Kinijit is registered and trademarked like a business by an individual!

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Abugida | Dec. 13, 2006

Tyrant_Mengistu Abugida has just learned that name of “Kinijit”? as well as Kinijit’s logo is registered and Trademarked by an individual who is resident in California. Please click below for detail. Kinijit Logo Owner | Kinijit Name Owner

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Our KinijitOur Kinijit

  1. Tessema K
    | #1

    It is bewildering to see the greed and shortsighted ignorance of one of our leading Ethiopian fathers. I was furious today when I uncovered in abugida that someone in California by the name of Mogess had, under his own name, registered and trademarked the name of “Kinijit”? as well as Kinijit’s logo. I just came to America recently and I am one of the victim who lost a classmate a best friend during the election. Many Ethiopian have lost their loved one or have been chased out of the country for this cause. The shock of realizing that a selfish person could cut off and steal the vehicle of a struggling Ethiopian democratic party is painful. Mr. Mogess you could probably could not understand the pain because you were not in Ethiopia at that time. We in Ethiopia do see the logo of kinijit as a seal freedom that was craved by the blood of those who lost their life. The hard-earned movement created by “˜Kinijit for Unity and Democracy’ was paid by the ennobled struggle of countless patriots whose blood, bones, sweat and tears both support and define “˜Kinijit’. It is simply shameful that an individual who calls himself a leader can be so astoundingly selfish. Let’ me be clear Mr. Mogess Kinijit is not owned by you or any individual its owned by the poor 77 million Ethiopian People thus I will politely asked you to register and trademark our logo and kinijit name under the political party or association itself: such as under a non-profit organization or an “unincorporated association, political party”?.

    Thank you
    May god bless Ethiopia

  2. tazebe
    | #2

    Eng. Mogus,

    You must be out of your mind to claim the Ethiopian people logo as your own. Shame on you!! Any good lawyer out there who would take this matter to court ?

  3. 1ethiopia
    | #3

    Things are now very clear, Mogus Brook has been planning to take Kinijit at least since Dec. 2005. That is way he divided the Kinijit supporters into two, did not accept the Kinijit’s jailed leaders decision to form KIL and killed the struggle. Mogus you will never be successful of taking away Kinijit from the people. Kinijit is not a business, it is a party hundreds died for, thousands jailed for. You are not any different from Meles and his group. I heard some one calling you DAGMAWI Lidetu, now the name fits you well and I will be referring you as that from now on.

  4. mahadi
    | #4


    Kinijit is now is clearing Itself Cocacola=Kinijit=Mogus=losers.

    Thanks Abugida

  5. alamirew wube
    | #5

    I will not rush to comment or to conclude just for reading only the above “breaking news”.


    Hopefully soon we will see where the reality lies!

  6. Endelebu
    | #6

    What can Eng Mogus do. The party don’t have any license to officially work and not registered as a party. Eng. Mogus has to at least secure the logo of the party from being used by other group of people such as EPRP and Weyanes by registering it to his personal name. what is the problem, guys then. when the party is registered and licenses to work with its name he will then surrender the logo to the party. Please let think and twist the good intentions of the kinijit people.

  7. | #7

    Endelbu the story doesn’t telling about eprp.Don’t you have another comment on this topic?

  8. Meron
    | #8

    Who is this Enginer Is he the one who own Kinijit website now he owend the name and logo.If this people get to power all of us murderd this is what a shame.

  9. XYZ
    | #9

    I can not believe!!!

  10. addis
    | #10

    Good job Mogus.
    Now the so called KIL will never get the logo in LA.
    1ethiopia or ER
    Please show us the evedince that the decision came from Kality prison to form KIL.

    Till we see all the evidence, as far as I am concern KIL is formed by two Individual and their surrogate web site ie ER.

    that is all I have to say.
    Long live Ethiopia.

  11. Yohannes
    | #11

    Diaspora Folks,

    Come to your sense! Calm down and anyalyze things.

    Why all of a sudden “how Kinijit registered to function in CA” become an issue?

    For those of us who are not memeber of KNA, the KIL group has to come up with a better explanation than name calling to convince us why we should support the newly created KNA & KIL.

