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3rd August 2008 | Washington DC: Established in 2000, Addis Dimts Radio has been providing radio program service on diverse cultural and political perspectives for Ethiopians in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland through the radio and around the world through the Internet.

Recognizing the importance and significance for the much valuable information available here in the Diaspora to reach our people in Ethiopia, the host Abebe Belew took upon himself to start bridging the gap of information, which is artificially created by the regime in Ethiopia.


Since 6th April 2008, Addis Dimts Radio have been transmitting every Sunday’s a one-hour a week program direct to Ethiopia and neighboring countries.

Addis Dimts is the only pro unity and democracy Ethiopian media that is independent from any political opposition parties, which is transmitting a radio program direct to Ethiopia.

After receiving information on the financial situation the broadcast to Ethiopia is facing, Abbay Media editor interviewed the radio program host Mr Abebe Belew to inquire on the situation.

Before discussing the financial difficulties, we asked Mr Abebe to clarify the wrong assumption held by many Ethiopians in the Diaspora regarding his radio broadcast to Ethiopia.

Many of his listeners in the Diaspora assume that the radio program that is being broadcast to Ethiopia is the same program that we have been accustomed to throughout the years, the program which includes various Ethiopian/American advertisements.

Mr Abebe clarified by pointing out the deference between the 2 hours program with adverts and the 1-hour program with NO adverts which is being broadcast direct to Ethiopia.

Both of his programs get broadcast every Sundays but with major differences he stressed.

He pointed out that; the one with advertisements, the 2 hours program for Washington/Virginia/Maryland on the radio and worldwide on the Internet is transmitted live from the studio.

But the 1-hour program that gets broadcast direct to Ethiopia and the neighboring countries is a pre-recorded program with strictly NO advertisements.

To listen to the difference of the two same day programs, please refer to the most recent and very interesting radio interview held last week on the 27th July 2008 with Artist Tilahun Gugsa on his new film ‘Ethiopia Sea Port’ which has been banned to advertise in Ethiopia.

Listen to 27th July 2008: 2 hours show with adverts to DC, VA, MD and Internet.

Also listen to the similar program to Ethiopia;
27th July 2008: 1 hour show with NO advert to Ethiopia

After clarifying the difference between the two radio broadcasts, we asked him about the financial situation that he is facing to broadcast to Ethiopia.

Mr Abebe informed us that the 1-hour a week broadcast to Ethiopia costs him $4,320 every three months. Because there are no advertisements on the programs, he is solely relying on the contribution from his listeners in the Diaspora to cover the cost. He said, “Unless he can raise $4,000 within the next two and a half months, he would be forced to stop the transmission” which will be a travesty as it is the only independent information broadcast to Ethiopia.

Knowing how much the current regime in Ethiopia is trying to suppress our people by blocking all source of information (radio/Internet), to stop information regarding the current state the country and the bad deeds the regimes is committing against our nation, the least all freedom loving Ethiopians around the world could do is to come together, support and finance noble causes such as Addis Dimts Radio broadcast to Ethiopia.

Addis Dimts Radio has provided a pay pal service on its web site for people to contribute direct on the Internet. The pay pal account can be used to contribute any amount which is suitable to the contributor.

Ethiopians in Ethiopia deserve to access the information we in the Diaspora have access to, as information is power, we need to empower our people.

Mr Abebe also would like all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to inform families and friends inside Ethiopia to listen to Addis Dimts radio, by tuning the radio at 17875 kHz 17mb or 21585 kHz 21mb every Sunday from 7pm to 8pm local Ethiopian time.

For further information and access to radio program archives visit

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