A new website for Kinijit: www.kinijitethiopia.org.

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[Press Release ] | December 15, 2006

Kinijit International is pleased to announce that, using the mandate accorded to it by Kinijit Ethiopia, it has set up the official Kinijit website. The new website, kinijitethiopia.org is a replacement to the old website kinijit.org that should have been handed back to Kinijit International per the decision of Kinijit North America made at the emergency meeting held last August in Virginia USA.

We repeat what we have said in our previous disclaimer that kinijit.org has nothing to do with Kinijit the political party and anything posted on this website can not in any way be attributed to the Kinijit party. We would like to make it clear that Kinijit party will not be responsible for the damage that an individual may suffer as a result of his/her dealing with kinjit.org. It should be noted any fund or message collected in the name of Kinijit by Kinjit.org will not reach the Kinijit party and we advise Kinijit supporters and the general public to make sure that they are dealing with the right website before they depart with their money or messages.

The principles governing the operations and the objectives of www.kinijitethihiopia.org are outlined herewith. We are hoping to make this website worthy of the great name it represents. We humbly request other websites to create a link for www.kinijitethiopia.org on their sites.

Kinijitethiopia.org is set to serve the kinjit party, its supporters and the general public. We call upon all patriotic and freedom loving Ethiopians to support this website in whatever way they can.

Mission Statement: Kinijitethiopia.org
Kinijitethiopia.org is the official website of Kinijit(Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP). CUDP is a modern political organization hence its website will reflect CUDP’s modern political vision and serve as a forum to disseminate the Party’s official position in all matters of national, regional and international issues as well as promote the economic and social policies that are vital for Ethiopia’s renaissance.
Kinijitethiopia.org will be user friendly to enable visitors to access well organized and relevant information pertaining to Ethiopia including both audio and video format. All the latest available technology will be employed to run the website for accurate and up to date information.
Kinijitethiopia.org will encourage Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to give their wholehearted support to CUDP’s activities both at home and abroad as well as collaborate with all organizations and associations that work for the creation of a free, democratic, prosperous, stable and unified Ethiopia.
All information that will merit posting on Kinijitethiopia.org must strictly adhere to the promotion of CUDP’s modern and basic principles of peace, love, unity, tolerance, transparency, accountability and national reconciliation.
Kinijitethiopia.org is committed to posting rationally argued views and fact based information as well as constructive criticism forwarded by individuals or groups even against CUDP itself.
The long-term objective of Kinijitethiopia.org is to serve the nation and the people of Ethiopia. CUDP believes that the cause of the nation and its people is greater than the interest of any particular political party, including itself. Hence, Kinijit is committed to ushering a new era of Ethiopian politics which will only be associated with life but not death, with development not destruction, with unity not fragmentation, with pride not shame, with the rule of law not tyranny and above all with civil political discourse to find common ground to solve our shared national problems.
The most important short term objective of Kinijitethiopia.org will be to support all activities and efforts for the immediate and unconditional release of the CUDP Leaders and all political prisoners from TPLF/EPRDF prison.
The new website’s address: www.kinijitethiopia.org

  1. Kassa
    | #1

    Congratulations to all those who worked hard to launch the long awaited website of Kinijit. This will be a forum that will promote the democratic struggle of the Ethiopian people and not “INKA SILANTIA”?

    Good job.

  2. | #2

    I am very pleased to see the new web site. It is very impressing. Please forget the shaleka group and go on your good performance.

  3. mohaaz
    | #3

    The forum is here, it is up to us all to give the content desering of the great name and deed of Kinijit. To be expliite by us I mean: KIL leaders, the web adminstrators, the deomcracy aspiring and democratic Ethiopian intellectuals last but not, we the readers by being engaged in reading giving it our honest up-down opinion. The post cards should have been (may be still) should be sold for the public to help our cause. I can see myself snatching a bunch of them without any hesitation. My favort, the two kids at a meadow by Bole

  4. Habesh
    | #4

    Political parties such as Kinigit are not necessary for Ethiopia.
    Hi all,

    Kinigit’s politics is based on racism and lay. This political organization is backward thinking party that doesn’t fit the contemporary political process. Therefore, I suggest perishing or changing its political platform. It has been led by uncivilized but educated and people who had and have exposure to the modern world. However, still they are ignorant. Therefore, it is not necessary to have such forum for the unfit political party such s this one.

    Best wishes to Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

  5. Aya Jibo
    | #5

    For the sake of transparency, publishing “the mandate accorded to it by Kinijit Ethiopia” will be worth a million to KIL than all the bla bla of its Press Rlease. Mind you :- such a mandate will have to include names and addresses of the mandated, the purpose and extent of the mandate, the starting and finishing dates of the mandate and the official seal & signature of the mandator.
    Hei Jonny, I say Good Luck!!! because if there is no such manadate or if it is false, then KIL will remain the USURPER that it is today.

  6. | #6

    WHAT DA HEACK OF THIS PRESS RELESS SH***? WHY DON’T U ppl RELESE U LEDER’S FROM KALITY? ha..WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSSER’S. any way who caer’s keep’t up with this press relss sh*** and we gone press charge on u leder’s. SERA FETT HULA. get a rell job.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.LONG LIVE TO EPRDF.

  7. | #7

    Good job! Good update!

  8. Eskinder Siferaw
    | #8

    Dear Sir.

    Realy i am happy loking the updated web site of Kinjet Ethiopia
    but one thing n all our mind do you allways remind those who are suffreng for the fredom and Democracy of Ethiopian people who is still suffring in prison think what happen in those people the ledders and the supporters and other civil and socity and jornalist think for a few swcond in your mind how they struggele and what thier situation currentely with thise ethinocentric and an arogant governement.

    Finnaly those who are in abroad disporas still they are joking with the life of70 million Ethiopian people and those who suffering in preason for the democracy and fredom like tho worst experiance of those in abroad like fighting for postion and taking of money which contributed by those who love thier country and so on it is realy very ashmed to say those people is an Ethiopian .

    Put yourself under question mark all you do thise in Ethiopian peeople.

  9. Solomon
    | #9

    Who is This Mamo? Mamo Kiloo…..good how are you Mamo Kilo
    Now you care only about your benefit? HODE AMLAKU….I am sorry for your one child…
    Tale him that you write this, he ashemed in class i will give him your later….

  10. solomon debebe
    | #10

    Mamo is funny he is one of the men who lost his mind

  11. | #11

    hi i wont to asking you one best thing in the workd is any one aroud taht sefering for decocrace in rabishe place in prisen rather than living in confortabel house you see some woyaine suporter sayes the leaders of kiniget are rasisem they are looking for power cher but the fact is not they are in prisone sefreing so badly but we are joking and shering idias in a confertebel maner

  12. eliase abase
    | #12

    dear all.It is better to pray for the deads,
    forgeting kinigit.
    history will juge to all of you.but the death of kingit never can be lidetus birth day.

  13. La-Eve-Edan
    | #13

    what ethiopians and other countires on the side are doing to the USA and England is a sad situtaion! Didnt all that travel to the England, Denmark, USA, and the western world in General are up on harming white people emotionally, for instance most of them are culted by communist and spying attitudes to warshiping white cultural situations and why they come in to this countires;very secretly it got done! all the actons and the movemtns includs using the netherland procedurs to have somone become a little child like figure and to get things done in paprious procedure that to have them become black and balck! but that i hear a fear sound for Ethiopians and Kenyans who also developing here in this same method to invending enogh our tribuns!

  14. La-Eve-Edan
    | #14

    That Mamo QUil was a good person but they tried to kill hem!

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