Young Intellectuals of the Bay Area had a night out with Professor Mesfin and Ato Asrat Tassie – Sourcre:Kinijit NA

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Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Ato Asrat Tasie held an unprecedented evening exclusively with college students of Ethiopian descent. All of the major and prestigious universities in the Bay Area–including UC Berkeley, Stanford, San Francisco State University, San Jose State and California State University–were represented at the event. Close to 25 students were in attendance.

The event started with students introducing themselves, and expressing their views, and aspirations for their country. Most stated that they never had a chance to converse about Ethiopia at this level.

After dinning and winning, Professor Mesfin made a moving speech in English regarding the country. He was taken by suprise, and could not hide his emotions about the presence of this youthful and intellectual group, some of whome were even born in the US and others that came while they were still toddlers. His speech mainly was a historical perspective and a present day analysis of the realities in Ethiopia. He assured them that, if we succeed in forming a true democratic government, Ethiopia has a very high chance of being the Japan of Africa within a generation.

There was a full and lively participation on the Q&A. The suggestions and questions included:

i) What has Andenet learned from the failures of Kinijit?
ii)What are the education, health, foreign relations and other policies of the party?
iii) What is the strategy of Andenet party to lead the people in the struggle for democracy?
iv) What is the expectation of the party and the support groups from the students? How can students contribute?
v)How can we trust Andenet Party’s promise to install a democratic government if it assumes power?
vi) Beyond the struggle for democracy, what are the bread and butter issues/policies that the party provides as an alternative?

Both Professor Mesfin and Ato Asrat Tassie were so eloquent,transparent and elaborative on responding to the questions raised. The youth and intellectual students were very much satisfied with the replies. They all vowed, at the end, to eagerly and attentively follow the political and non-political developments in Ethiopia, to attend future actvities organised by the support chapters, contribute their best, and also motivate their fellow students to do the same.

The event ended with cultural dances and picture ceremonies with the guests.

The event was organized by Oakland and San Jose Andenet/Kinijit Support Chapters. It took place in San Jose, Friday Aug.1st, at 7:00pm.

It ended past mid night.

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