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KNA Public Relations Office | December 12, 2006

Denver Kinijit Colorado supporters conducted a vibrant town hall meeting Sunday, December 10, 2006 to discuss a range of topics related to democratic, human rights, good governance and regional security issues of Ethiopia.

Kinijit North America Support Group chairman Ato Aklog Limenih, and Kinijit International Secretary General Ato Berhane Mewa were invited guests. Both leaders made compelling presentation on current issues and gave forward-looking plans designed to energize Kinijit’s role as the foremost advocate of democracy in Ethiopia.

The participants and panel, rather than dwelling on the unfortunate situation caused by individuals in the North America and Denver support organizations, resolved to move ahead in the urgent task of democratizing the support group’s operation. Accordingly, a committee was established to organize democratic election. There was unanimous agreement in that lack of and commitment to democratic practice in the KNA support organization was the culprit behind its pathetic performance and the disenfranchisement of supporters.

The new KNA chairman disclosed that a modern, transparent and accountable management structure that will usher in an era of dynamism has passed the design stage and is being implemented. “This”?, Ato Aklog said, “will reinvigorate supporter confidence and trigger a renewed sense of commitment to the aspiration of 77 million Ethiopians and the beloved leaders of Kinijit who continue to languish in prison.

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