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Ethiopian government has recalled commander of its forces in Somali after failing to bring peace in troubled horn of Africa state.

Ethiopia troops backed Somali Transitional government in 2006 to oust Islamic insurgents which have occupied larger part of country, threatening to overthrow government.

Ethiopian government has ordered General Gabre Heard as well as a colonel connected to Ethiopian secret intelligence agency to return to country for failing to execute their duties.

General Heard had been accused by former deputy prime minister of Somalia, Hussein Mohamed Farah Aideed, of allowing killing and displacing of thousands of Somali civilians during national troops’ confrontations with rebel groups.

The men have since been replaced by two new Ethiopian army commanders in what has been described as a discreet handing-over ceremony in capital Mogadishu.

The new deployment comes at the time when Somalia is marred by violence with Al-Shabab, a radical wing of islamists, threatening to wage attacks on government until Ethiopian troops have fully withdrawn from Somalia.

Gen Heard and the colonel were reportedly also called back because of their suspected involvement in financial scandals including blackmailing of Somali president, prime minister and various local businessmen.

Widespread violence in Somalia has hindered aid efforts; in the country, which is, facing humanitarian crisis caused by conflict, drought, and price rises in basic commodities. Some 2.6 million Somalis, representing 35 per cent of population are believed to be in dire need of humanitarian aid.

Somalia has not had a functioning government since 1991, when warlords overthrew Dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, before turning against each other. Thousands of civilians have been killed in Somalia since 2007, caught in vicious disputes over ancient clan loyalties, religion and government.

General Gabre Heard is the same woyanne general who slapped Somalia’s interim President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed twice on the face five months back.

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    so whats the point loosers??????_______________
    as long as the great agzi is hiding in the west tigray you loosers can do nathing poleticaly. coz we watching you very care fully
    wether shabia or some other yederg terafis. kkkk
    shame on you guys you ppl tolde me one ethiopia kkkk why not 5 ethiopia if you dont understand what unity means soon or leter we will be 5 ethiopia. power mongers what do you think?. long live our great army the enemy master agazi.

  2. atuba dolla
    | #2

    First and foremost, Woyanaetplf murderers must leave Ethiopia and Somalia.

    Meles Naziawi is quite familiar with the streets of Moqadishu because he used to walk to and fro to chat Gabaya chatting and kating with locals and the recruits he collected them for future anti-Ethiopia activities, like the one that he is doing now.

    Since he left Somalia for good he had been engaging in criminal activities both in Ethiopia and Somalia leading him to be one of the wealthiest crimeboss and a multi-millionaire not only in the horn, in Africa and the rest.

    He wanted to start the most awaited battle against shabiya, but could not do it as much as he wanted so chiefly because he is losing all the grounds in Somalia and is or was forced to recall the defective generals and colonels for a bad job done. It really is a bad job, but then the worst job done is coming soon when woyanaetplf murderers are kicked out of Somalia and Ethiopia.

    Right now, his greatest fear is that if shabya goes ahead with starting the war against tplfwoyanae army and scores a few marks on the ground, it will definitely drive the crimefamily and the crimeboss crazy and anxious. In a situation like this, woyanaetplf would do anything it could to stay alive by making efforts to handle all sorts of fighting in all corners of Ethiopia. will Meles Naziawi and his crmefamily win?

    He sure will be defeated. But, for 17 years and so, he has been building an army of distinct feature planned and designed to protect the blood, wealth, and power of the crimefamilies and thier associates and keeps mainting the regime’s hold onto power until their fate is slipped into other’s hands.

    This tplfwoyanae army has been kept in Tigrye being well-fed, well-trained, and well-equipped to keep alive the dream of the robbers. Meles Naziawi has equivocally told this hidden army that his success is the army’s success and the army’s success is his success. You need me I need you, Meles Naziawi told every single soldier or this army; there is no life after and beyond you lose the battle whether against shabiya or Ethiopia. Don’t ever think we need each other if we fail our dream. This was what he told the army.

    It has been clear to members of the crimefamilies and their close friends and relatives that when their time comes they don’t simply get evicted form Ethiopia and let them start unknown journey; rather, the eviction will be followed by handcuffing with a fast pace to justice.

    One thing for sure is that the fugitive Meles Naziawi and his crimefamilies shall soon be captured and bring to justice tantamount to the crime committed to millions of Ethiopians.

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