Serkalem Fasil’s son Photo from Kaliti prison

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EMF | Dec. 16, 2006

Nafkot The imprisoned, publisher of Askual, Minilik and Wonchif newspapers, Serkalem Fasil gave birth on June 2006 to a baby boy. Serkalem Fasil’s husband, journalist Eskinder Nega is also languishing in prison since November 2005 with other hundreds of political detainnees.
EMF likes to share the six months old baby boy photo. Serkalem and Eskinder’s son name is Nafekot Eskinder.
  1. Tesfaye Moges
    | #1

    Dear Serkalem Fasil
    How are you doing? We are vere well but, when we were bining remeber you we are stil with you Serklem be strong and we know how bad prison but God is every time with you and just tell every things for Our Gods Meles might be leve one or two yeas that time you will be free We are with you every time by sprtal
    From Califorina USA
    Tesfaye& Sehin

  2. Assefa (Sweden)
    | #2

    I wonder how Meles wife feel about it,if she deliver a baby in prison, is that a message we send to our children.

  3. Yohannes Afwork
    | #3

    These is very sad. It shows how our country supposed leadres gone backward. this is barbaric and unacceptable. I am Very sad for the little Nafkot but hopefully you guys will be free soon. we are always remeber you. We will pray for you

    God Bless Serkalem, nafkot and eskender.

    Elsabeth And yohannes
    From Texas

  4. solomon debebe
    | #4

    Oh Lord please bless this little nafkot and save serkalem and eskender .oh god do some thing for this poor country

  5. shotolay
    | #5

    brother assefa meles wife is one of top criminal
    she don’t feel any thing
    she is beuise to make deposit our money all around the world last time we seen her london (uk)with a banche of woyane a large lagagge they caring around bond st.
    they think we don’t no what they doing we now avery
    thing she is lakey that day london is deffecalt to take
    dowen enemy becouse of one day we will…………

  6. Youseph Alemu
    | #6

    Dear Serkalem!!!

    I really cry when I heard the situation of your baby birth in prison, I know the feeling how it hard. You are there for us, you sacrified (submit) your little Nafkot for us, you are now under prioson because you voiced our cry to the world. I know one day god will make you free, may be you think that all the things remain like this for centruy but not all Ethiopians outside Kaliti are struggled to free you.

    I believe Ethiopia has a hope indeed a good news from God. The Lord is on the side of you, your friends and son.

    Littele Nafkot you started to make history beginning from your mother womb. Bravo you are littel David (the winner of Goliad)!!!

  7. | #7

    Hi, are you?we pray for your familly and Ethiopia.dont worry the time is comming(2000)you will see.we will win…(ethiopia) jah army Blesssssssssssssss

  8. Israel
    | #8

    The Good Lord Knows whats this mother is enduring. I love my country Ethiopia , yet such a sad story specially a a woman giving birth in prison makes me cry makes me even ashmed of my nationality as Ethiopian.

    Dear Serkalem-Haven knows where you did get such strength. How can we pay back to someone like you for you have sacrified for the voiceless Ethiopians

    May God Bless the Child

  9. | #9

    Dear Sekalem+Eskineder,
    I was shocked to learn your situation.It is glorious for you and for the new Born baby to remark such a huge event while in Prison.I am dead sure that there will come the right time that God’s Wrath will be on those who persecute you all.Because the Holy book, Bible speaks that Everyone would reap the fruit that he/she saw.Keep it up and may the Lord,the Amighty one,Stand by your aside.This is all that I can Say.My tears are weeping down on my cheeks.

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