    I have attended several meetings, no one seems to articulate the need for KIL and the formation of a new KNA.

    I am sick and tired of the infighting between the Shaleqa group which now a days abondon “supporting the struggle in Ethiopia” by devoting all its time and resources in discrediting the Mewa group in one hand and the Mewa group which is preoccupied in name calling and ridculing KNA leaders on the other hand.

    Do you know the word compromises, reconcilation and accomodation?

    Issues to be reconciled:


    I believe the formation of KIL is uncessary.

    #1) KNA can do whatever KIL is suppose or envisioned to do. In other words in forming KIL there is going to be a duplication of work and responsibility.

    #2) The idea of KIL inherting the website & the treasure of KNA is proof that KIL can not stand in its own and it is going to be a dangerous parasite on KNA. After all why would an individual or a chapter organization contribute money twice to KNA and KIL when that money can be utilized effectively under one organization.

    #3) The idea of exiling the struggle in Europe and North America is like prescribing a death pill to our struggle itself.

    #4) Why would a person however talented can be, use a remote control to guide the struggle from abroad in Ethiopia. And most of the people in the leadership of KNA & KIL have been out of the country for generation.

    If they are serious, then Let them debate in this issue in a manner which is civil and helpful. Abugida should open a special forum to bridge the rift between the two warring factions.


    There is no need to form 2 KNA offices in North America. They should immediately start talking to each other to the benefit of all specially of Ethiopia to emerge the two groups.

    People in North America should stop inviting the leaders of the two KNA from addressing the public.

  12. Ethiopiawi
    | #12

    Before we come to conclusion and blaming some one let is stop and thinking twice?
    We have to change this bad culture first why we are running to blame some one and always we are talking negative .The answer is very simple first check who register this logo in his name and after we find the person ask why he did that? After that step by step solve the problem. we are living in the state we can follow the rule of law we have to solve our problem in justice system not by insulting some one and through bad words.
    Please let us learn from our past and work together.

  13. | #13

    ha..ha..YO CRAK ME UP. for rell . WEY GUDE AGER LEMERA.m.m.m.i relly don’t think u ppl u can even lead or manage u own house hold. b/c u ppl to gready. all u ppl know is give me this give me that. any way who care’s .all i got to said is to all dispora cheer leder’s. u azzzzzz is open and wide so just wach u set up. this ppl so calld KIL. they relly min’t to KIL U. thank’s god that i a’m knot one of u LOSSER’S. GOD BLESS ETHIO.

  14. shotolay
    | #14


    mr moges you are snafeeng some thing guss what ?
    we are her close to you in california.

  15. | #15

    Ignor this ‘hodam’ so called Mogus Brook! Let him …..

  16. | #16

    Dear Abugida team, I think it is just about that time to do some adjustments…keep up the good job!

    ” new website for Kinijit party.

    Kinijit International is pleased to announce that, using the mandate accorded to it by Kinijit Ethiopia, it has set up the official Kinijit website. The new website, is a replacement to the old website that should have been handed back to Kinijit International per the decision of Kinijit North America made at the emergency meeting held last August in Virginia USA. more Press statement english / amharic

    The message is sent with the following file

    Don forget to check out the new year postcard print and send to your friends
    We ask all Ethiopian site to link us please “

  17. Endelebu
    | #17

    Eng. Mogus deserves our appreciation and should get the credit. Who else think that kinijit’s shold be registered and protected from teft and misuse.

  18. Debe
    | #18

    Eng Mogus , Shaleka and other friends

    At the beginning I was thinking you guys need help to know what KINIJIT means even you were the leaders. But I was wrong you need mental concealing help. Every silly move makes you worst. Shame for your guys. If some one support innocently think the people of Ethiopia, the owner of KINIJIT, and save them from their wrong move.

  19. Helina
    | #19

    Dear Ethiopians…

    If we do some thing each an idividual for our beloved countery which is a young looks so old lay in down so sick looks on the way to pass away….she might survive .We should ”not” blame each other .

    I support the way KINIJIT created in a new way in California like the above article .So what’s wrong with it ? I know some ”AGASES” Hamassen kadres try to invade the internet working so hard to attract and get attention the forien officials and readers these time .

    ”GOD” save our land ! ! !

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