TPLF’S CRIME and its quenciquences .

  10. Sebseb
    | #10

    ere ebakachehu kezkez belu!!

    Maru opines and all of a sudden he’s a woyane agent! Chill people!


    Don’t be muzzled by those who do not have an idea how democracy is supposed to work.

  11. Blen
    | #11

    This is why ethiopia never grows because we can never agree on one point and the first thing we want to do is point fingers and call each other names. This is the first time I visted this site and all I got was just negative energy from all the people who commented. It is just sad!

  12. Mamo
    | #12

    How can we agree with blind murderers who are good for nothing. Power is on the wrong hands in Ethiopia, until we can legitmately choose who can lead us on the right direction and not in the direction of chaos – we can never agree on even simple things. Soon or late though, our people will prevail!!!

  13. | #13


  14. | #14

    It is good for all of us to dwell on the weakness and strength of Abugida or any other media or blog. While we do so, however, we should never forget for a minute that our primary goal is to do away with the fascist dictator and his agazi army in order to build the true Ethiopia which could embrace all its children with equality and justice. Our best amunition is to concentrate on what unites us and give less importance on what divides us. Let’s not waste another decade looking for loop holes in our discussions rather than finding ways and means towards our victory with the least possible sacrifice.

  15. | #15


    i see all of them the seam stupid and an civilized reacist people runing from woyane to shabya
    shabya is more than evil from woyane esayas afeworki is number one enemy of ethiopia i don,t now those people keep runing his line.

    | #16

    Why Weyanea foot Soldiers and Hoad Ader cadres try to smear the source of the truth instead of try to STAND FOR TRUTH and ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE cause what an amazing spieces
    AS FOR ABUGIDA KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK and DONOT BLINK FOR baby killers Weyanea Advocates
    Dil le ETHIOPIA hizb
    Death TPLF Tyrranical System

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