Kinijit’s meeting in Denver was successfully completed.

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Denever Abugida Reporter | Dec. 11, 2006

Kinijit’s meeting in Denver was well attended by hundreds of Ethiopians. Mr. Berhane Mewa of Kinijit International Leadership talked about AFD and on the current Zenawi declared war against Somalia. Mr. Aklog Limenih, Chairman Of Kinijit North America, lectured the public on restructuring Kinijit North America in a democratic way.

Denver Picture

  1. | #1

    Bravo kinijit!! I love you all. Kinijit the spirit of true Ethiopians.

  2. abc
    | #2

    Bravo Denver. It looks like Shaleqa is history.

  3. kebede
    | #3

    Here you go Kinijit

    very proud of you!

  4. belete
    | #4

    How can a dictator shaleqa lead such a huge organization? He can’t even read! Let alone think and develope stratgies!

    I think kinijit now is on the right way. Go with the youth!

  5. Ferecha Tulu
    | #5

    Great work.

    We are behind you. The youth will revive the Ethiopian spirit. Abugida is doing an excellent job. Keep it.


  6. | #6

    DEAR DISPORA…ARE U PPL STILL DERME’N IN DAY LIGHT? WEAK UP AND SMELL DA COFFE. ETHIO IS MUCH BETTER WITH OUT U. I RELLY DON’T KNOW WHAT ARE U PPL STAND FOR it.KINJIT FOR WHAT ? LETEFAT.ONE THING U PPL KNOWN IS GIVE ME,GIVE ME, WERE IS MY MONYE ANY WAY? kkk. I a’m kidde’n. u are knot gone get a PENY out of me. for what. for u to take a tripe and stay in 5 star hotel? no. u can kiss my azzzzzzzzzzzz. my monye is’n my BANK. u see i am to smart for yo lil chickin head. look sersely u time is up. go back to u old job and make some monye so u can able to reless u leders. that’s my advise for u LOSSER’s. MONYE IS A POWER. my poor frinde’s. any way AREYOS c.u.dergis. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  7. Zeberga
    | #7

    Let this movement spread everywhere. We don’t need any hindrance of struggle like Shaleqa any more! He sit on the ogranziation for one and half year without doing anything!

    God Job KIL and Kinijit North America!

  8. Kassa
    | #8

    I am proud of the speakers of the meeting; Ato Birhane Mewa and Ato Aklog Limeneh. The meeting has initiated the formation of the true Kinijit Chapter in Denver after two years of dormancy. It will bear fruit and will be an example to other cities.

  9. Negasse
    | #9

    Please give me an answer.

    What is the purpose of working with ethnic organizations like OLF who are denying the existence of Ethiopia?

    There are many ethnic organizations who believe in Ethiopia and why don’t we strengethen them and work with them if we need to work with Ethnic parties?

    To me Kinijit means all ethnic groups. Kinijit means a way for all. Kinijit means Ethiopia.

    How is it possible to work with those who doesn’t know Ethiopia?

    Do you think you change the goal of OLF by working with them?

    Instead try to work woth the people. The people will force OLF to change it’s goal. The people will fight against OLF if you teach and work for the people. In my opinion working with OLF means confusing the people. Later it will be very difficult to correct your mistakes. Wake up now.

    See you.

  10. wondwossen
    | #10

    i am so happy what kinijtdoing tell them to continue there stragle all ethiopian youth with them.


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