UDJP Public Meeting Announcement

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  1. kasahun
    | #1

    i have lost my beloved brather in the violation of after the elaction 1997 i was secrfice my selfe for the fredem of CDU leaders to be release but you doctors profeser sintists be come full and popet for weyane leaders did you think that we need a divided party for our miserebel country no np no we need all of you in the name of fredem hey com to getaher be one like weyane to lead our popel as one unles it is bether to begun weyane not to be ename of the state be a good leader

  2. Lema
    | #2

    Prof. Mesfin w/m please go home and do the praying at churches instead of demorlizing and frustrating Ethiopians who are fighting the Woyannie day in and day out.

    You are an instrument for the disintegration of the CUD just for being in charge of a splinter group.

    By now you understand how the Diaspora hates disintegration because no one is listening to you.

    By the way the UDJ is rejected by your peace partner Melese Zenawi – so why are you representing a dead party?

  3. barudu
    | #3

    HI KASAHUN my condolanse for your lost from the bottom of my heart, but kasesh befor you put your openion in english you should learn how to spell brother,sacrifice and so on.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    The UDJP wolves dressed in sheep skins are prevalent lately in the Abugida website, after having enjoyed their honeymoon on behalf KILL 6, during the tour of K-5 in the US, and a presence Ethiomedia, Abugida and Addis Dimits. It looks they have formed a sizeable constiuency of the diaspora, but with little constituency at home, by having turned their back on the peoples agenda, camoufledging as Kinijit and using the money collected in the name of Kinijit to spearhead their propaganda of double talk. However, it has not passed public scrutiny by some keen and introspective observers. Read into other websites other than Abugida or Ethiomedia to form your own pinion about UDJP led by w/t Bitukan Mideksa and, Prof. Mesfin, member of UDJP.

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