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December 18, 2006 / KNA PUBLIC RELATION

Kinijit belongs to all Ethiopians. It is a bottom up organization that entirely depends on the people. For this reason Kinijit North America Support group and Kinijit International Leadership officials have had open and civil discussions with Ethiopians from the Midwest .On Saturday December 16 the first meeting was held in Detroit Michigan where Ethiopians from the southeastern Michigan and from Windsor Canada have attended. On Sunday’s December 17th Chicago public meeting there were even attendees from Indianapolis Indiana , Kalamazoo Michigan (south western Michigan ) and Bloomington Illinois .

Ethiopians were very appreciative of the detailed, open and humble explanations of Ato Daniel Assefa (member of the Kinijit political leadership) and Dr Selemon Gashaw (Head of Organizational affair of Kinijit north America) on the current status of the peaceful struggle in Ethiopia , the AFD, the relationship with the UEDF and the crisis in Diaspora Kinijit.

On the AFD, the Kinijit leadership noted the concerns Ethiopians have on the AFD. (The danger a possible militarily strong OLF may pause to the future Ethiopia , the alliance of Kinijit with armed groups, and the unilateral attempt of the OLF to negotiate with the EPRDF…) Ato Daniel answered most of the questions and noted the critical comments of the public.

The public questioned why Kinijit failed to work with the UEDF while it is willing to form an alliance with the OLF and ONLF. Ato Daniel reminded the audience that Kinijit has worked before with the UEDF in Ethiopia and has always been open to work together. He hoped, with personal differences of both political leaders put aside, close working relationship with the UEDF would resume soon.

Regarding the crisis in North America Kinijit, Dr Selemon Gashaw eloquently presented facts to explain how dysfunctional the North America Kinijit was. “The Atlanta conference has been a turning point”?: explained Dr Selemon. He said that the North America Kinijit has been restructured to fully reflect accountability and transparency. He promised that Kinijit North America is determined not to repeat the past and show results.

As to where Kinijit is inside Ethiopia , Ato Daniel comforted Ethiopians when he explained the status of the struggle back home in Ethiopia . “Kinijit is alive and active. Let us not give up hope. We have learned from our past. The people are overwhelmingly by our side. We are organized in all sectors of the society and all regions and are in a final phase of a preparation to intensify the peaceful civil disobedience campaign”? declared Ato Daniel.

All in all, in addition to the possible formation of the Michigan Kinijit Support group, both meetings were civil and very successful. Ethiopians promised they will continue supporting Kinijit and be part of the peaceful struggle.

Kinijit North America Public relation Department.

  1. Koka
    | #1

    Here we go now Woyanes you better watch the new Kinijit stracture now the people have the power not Individuals.

    Go With Kinijit.

  2. samson
    | #2

    very very glad to see such a news.kinijit is no more individual proprtey.
    the new leadres i’m sure we learn a lot from the past.
    all memebers &suppoter of freedom we should follow evert steps of
    the party and mantain check &balance system.
    we are with you /////

  3. | #3

    We are going to rock with kinijit as long as it knows how to rock and move swiftly to free Ethiopia from the hands the despicable evil regime!

  4. Yohannes Afwork
    | #4

    These Is a good start. The new way Kinijit opened will be strengthn by these new activities.

    good job Kinijit

  5. | #5

    WOW..DA NEW KINJIT. MMM..ALSHESHUME ZORE ALU NEW YEMEBALEW.any way i’m from da WINDY city ian’t see no boudy attend da DISPORA hall town i don’t no what u ppl are talk’n about. ppl all ready got tair’d of give’n money for no resin. ohhh.. kinjit u are so in troble and to bad i can’t help u.kkkkkkk.what a poor party .LONG LIVE EPRDF

  6. wari
    | #6

    Aye Mamo you sound like a getto qil. kinjit has gone beyond the scope of your downs brain. Trust me It will save Ethiopia from the banda goons sooner rather than later.

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